Friday, May 30, 2008

The Franchise Opportunity fully explained.

I think it was almost two years ago hat I wrote about the potentiality of franchise opportunity and how one can take up even an online franchise opportunity to work from home.

This field is till grossly under utilized mainly because of certain false beliefs among entrepreneurs. For the benefit of free seekers of online business, I am taking up the topic again here.

So, who is a franchise?
A franchise is a way of doing business where one person or a company who is called the franchiser, agrees to give license another person or a company who is called the franchisee for a fee.

Oh, I for got to mention. Why don't you read an article posted in Squidoo on Franchise Opportunity and what it can do for you?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Want to earn some British currency?

I assume many of the internet entrepreneurs would not have earned British pounds. Of course that is not applicable to the English citizens-right?

Ok, straight to the point; want to let out ad space on your website/blog? If so, please go to and read how you can make money by placing a few text links or banners on your website or blog.

You are also paid £5 as sign up bonus.

In this very blog, I have posted their small banner but I had to withdraw because I encountered some difficulties while filling my profile. I informed them about it but the email came back to me safely undelivered.

I suppose, they don't welcome foreigners.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Guide for investing in real estate.

Forgive me for not being very detailed in this blog post as I am not a real estate investor. In fact I am not an investor at all in anything.

Since my aim is introduce to my readers about ways to make money online and offline, it is my responsibility to blog about anything that I consider to be useful to you.

A guide to invest in real estate can be very useful for real estate investors because the investment is always big and a proper guide will potentially save a lot of money.

A member of visited this blog and when I returned his visit, I saw that he owns this website Real Estate Investing Guide.

I just glanced at a few titles of his blog post and it seems he is knowledgeable.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Get paid to travel.

Get paid to travel 6 times year! That must be really a motivator. Yes, you should be considered as a top leader to qualify to get paid to travel.

But still, there is no need to fill positions. That is what the blogger says but I am yet to verify the details of the offer as mentioned by Free Ad Blogstar.

I stay mostly from these types of programs where the income depends on the down-level you build.

I never tasted success in such programs. But let that not deter you from trying. I know some people in this line who have had great success.

If you approach them, you are sure to learn a few tricks of the trade.

The Blogger has written that some are earning 1000$ daily.

Hmm... what do you say?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Tips to generate a clickbank sale.

Clickbank-the number one affiliate marketing website in the Internet. But many would vote for CJ (Commission Junction) as the number one.

My first choice is always Clickbank because of its utter simplicity for aspiring affiliate marketers and work at home moms and dads.

In my 10 years of online experience, I have sold just one product through my Clickbank affiliate links and that is why I need tips to generate more Clickbank sales.

I have bookmarked a blog post on 'How to make your first Clickbank sale" and I want you also to read and get benefited.

The blogger says in his blog post that you will learn:
* The easiest way you can use to make money right now.
* The tools you need to make money right now.
* More resources to help you get there.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wood jewelry.

The Internet is full of niche resources; there are forums exclusively for academicians and there are social media for college students.

Even for gadgets, one can find hundreds of blogs. Even I too maintain one for shopping of gadgets alone.

I recently stumbled upon a website that is meant for watch and jewelry news. And this is a website visited by world celebrities and fashion mongers who would like to stay updated on who is buying what. is the only website that announces the latest brands of watches and jewels. No wonder, celebrities who always want to be the trend setters visit daily.

When I stumbled on to this web site while I was collecting information on jaquet droz watches, I was instantly impressed by the beauty of the site. The design and layout is uncluttered and free of annoying advertisements.

The website serves the purpose splendidly for which it created. The dealer locator facility is very thoughtfully added that makes it easier for the visitors.

As a Blogger myself, I was keen to find out the content of their blog that contains wealth of news, reviews and commentary from timepiece and jewelry experts. An interesting piece of blog post is written on using wood as the base material for gold and silver pendants. This must be a unique idea but I don’t know how the ornament will look when worn.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Earn by selling posters.

Is it true that people buy posters online everyday in thousands?

I read about it just a few minutes ago in, a fellow member of who spared time to visit one of my blogs.

The idea of selling posters online through your own turn-key website seems attractive to me. Though I have not explored the full potential, I feel there is no harm in trying a new business opportunity. I admit one has to do some digging around to gather product information and market intelligence before venturing.

The cost of starting this Internet business is only $7 as stated by the blogger of

I am happy to introduce one more genuine business in this blog.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Earn ny renting out text books.

Now, this is an uncommon business opportunity-right?

Renting out your used text books to those who cannot afford to buy a new one is an innovative business idea. We usually dispose the used text books as junk.

In India, people make very small money by selling them off to old news papers and books collectors.

But by renting them out, we first help someone poor and also we earn more by repeating the renting process.

I happen to read about all this in my favorite website Picky Domains.

I quote:
"The US venture has amassed a multi-million-volume library of new or near-new textbooks, which it rents out to students at college campuses throughout the country. Rental periods range from one to four months, and the savings for students can reach 75 percent of a book’s retail price".

Visit Book Renter for all the details.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Investment turned out to be adventurous.

It is my husband’s idea that investing and seeing some profit should be adventurous. Crazy idea really-isn’t it?

I believe that once we invest on anything like silver or gold or Government debentures, the very thought of it should give us a peace of mind and confidence. Day to day fluctuations should not be too bothersome.

But my husband enjoys the ups and downs of his investment. The recent drop in silver prices though marginal, made him dig up various theories on the reason for price drop. I don’t know what derived out of his research.

But one thing we share in common is our interest and belief in investing in precious metals, especially silver ingots because gold bar is above our means presently.

Through Monex Deposit Company (MDC), we used to buy silver that is available in coin or ingot form. Never take your money out of commodities like silver and gold!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bloggers can earn money.

Get paid to post is a new company that has launched a market place for bloggers and advertisers.

Warning: Don't expect to earn more than $2 per blog post as this a low profile company that is helping advertisers with small budget. You are even paid $0.25 per post of just 10 to 50 words.

Advantage: No need to submit your blogs for approval; no page rank or traffic criteria too!

You are allowed to post not only on blogs but also in forums and in some social networking web sites.

Posts are allocated for all but some assignments are geographically targeted which means you won't be eligible for a few assignments if you reside in countries that are not included in the assignments.

The minimum cash out is $10 through Paypal.

Sign up today and start earning.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Want to monetize your blog?

Previously it was '101 ways to earn by blogging' and now I a making it to 102 ways because I just found out one more company in the field of offering bloggers a chance to earn money from their blogs.

It is again my favorite way of writing blog posts for companies and getting paid for my blogging skill.

With this new addition, I am counting 15 companies as market makers for advertisers. Sure, there are a few withering leaves but I am sure they will sprout back.

To know more about this latest entrant, please read here.

I hope you will spread the word without expecting anything in return.