Monday, December 31, 2007

Credit Card Search Engine’s usefulness.

A little bit of knowledge about how we are paid back in kind or in cash when we use our credit cards won’t do any harm-right?

When accepting payment by credit card, merchants typically pay a percentage of the transaction amount in commission to their bank or merchant services provider. Every credit card provider is willingly share the commission with the card holder by giving the card holder points, airline miles or a monetary amount.

This monetary benefit is called cashback which is either credited to the credit card account or paid to the card holder separately.

Gasoline is the most used commodity by everyone in the United States. If we pay our gas bill through credit cards, we are given up to 6% of the bill amount as cash back. Gas cash back cards or Gas Credit Cards is the highly sought after card among the consumers. allows consumers, business and students alike to search, compare, and apply for all types of credit card offers.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Sell your musical talent.

In some way or other, we are all gifted with some special talent. Music is one that always seeks expression of itself through a few persons. Mostly, the talents in them are spotted at their young age, nurtured further as they grow up.

The offline music industry can be very tough to embrace all. Here is a web site that can cater to the needs of aspiring musicians.

You License is a big market place for musically talented people. For artists, writers, producers, publishers any other music owners, YouLicense is a non-exclusive, simple and free to join.

Start licensing your music now.

It is also a great place for TV film producers, ad film makers to choose something for their requirement.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Get paid to click.

Warning!. You will not become a millionaire by participating in these 'get paid to click' programs.

This new web site in the GPT category is World Linkx.

Please note that it is my affilate URL but a friend of mine. You will earn 0.01$ per click and not a penny more.

If you refer one, you are paid $0.05 and that referral should be active like you. There are hundreds of programs like this in the Internet but such programs is only for those who are not interested in earning big like me.

I too join these programs occasionally only to 'unjoin' from them the next day.

The minimum payout is $10 and it will take a very long time to get this money bag full of 1 cents. But if you refer, you are likely to earn this quicker.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Franchise opportunity in Cyber Cafe.

This can be a good news for rural Tamils in Tamilnadu. A leading cyber cafe operator from America, One Roof is offering business opportunities for rural Tamil people.

A correction-it has already entered in my state and there are 10 franchisees that already started their business-Economic Times.

Those interested in owning and operating a profitable business that can change lives in your rural community in India can approach OneRoof that is looking for business minded men and women in India to join their team as franchisees.

At present, this offer is extended towards people of Tamilnadu only. (I am smiling) The earning potential is approximately Rs.25,000 to Rs.40,000 per month.(really?). That is an optimistic estimate considering the broadband service extended to rural India by BSNL.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Earning from Digital Point.

Only today I came to know the name of the owner of Digital Point Forum. His name is Shawn D. Hogan and do you know that he is reported in New York times?

Digital Point forums is the Internet's number one popular forum participated by webmasters and bloggers. (why not blogmasters?) (Smile)

I have learned plenty from this but I have not earned a single cent from it. But NY Times reports that the maximum one can earn by participating in that forum is only $50 and for that, one has to be very active in it.

Whoever starts a new forum discussion topic receives half of the advertising revenue paid to the site by Google for ads on the front page of that topic section. The discussion's creator then splits his share with others who post replies to his topic.

I spend time there only to learn not to earn.

Just returned from Mexico.

I spent five full days in Mexico and let me tell you one thing: I lived like a queen because I was treated like a queen. Not even in the Mogul palaces, one heard of such heavenly luxuries as in the Karisma hotels in Riviera Maya.

No five star hotels in the entire world can say they offer luxurious suites after they stay just a day in one of the resorts by Karisma.

Karisma Resorts are the first all-inclusive properties to focus on individual experiences for the affluent.

Hot tubs and hammocks, swim-up rooms with ocean views, white gauze curtains floating over four poster beds, sunset margaritas served by a Beach Butler on a private stretch of sand, exquisitely presented food prepared by expert chefs…it’s all part of Karisma’s way of continuous pampering for one price.

And the food was something out of the world. I am not suitable to enjoy such an exotic spread of finest food and drinks.

And do you know that my Cancun Vacations did not cost me a dollar?

Hi hi, I wrote this blog post after reading the web release of Karisma Hotels through

List of best paying PPC sites.

Only small drops makes an ocean. Small money accumulates to big money but only here, it should be allowed to accumulate.

Pay Per Click aka PPC pays little of course but if you select the right one and remain loyal to one, it is likely to pay off in a big way in the long run. Yes, here too, loyalty pays. Don't ask how, it is beyond comprehension to ordinary mind but to a spiritually inclined mind, it is clear.

I found out a web site that has analyzed several top paying PPC programs.
Just the reviews only in this site but no information about the webmaster or his contact details.

In my opinion, unless if you operate several websites or blogs, you only earn a pittance from PPC search engines.

Forbes invites bloggers.

I have received an invitation from to join their network of business and financial bloggers. Once approved, we have to sell ad space in our blog to bluechip advertisers who already use Forbes magazine to advertise their products.

Now is entering online advertising (now only?) and gathering bloggers and webmasters who want to make money from their blogs and websites.

The application process was easy but the set up process was a bit elaborate but very efficiently, information like preferences of payment method, pay rate and the type and size of ad space we are interested in was gathered in a professional manner.

The program is likely to be launched in Jan 2008.

Email me for details if interested.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Online education tips.

