Monday, January 28, 2008

Have you visited Sure India?

I read about Sure India in "The Hindu" dated 27Th Jan 2008-yes it was yesterday only. What to do, I got up a little earlier than other days; so to kill time, I was browsing through the 'Business Offers' section in the classifieds.

Sure India talks about several ways to earn money from the Internet that includes, reading emails, accepting free offers, just by joining affiliate programs (just by joining?) and Google AdWords.

What the webmaster failed to inform his readers is the non-viability to earn by reading emails if one doesn't have a huge downline and the required investment to join Google AdWords.

and the webmaster who is from Delhi, sells a info package through his 'not so professional' website for a few hundred rupees.

Of course, anyone can sell information but there should be transparency about the details of earning.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Earn 1% daily.

Warning: Invest not what you can't afford to lose.

I happen to read about an HYIP after several months. The Daily one Percent is definitely attractive-isn't it? About 5 years ago, there was a company (I forgot the name) that was offering 1% daily on my investment and it allowed me to compound my earnings.

I earned some money from that but finally, they ran off with my money. Several big shots lost heavily. That is why the warning above.

Now this daily 1 percent company is part of Maxium Capitals and they are dealing in Forex market. This is a very risky place friends; any one can lose in forex trading.
I don't find any info about the promoters of this HYIP offer.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A pro basketball players turns around.

What is wrong when a professional basketball player wants to quit playing for money and work as a sports administration executive? My husband knew of such a person but he was sad because his team mates made fun of his decision to quit playing basketball.

He never said that he will quit playing basketball altogether; he only said that he would like to stop playing for money. But who will recruit him as an executive?

My husband brushed aside the criticism and asked his friend to submit a well designed resume and submit it to A.E. Feldman Associates, Inc, a leading executive recruiting firm since 1967.

Their recruiters have all had successful careers in the industries they represent at AEF, and bring an invaluable depth of experience, skill and insight to their work with us. Their knowledge, contacts and feel for their respective fields enable them to make the best matches and find the tightest fits for each job.

My husband had a heart to heart talk with his friend and convinced him that he will do a very good job as an executive in HR field.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More offers from Payu2blog.

Thanks to Payu2blog, I have received a bunch of blogging assignments from them last week. I noticed several new sponsors and I enjoyed blogging about a diverse topics.

What I like more about Payu2blog is their uncomplicated and simplicity in their offers. A U.S. blogger is given more offers because such offers involve sample testing and sponsors from America naturally prefer bloggers from their ow country.

And their is another advantage that I enjoy because I can read the views and opinions of registered bloggers of Payu2blog. I admit I don't contribute much but I do read most of the discussions.

I should mention about the payment I receive from them that are always on time.

I would urge prospective advertisers engage the services of Payu2blog.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

26 companies hire telecommuters.

But I really don't personally know none of them. mrgreen It is what I read in My Mommy Biz.
The site is loaded with home business ideas and opportunities but I believe many require upfront money mainly to by a database of companies I suppose.

The site is a bit huge with 3000 pages and there is also a forum for members which is very useful in such web sites.

I just checked their home business ideas and what I found was very impressive and I was surprised to know that there are so many home business ideas.

A few examples:
*Wedding invitation in CD that can contain all the details that we put it on print usually plus maps to the wedding hall and a list of shops for wedding gifts. Quite innovative

* Balloon decorator who can offer his services to weddings, festivals and children's birthdays. For this one needs to be innovative and should know where he can buy different kinds of balloons.

* Bird house building and painting. Not a very busy area of business but this can also feed to one's creativity.

My Mommy Biz will take several to assimilate its contents.

Please share this information.

Earn from Openads.

Sail with the tide and grab the opportunities provided by Online Advertising to make a little bit of extra money every month.

How about joining with 20,000 publishers from 140 countries? 140 countries is an attractive figure to me than the 20k publishers. It means Open Ads (yes, they are the ones that need you) looks for diversified audience-isn’t it?

I came to know about Open Ads through when I saw the headline “Openads announces $15.5M funding and a free hosted ad server”.

They offer these forms of advertising:

Banner advertising

Contextual ads

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Cost per Action (CPA)

The online advertising is done their ad server which we need to download. The account opening is free of course.

Inspired by: Mashable

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Free seminar for a week.

This blog post is based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

Shall we return to learn more? Capella University is conducting a free one week seminar on “Returning to Learning” where a participant shares his motivation to learn more and ask questions and be inspired by people like Teresa Chaulk who has been named superintendent of Lincoln County School District Number One in Wyoming.

So, one more student of Capella is in the limelight again and this time, it is Teresa, a doctorate student in adult learning from the online college.

“I am honored by this opportunity and look forward to continuing to serve the teachers and students of this district,” Chaulk said.

Adult education is one of the most respected services and there is always a need for it in every country however advanced it may be. Adult education requires a lot of motivation and dedication.

Every university has a department of Adult Learning and taking up the course through an online college has its own merits and advantages. I too did my M.Phil though an online university and if time permits, I intend to do a PhD also through distant education.

Capella currently offers 101 graduate and undergraduate specializations and 15 certificate programs. For more information, please visit or call 1-888-CAPELLA (227-3552).

Have a lemonade and earn too.

As usual, I stumbled upon on Lemonade three days before and today I have some time and here I am blogging about it.

