Saturday, June 28, 2008

How to effectively make money from clickbak marketplace.

I am sorry, I have nothing new today. It seems my resources online too have gone dry. Oh yes, as usual, there are plenty of paid to survey programs of which I do not have any experience.

But they seem to grow by day. I suspect, the same companies/persons spring up online with different names. They are filling the Clickbank marketplace and I believe there are as many as 100 'Get paid to do a survey" programs in Clickbank alone.

I thought I will just refresh your memory about my blog post on how to effectively make money from clickbank marketplace.

How many of have you tried it and how about your success rate so far? I appreciate all feedback. Based on it, I will try to find our useful steps to make Clickbank your permanent marketplace.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Earn British Pounds to search.

Get paid to search is a known opportunity to earn online though the earnings are not worth mentioning.

I was introduced to My HPF by my Texas friend who informed that she already had accumulated some British Pounds in her account. What I dislike about these get paid to search companies is their minimum payout policy. They fix it conveniently at much higher amount that is difficult achieve.

So, members mostly drop out forgoing their earnings.

My HPF rewards its members handsomely for referring their friends. They have a calculator online that is useful and tempting to work out several permutations and combinations to guess how much can you earn with your estimated referrals.

My HPF-is my home page friends; it is free to sign up. But I am aware that their website frequently vanishes or doesn't load. It was rather smooth when I signed up two days before and the setting up process was quite easy.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Blogging for money.

Well, I know I am not embarking on a new topic. Every blogger is aware of how to earn from their blogs. What I do is write about anything that I come across in this field of online earning. What I write about may not be new to many but it will be so for at least one in a thousand.

Weblogs Inc is a popular platform for bloggers to encash their blogging skill. They have been around for some time but I never really looked into it seriously. They have a huge network of blogs. You can join any or more of them based on your specialty.

You can register for free, select the network you wish to join and submit three sample blog posts. A few of my contacts are blogging for Weblogs Inc.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Who discusses silver?

Those who intend to grow their money at a steady pace will only discuss silver with like minded persons. I am a mathematics teacher by profession. It is God’s gift to me. Reading the news stories, rumors, and of course keeping a watch on precious metals’ price movements, I quickly calculate how profitable it will be to invest in precious metals at any given time.

Do you know that I am educating my students about precious metals also?

And my calculations are always correct so far and I should thank Monex Deposit Company for timely reports and tips. For over 30 years, the Monex companies have been America’s silver and precious metals investment leader.

Just a few minutes before I started writing this blog post, I read in silver stock report that U.S. mint is rationing American Silver Eagle but I am yet to do more research in this news. Take it or leave it.

For your information, the American Silver Eagle is the official silver bullion coin of the United States.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gmail is a related link?

I am using Alexa tool bar not to measure my blog's rank but to mainly find related blogs in my niche-money making online.

I noticed that Alexa showed Gmail as related to this blog. Ha ha... what a guidance! What can be their algorithm that produced Gmail in its search results?

Well, let me come to my point. How do I find out blogs that are in my niche? Yes, I tried 'Blog Search' and I found it very difficult to sieve the results through.

I searched in Technorati and the out of 4300 results, the first one was titled, "Who is interviewing whom". (smile)

Is there one single search engine that yields what I am looking for?

Oh, I forgot to mention That was more helpful; it showed around 6000 results and many on the first two pages are worth looking at.

Dollar Monster is back.

The famous money doubler Dollar Monster is back in the game. I wonder how they have selected such an apt name-Dollar Monster as it certainly swallows the dollars of its faithful investors.

Well, I should not complaint much as I have made good money with it a few years ago. Though they have not paid me some amount, I have managed to earn a substantial profit from that program.

But many of my friends have lost their hard earned money and I feel really sorry for them. Since I had a very good downline abroad in that program, I grabbed a lot of quick money.

But I know the last time they launched, many people including old timers have lost their dollars. I hope they are all careful this time. Since e-gold has frozen thousands of investors' account including mine, I think many would find it difficult to play with Dollar Monster.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Drug information by conditions.

It may be news to you if you know the medical world gets flooded with new medications that are launched to combat new illness as well as known ailments.

Medical journals and doctors who blog or maintain a website, mention about such developments on a daily basis. Those medical professionals who don’t have an online presence depend on various medical software to stay update.

