Friday, February 27, 2009

Finest investment-grade gold bullion bars.

Let sentiment not be an issue when you buy pure gold bar as an investment. But only buy the finest and purest gold from the most authentic source Monex Deposit Company that has been the favorite of Americans for long.

Let me bring up the sentiment issue here. In our community, it is advised against buying anything with the picture of buffalo. It is considered inauspicious for us.

But, I rebel and buy only American Buffalo gold bars only to sell later for a profit. In fact I never run out of stock. (Please make a note of this MDC!)

It is not necessary for me to point out that Gold bullion is a unique investment but I want to say that it is the only unique investment in planet earth.

Thank you Mother Earth for giving us gold whenever men hurt you with axe! You continue to make me rich.


Image source:Yahoo! Images and Wikipedia

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Earn with your photos and videos.

Who needs your photos? Web designers, bloggers, template designers, magazines and the press need new photos and images often. Why, they even dig up old photos to accompany an historical person/story /event.


If your images are your personal work and if you own the copyright, then, Dreams Times is the site for you where you can sell your photos.

Of course, Dreams Time takes a commission.

The minimum payout is $100.

Visit Dreams Time : and apply. Once your application is accepted, your files will be available for sale on the site. Upon review, the file will be included as a 1st level file.

The price per image varies depending on the size of your photo and the level your image is given by Dreams Time based on the quality of the picture.

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I love earning money online.

Sana Lakhani is my online friend. I follow her blog Free Money closely. Her blog is in my reader's list in my blogger dashboard.

We both are earning money online. We both blog about online income opportunities. We both blog frequently. Still, there are some differences between us.

I just completed reading her recent post about the stress of working online. While I agree with most of her views that includes too much work in a very short time ( I have to complete 24 blogger jobs within 48 hours), low payment, competitive field, I have a slight difference of opinion.

I am also addictive to work through the Internet but I never felt lonely and isolated. I enjoy the faceless people out there that are my blog readers, the bloggers like Sana that I love reading, the serach engine ghosts, the Internet itself with its vast web- all are my close companions.

I love earning money online and I like to train people in this line.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Great service by Allegro Medical.

Some services though run with a profit motive demand appreciation from us who derive benefit from utilizing such services.

For example, medical shops which are thus called in India are doing stupendous service to the residents of India. Their job was not so difficult about 40 years ago when the nature of diseases were less and thereby, medicines were also few.

With technological advances, doctors discover new ailments and scientists have to match their discoveries in finding new formulations to treat the new diseases. Consequently, pharmacy owners and suppliers of paramedical products must equip themselves with the knowledge of diseases as well as medicines.

This constant need for knowledge and service update by them must be appreciated with heartfelt gratitude. has been serving with great pride more than one million customers since 1996. Allegro Medical is one of the largest and most technologically advanced independently owned online retailers of life enhancing products in the United States.

They offer a free catalog of their range of products that include daily living aids, catheter holders, maternity care products, wound care supplies and many more under 50 categories.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Improved payout from Ask2link.

When someone cites recession to slash payouts I can understand. That is how the corporate react to economic owes. But my favorite income opportunity company Ask 2 link has decided to act differently. It pities with us the pro bloggers and agrees to payout every month irrespective of the amount we have earned in a month.

Yes, it doesn't insist on minimum payout. Even if you earn $1.00, you will receive your payment on the first of every month. Man, isn't that a deal!

So we too should take into the recession into account and are advised to charge less than the rates mentioned earlier. Of course you can always decide not to apply the reduced rates below and stick to your own rates.

PageRank 0 : $1
PageRank 1 : $2
PageRank 2 : $4
PageRank 3 : $5
PageRank 4 : $10
PageRank 5 : $15
PageRank 6 : $30
PageRank 7 : $80
PageRank 8 : $160

Through this blog, more than 15 people have joined Ask 2 link but none gave a feedback about their success so far.

Join Ask 2 link if you want to earn by selling text links in your blog.

Earn money from your website/blog. Get paid through PayPal

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Free database of online data entry jobs.

I stopped doing work on these so called online data entry jobs long time ago. I also stopped searching for data entry jobs online. To be very frank, I am scared of them though I must admit, I have earned from several online data entry work. I have never lost any money which means I had to pay something to get the information or the actual work.

Here is a free resource that you can lay your hands on. A free e-book that is said to contain a database of companies that offer form filling work, data entry work, typing jobs etc. I am wary of this online form filling job. Be warned!

Get FREE Online jobs e-Book & Make Money Online Rs.50000/month.
Simple Form Typing Jobs, Work at home & Make money online Part Time / Full Time.

