Thursday, December 30, 2010

Make Money With Yahoo Answers!

Heard it before about Yahoo! Answers and milking it for money? However I am sure you have not really bothered to make a serious study on e-books and short reports on how to earn money from answering questions on Yahoo!

I tried Yahoo! Answers not to make money but to attract visitors to my web sites. It worked initially but the the trickle stopped only because, I did not utilize the potential fully.

Yahoo! Answers is to treated like a social network, not just a question and answer site. Many people are missing it out on Yahoo! Answers on this aspect. Yahoo! Answers is mainly driven by community participation; it is just like all other social media sites including Digg.

Oh, ok! Let me get to the point of making money through Yahoo! Answers. I have bought an e-book long back on earning money through Yahoo! Answers. I can sell it for just $3.

Do you want it?

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Assured protection from Autorun.inf

Here is an useful information about protecting your PC's hard drive and portable drives like USB stick and external hard discs from the most infected virus called autorun.inf

I am using an Indian Anti Virus called Net Protector. As soon as I have installed the completed PC security, I noticed a folder named Autorun.inf

I was immediately concerned. I called the support team of the Anti Virus vendor.

I was told that they only installed that folder which is actually empty and it is not the Autorun.inf virus itself. By installing this empty folder, they have protected my PC from Autorun.inf virus. I was not convinced.

Today, I read an answer by Leo ( a question asked by someone that convinced me about the Net Protector's support team reply.

I quote below the Leo conversation:
"Create a folder named autorun.inf on the root of the USB drive. Set its properties to hidden & system & read-only. This way any infected machine will not be able to create / replace any autorun.inf file on your USB stick thus offering good protection. This approach has always worked for me."

Makes sense-eh?

Thank you Leo.

Full read here:

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How to earn by social networking?

Twitter is a gold mine really for getting targeted visitors if used properly by which I mean, the wording of your tweets should be carefully chosen and the timing of your tweets.

I think the in-built re-tweet button in your Twitter page is rather under utilized. If done with genuine interest, you are most likely to get reciprocal tweets.

In addition, it is really no use to follow people if you don't read their tweets. Basically, you follow someone's twwets because it interested you-right?

Leave alone the casual browsers of the web. I am speaking to all the professional Internet marketers and webmasters and bloggers who are looking for just two things.
* Money

If you are, then, go to this website that is all bout social media traffic and cash.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Earn money with instant video sites.

This is a wonderful offer to make money online. In the past, I have come across hundreds of online income opportunities but this is the best and the easiest method of all.

You get 12 ready built niche video web sites with three income stream namely, Google AdSense, Amazon and Clickbank.

Each site comes with 100's of pages of auto-updating and highly relevant embedded video content in the following niches:

- Anti Aging
- Background Check
- Culinary Arts
- Diabetes
- Travel Europe
- Foreclosure Help
- Interior Design
- Job Search
- Lawyers
- Retirement
- Stock Trading
- Video Camera

The most effective method to deliver information online is through video clips. It is easy to earn money online with auto updating video sites that require no maintenance at all from you.

If you are looking for the best income opportunity online, this is it.
You can buy all of the 12 instant video web sites at

Monday, December 13, 2010

More job offers at webeserve.

Again this week, I noticed a flurry of micro jobs on web e serve. Most of the jobs are clerical tasks that involved blog commenting, Twitter related and social bookmarking tasks like Digging.

Earning small amounts of money online by doing odd micro jobs is order of the day. I know many people are making up to $10 per day by doing these simple clerical jobs online. Each task might take a maximum of one minute only depending on the various skills you possess.

I just earned $0.30 by completing a simple Digg job.

Today, I noted that web e serve has started offering big affiliate commissions too.

Find out by clicking on Web e serve button below.

Get Paid

Friday, December 10, 2010

Cash for your Tweets.

One would tend to believe that cash by tweeting is a lot hype. I too thought that way but my stand took an about turn when I first received an email notification that my tweet fetched me $17.

Cool! It was a casual tweet alright. I just kept persisting with the system without much belief. But, the God wanted me to believe by making me richer by $17.

Naturally motivated to generate more money, I studied the Twitter cash system with renewed vigor. I read a lot of forums and asked questions around.

I got encouraging signal that made me plunge into the Twitter cash program with a lot of enthusiasm. I learnt more en route. I experimented, changed words in the tweets, revised my tweeting time and all these experiments are yielding positive results.

You too can get instant cash payments just by tweeting!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gold for sale!

I saw this announcement in bold letters in the Sunday newspaper supplement. At first glance, I thought it is a sort of trap to buy gold coins that may not be of pure gold because; gold is not sold like that. We are all used to see ads that shout, ‘household items for sale’ or “bed for sale” only.

People buy gold coins from authentic outlets only like the U.S. Gold Bureau. I buy gold from a jeweler who has been serving our family for the past 30 years. We buy gold and precious stones from him once in a way.

Nevertheless, I contacted the advertiser and inquired what he was selling. He told me that he is leaving the country and wanted to dispose off a few gold ornaments that are ancestral properties plus the golden threads that he recovered from silk sarees.

That put me away. Nobody sells that openly.

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Get paid to social bookmark.

Hairy Woodpecker / Pic cheveluImage by Eric B├ęgin via Flickr

This beautiful woodpecker has nothing to do with what follows here. I placed this image just because it is beautiful to look at.

A very unusual income opportunity is being presented here. I suppose, DP forum members must be aware of this income opportunity:
Earn by social bookmarking
Earn by posting links in social media sites
Get paid to social bookmark
How to earn from social media sites?

It works like this:
You are paid to use your social bookmarking skill. Ok, let me make it very quick.
You will be paid to submit certain links (nothing controversial of course) in a few (about 20) popular social media sites. That's all.

Yes, just submit links in social media sites and earn small amounts ranging from $0.40 to $0.60 per a bunch of submissions.

It is easy money folks. Very easy money really.

Please email me for the joining link with "Woodpecker" in the subject line of the email.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Don't dye with jaded fingers.

Sorry to deviate totally from income opportunities. This blog post will be still useful and can save you money.

Jade is a stone, an ornamental one that is used to make dazzling pendants, ear studs and bracelets.

It is wise to note that these are extracted from rocks and the color it gets is due to presence of chemicals in the stone.

So, it is natural not to expose it to other chemicals that might react with the substance in the jade to lose its color and appearance.

So, never dye your hair with jade rings on your fingers; also take of the jade necklace while applying dye. Even household detergents are said to be harmful for the jades.

Thank you Times of India
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India is laying golden roads.

China closely followed by Russia is emulating the Indian economical advancement by encouraging their citizens to buy gold through television commercials. I came to know about this information at the website of United States Gold Bureau.

The U.S. Gold Bureau didn’t fail to mention that India is leading the pack. If you happen to watch the Indian television channels for only 15 minutes, you are likely too at least a couple of advertisements related to investing in gold coins and gold ornaments.

Even though America says it holds the largest gold reserve in its federal banks, India is actually holding more gold by way of golden ornaments in the homes of its residents.

If the tombs of ancient Egyptians housed pots and pots of gold, the safety vaults and jewel boxes of Americans and Indians are brimming with gold in the form of ornaments and gold bars.

The gold rush is really on.