Epocrates medical reference software is the mostly wide used one and as many as 500k health care professionals are said to use the drug guide developed and marketed by Epocrates.

Clinicians access the information needed to make prescribing decisions on the spot – such as drug dosing, side effects and health plan coverage.

They use their PDA or iPhone to store this medical software.

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.

Backlinks, backlinks & backlinks.

Backlinks-the one word that haunts every blogger and webmaster, night and day. (why not day and night?)

How to build one way backlinks is the most sought after question for all of us. Please don't assume that seasoned Internet marketers find it easy to get backlinks. Well, I am maintaining this blog for more than 24 months now, my input is always appreciated but who gives a link back. Almost none!

But why?
They simply are not bothered or don't understand the value of it. Sure, I am getting repeated visitors to this blog; I reciprocate sometimes and not always and I don't find anyone mentioning about this blog in their blog.

But I do it always. I never fail to give credit and I make it a point to visit blogs on this niche-money making.

Here is a blog post on authority backlinks and let me tell you, I am quite impressed with it. The blogger from China has obviously deep knowledge in Internet marketing.

Thank you Peter Lee.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sell your art through Cruxy.

Cruxy is the place for creative people to hang around, see, read and listen to creative works by others around the world.

One can use the tools provided by Cruxy to monetize, market their creativity. Cruxy provides powerful marketing, monetization and performance tools for digital creators, whether filmmakers, musicians or artists of any kind.

Since I am neither a creator of art nor music, I can't comment on the tools but it is reported that Cruxy’s tools give artists the power to share their work on Cruxy or across the web using the Cruxy Social Player. Cruxy also gives creators the ability to sell their work as digital downloads. The artist chooses the retail price and the file format.

On their marketing part, Cruxy registers the work with search engines, generates thumbnails and previews and handles all aspects of the financial transaction. Cruxy also provides a robust set of analytical tools so that creators can track and improve their progress

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Do you want to earn from your blog?

I know a very few will say no for my question. They are the people who like to keep their blog's purpose as non-commercial.Let us forget about them and focus on those who say ‘yes’ to life.

If you believe that you are writing well in your blog and trust that it can sell itself-I mean the content can sell itself, then I have something for you.

Have you heard of Oronjo? It is a new kind of service that creates a marketplace for advertisers and bloggers. Advertisers can read your the content you have put up for sale and if they like it, they will pay you the price you have tagged to your content.

The payment is through Paypal or Google Checkout. This service is free and I want you to rush up your application.

Read fully here..

Saturday, June 7, 2008

NewsofIndia invites writers.

I remember writing about News of India some months before. I don't see any harm writing a second time.

What is News of India?
Forget about what they say about themselves; it is a place for freelance writers to earn money. You can earn either by sharing Google AdSense revenue (70:30) or just for writing skill and frequency, they pay you.

Money without Adsense:

Based on points you earn, you are paid Rs.1/- per point. There are several ways to earn points like writing an article, referring people through your referral link, commenting on others' articles and so on.

Since the scope of the writing is limited to news about India, I have my own reservations about the earning potentiality.

There is another blockage; no outside links are allowed except the link of the site from where you are taking the material, if any. This will limit the type of ads by Google and also constrain the writer's interest.

I browsed the tags on which articles are available there and I don't find anything that is of varied interest to a regular blogger like me.

Here are some of the tags.
actor actress Amir Khan anna beauty Bollywood

However this can be an ideal platform for new comers in the blogosphere to build up their readership before they move on to international blogging platforms.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Steady monthly income assured.

I have a principle. In Internet, you should not work life long to chase money. Do hard work for 6 years may be and then you should watch money pouring in consistently-what do you say?

Is it possible?

Yes, I believe so. Do you have a web site or blog that has Google PR 4 and above? Then why are not monetizing them? You could offer a little space on your web site and let advertisers place their text link ads in the space provided.

That’s all! The advertisers will pay you monthly.

Who facilitates this market place?
Don't worry; there are text link brokers and yes, you guessed it right-there is something in it for them too. After all they have to pay their 60plus full time staff-right? Yes, text link brokers is a full pledged internet marketing based at Arizona, U.S.

No, I am not qualified to apply as I don't have any PR4 sites. My blog with PR4 was stripped to zero
long back by our friend Google .