Visit -

Is it really free? What is the catch?

Yes, it is free and the catch is...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Automatically post to twitter.

As of now, the entire Internet community of API developers are crazily forging Twitter tools for blogger and wordpress platform. I admire their imagination that makes them churn out Twitter tools that make the blogging easier for blogger.

I hate to log into my Twitter every time I wanted to update it whenever I make a blogpost. What if I could find a tool that once set up, posts to my Twitter every time I make a blog post?

I found that exact tool in Twitter Feed. This fantastic tool does this amazing job of posting my blog post in my Twitter whenever I do a new post. I don’t have to do anything after I set up my account.

Twitter Feed asked me to login with my my open id. I logged in with my Google account and it gave me an Open Id URL which I should remember to log in again to add or modify my blogs' feeds.

Once logged in, I was asked to submit my Twitter log in details which it checks up for authentication. Then I was asked to submit my blogs feeds one by one.

There is a little configuration is required on your part like asking the Twitter Feed to check up your blog's feed every hour or every two hours and up to every 24 hours. After doing a little bit of various other configuration, you are done.

I am yet to check up how it has worked as I just completed the set up and this is my first blog post after that. I set it up to check my blogs' feeds every 24 hours.

Great tool! I am going to be a collector of Twitter Tools for Blogger ans Wordpress.

Also visit Blog Avenues.
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Income opportunity through AdSene Videos.

After implementing video units of AdSense in a few of my blogs including this blog, I went about searching more details on how this integrating Youtube video clips through Google AdSense setup facility. I was in a hurry so I could not concentrate in sieving the exact information.

But, during my search, I stumbled onto a video tutorial by Darren Rowse on few basics of using AdSense-a couple of tips that was featured in the official AdSense blog.

Well, those 6 tips didn't throw much new insight to me; may be because I have read them very often else where in the Internet. But the point is driven by Darren which is we should keep experimenting on the placement of ads as well as the format of the ads. His opinion of the effectiveness between the large and small rectangle ad format is quite contrary to what I read at other places. But as he said, your experiments might reveal what works best for your site.

I think he is good at studying the reports by Google Analytics on which I draw blank. It will be an useful read for all.
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Monday, February 9, 2009

Earn as a ghost writer.

Have a talent for writing? Put it into use and make some money.

As a ghostwriter, you write articles but not taking credit for them as an author; instead, take only money.Ghostwriters have always been in demand and with the explosion of information on the Internet, there is a constant need for content providers.

But even if you have writing skill, you need a bit of special training. You could use some professional guidance to become a ghost writer.

Pick up the Just Add Sweat Guide, “How to Become a Ghostwriter”. It shows you exactly how to break into this business, find your market and sell your writing.

Get all the details at: Learn ghost writing

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Minimum payment is only $5 from constant content.

Even good writers were staying away from Constant Content because of their earlier high payout $50. Now, they have revised it and pay out when your earning reaches $5. This will motivate me too to write more for them.

Constant Content is frequented by bloggers and we content seekers for high quality web content.

If you are an author, you can submit your articles and blogs to constant content, fix up your price and make them available for purchase.

You can browse through several categories and write your blog posts.

You earn when your article is sold. You get paid through Paypal. Please read their pricing structure before you fix up your price for your article.

Join Constant Content.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How to be wary of fraudelent emails?

Veterans need not bother but for 'just entrants' into the web, there are plenty of tempting offers to click and submit personal details. I hope you realize what I am referring to.

But even veterans are not spared. After all the senders of phishing emails won't even know who they are sending the emails to!

The 419 SCAM:
We all have been receiving anonymous e-mails promising untold wealth if only we help a widow of some politician whom the world had never heard of. This email will seek your help to move huge funds out of the sender's helps a wealthy foreigner quietly move millions of dollars out of his country. Don't fall for sympathy raising words.
Lottery scam:
How many email you have received in the past informing you that your email is chooses as a winner of a big lottery amount? And how many times such emails were supposed to have originated from the might Microsoft?

When you have not entered into any lottery campaign, who can you win? But I know of a lawyer who has sent big money and sought my help afterwords.

Of course I could not help.

Work at home SCAMS:
Indians are big victims of work at home scams and Indians are also big villains of work at home scams. Yes, they float a web site offering form filling/data entry work that will fetch you Rs1000/- per day to fill out a two line form and submit in websites.This idea is borrowed from other countries.

If everyone in India comes to know of it, the webmaster will eradicate poverty in 30 days and claim for a Bharata Ratna award.

The latest type of SCAM that is yet to be named (smile) requests you to assist someone to encash their cheque as it is not allowed in his/her country.


That's all I can say.