In this earning opportunity, you put up a lemonade stand in your blog and on it, place items that you like and think that would be attractive to others too. If (why not?), some one is attracted by an item placed on your lemonade, he/she might click on it and finally decide to buy it.

Once they buy it, you are paid a commission. It is a cool idea. No need for you to inform anyone that you are selling something from your blog. No sales pitches too.

The workings:
Think of a nice name for your stand, customize it with different fonts and colors.
Add products to your stand by selecting a category and then search by keyword. All of the products that match your search will appear and you can simply drag and drop them into your stand.

More readings here.

The press has covered this website widely; Mashable, NBC and New York Post are some of them.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Need a business partner.?

Don't ever kill your own bright business idea and every business idea is indeed bright. Don't degrade yourself by saying that your business idea is worthless and not viable.

I know many times we drop our business ideas due to lack of finance. And we also don't trust in inviting a partner. I know; I have gone these like many.

I wish I had known Partner Up 10 years earlier.
In this website posting opportunities is the first step to finding the business partners, executives, board members, and skilled professionals that your idea or business needs.

"An opportunity is similar to a job posting, except that it is for the partners that your business needs. Your opportunity contains very basic background information about your business or idea and information about the people you are looking for."

Friday, January 11, 2008

Openings in the construction industry in U.K.

One thing that I have learned in my career spanning 22 years is, education in any field is not a waste and it will prove to be beneficial somewhere along the path of one’s life.

At every opportunity thrown to you to get organized training in a field that you have passion for, should be grabbed.

I am citing here an example:

My neighbor’s son who had finished his high school education was aspiring to become a civil engineer. While waiting for his results, I advised him to take training in any particular branch in the construction industry and develop a skill that will become handy when he becomes a full pledged civil engineer.

He sincerely took my advice (he was my student once) and explored openings of apprenticeships in the construction industry and took training in advanced plumbing technology. His success is another story that I will write later. is a pioneer in this field and they are producing highly skilled workforce for the British construction industry.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Earn cash with Cellware.

Capitalize on the mobile technology that is sweeping communication world. Every new cell phone comes loaded with amazing features that include breath taking wallpapers, new ring tones, imaginative multimedia features and more. All these are called 'mobile content'.

I watched a man jumping from a high bridge and I am allowed to download that video clip in my mobile through WAP.

Cellware offers us free membership and members who have creative talent can create mobile content, upload them and earn cash. The advantage is they give us cutting edge tools with which we can create content.

John Ferber is the CEO of

Inspired by: Blogging Mix

Do you follow headlines on investment?

I know you are following to the letter, all the news and headlines on stock market investments and tips. I mean, are you closely listening to expert investment analysts’ opinion on precious metals and particularly on silver?

Well, silver is not new to us. May be the present younger generation will view an iphone as more valuable than silver but silver is one of the world's most important commodities, with unparalleled investment opportunity for the future. Some of the world's leading financial analysts are writing in their ezines that silver is currently the best investment option due to its extremely volatile price.

While I do agree that silver’s resale value is not that as bright as gold’s but its liquidity cannot be disputed. In my own experience, silver was the savior of cash crunch a couple of times.

Purely for the sake of investment, we can buy silver either as a coin or as an ingot from Monex, America’s best precious metals dealer with a convenient market and competitive precious metals prices.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Can you make money with Hub Pages.

Everybody says so and it seems everyone is just optimistic but I have not come across anyone who declared his income from Hub Pages.

I admit I have not earned anything because I am not all that active there. But the authorities of Hub Pages say that their members are earning.

Wait!. Let me check up if I have earned anything today. No, nothing because there are no more views after I logged in a couple of days before.

My blog posts on a few other similar revenue sharing web sites attract considerable readers but so far, I am not that lucky in my Hub pages.

But my experience should not discourage you. You must pursue your business independent of others experiences and opinions.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Earn from mobile feed of your blog.

Don't ask me how much can you earn. I don't know and no one can predict. But the income surely varies depending on your blog content.

Step 1: Go to FeedM8 and register for free.
Step 2: Log in and click on 'Settings'.

You will see this:
Before you start to earn money from your feed, you need to follow this one time procedure.
Add the following verify code to the title of your next blog post
Once you have done this, press the Verify button below.
We'll look for the code in your feed. Once we find it, you're done!

Just follow the on screen instructions and you are through.

Under 'Buttons & Links', you will find the feed icons that you can place on your blog. (see the right sidebar here for sample)

"Text Alerts":

Your readers can stay up-to-date with SMS text alerts. When your feed is updated, subscribers will receive a text message with a short summary and a link to the latest updates. There is no cost to publishers offering this service. Standard text messaging rates apply for subscribers.

Affiliate Program:

Earn more by becoming an affiliate! When a publisher who signed up for FeedM8 through your referral link earns their first $20 from advertisers, you will be credited with $10 in your account. As a bonus, if the same publishers earns over $100 within 180 days of sign-up, you will be credited with an additional $50!

My referral link is

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Get paid to ask questions.

Fun Advice is a website that pays you to ask questions and give answers. I read about this web site somewhere today but I am not yet sure about the concept.

What read led me to believe that, Fun Advice shares AdSense revenue with its members but I didn't any evidence in it.

But, I liked the web site and the content is useful. This website is launched in U.S., U.K., and India. It is a social question & answer site where you can make friends, share photos and meet people near you.

I found out that there are several members from my city Madras. This would provide me an opportunity to interact with them.

I like these questions and answers web sites.