The convenience of online education is closed for debates because there are no second opinions about that.

If you agree, please read on.

For someone who is new to study online, there are certain guidelines and tips I offer and please bear it in mind that I have not studied online. (Smile)

  • Never be shy to ask questions when you are interacting with your virtual classroom teacher.
  • Share your past work with other online learners.
  • Don’t always depend on your virtual teacher. Develop friendship with fellow online students and show genuine interest in their work. This is a great way to gain knowledge.
  • Start a study group and encourage others to join. If your contribution to the study group is valuable, automatically, many will join.

Read about what is happening in the field of online education. Subscribe to news letters and press releases.

For aspiring students who are likely to join an online university, capella university is the best choice because their academic staff is exceptional and their dedication is beyond comparison.

Capella University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA),

Contact information: Capella University, 225 South Sixth Street, Ninth Floor, Minneapolis, MN 55402, 1.888.CAPELLA (227.3552),

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

Make money at any age.

The amount one can earn is very low but still it is something. No need to maintain a blog for this opportunity. It is purely a 'get paid to write' opportunity for all. is the website you need to visit to get enrolled. You will be allotted an author code. The welcome email they send is very clearly written. In that, the format in which we have to submit our article is given.

For every published article, they deduct 40 cents towards expenses and the remaining 50% of the purchase price is split into half.(50:50)

When you submit the article, you can mention its price. They market your article and get you the clients.

Good service-isn't it?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

World's most profitable blog post.

I would say this as an idea of a creative man. After reading so many books on online money making businesses, he got smarter and came up with a brilliant idea for making the most from a blog post and it is so simple too.

To achieve this, he has not bought anything, sold anything, begged none to join a chain business. Very smart- is in it?

Do you want to know what is all about? Do you want to emulate his method? After reading his post, I trust you will strike upon a similar idea. When you do that, please email me and I will have the pleasure of blogging about it.

Now to go to his post, please click here.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The largest ticket store in Orlando.

Many people may not be aware that the Universal Orlando Resort is actually made up of 2 Theme Parks-Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure.

Nobody needs any explanation about the Universal Studios. Every travelogue contains full description of Universal Studios. So, let me say about a few attractions at the Islands of Adventure. But before that, I would strongly recommend you to buy Disney World Tickets at a discounted rate from that offers the lowest discount prices for all Orlando dinner shows including Pirates Dinner Adventure Show, Sea World, Kennedy Space Center and Universal Studios.

--->Splashdown on Jurassic Park River Adventure, Islands of Adventure, Universal Orlando

Have you ever ridden on a small piece of log towards falling water? Yes, we all have seen it in films.

Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls will get your heart racing as you hop onto a log and race towards the bottom of the falls. This wild water flume ride features one of the steepest water drops ever created, and you will most likely get very wet.

Then there is the Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges and The Jurassic Park River Adventure, a water-based amusement ride that was based on Steven Spielberg's hit movie Jurassic Park. It begins as a jungle rive cruise past huge dinosaurs and the rest of the cruise is only to be experienced by you.

For the lowest prices and always best personal service, visit

Image courtesy: Wikipedia

Where to invest in 2008.

Who would not like to know where to invest in 2008?

Normally, where will you see such information? Let me see, you are most likely....
No, I don't want to assume anything.

But will tell you where I would look in; I would subscribe to a dependable investment magazine that publishes in depth articles from authentic and experienced investment advisers.

My choice is SmartMoney. It comes to you straight from the editors of the Wall Street Journal, the best financial reporters in the business. Every issue brings you the information you need to know to deal with markets and protecting your wealth.

I have selected this after reading several reviews from people like you and I.
Here is a review:
"I'm a long-term subscriber. SMART MONEY offers solid, useful long-term financial and investing advice each month from the resources of the Wall St. Journal without the fluff in some other financial magazines."

Want to subscribe? Click here. SmartMoney [2-year subscription] It is only $18 for two years.

Thank you Amazon!

I started earning!

God has been kind to me. ( I know he is to you also)

My latest venture in Indian share market is proving to be successful. I made small profits in the last two weeks. Yes, the profit was small because of two main factors.
* Small investment
* Impatience

There is nothing new to learn from the first factor but there is a lot to learn from the second factor-impatience.

I will tell you one thing. When the price of the share you bought started moving, let the profit run and extract the maximum profit from it. This you can apply when you do intra day trading as well as when you decide to hold by taking delivery.

For good tips and recommendations, read the businessline website promoted by 'The Hindu'

Friday, December 14, 2007

New neighbors and the puppy.

It was amusing to watch a bunch of kids one by one disembarking from a big truck that was parked next door. I was first attracted by the noise of the kids and along with their chattering I could hear the whining of a puppy though I could not spot one.

So, we are going to get new neighbors and in one way I am relieved because I already feel lonely in the near deserted street.

I went down to greet the children and also intended to ask if they need any help. I wished someone extended this courtesy to me. (Smile)

I was politely refused by the man who seemed to be busy extricating a dog box from where the sound of the puppy came. Finally, he got it down from the truck and released the puppy who seemed shocked at the new place. But it soon regained its enthusiasm and ran about the campus happily yapping.

I gave a curious look at the dog box that was constructed of rugged aluminum diamond tread and is lined with a durable plastic corrugated material that is easy to clean.

Here is a big claim!

And the claim is really big. A person says that he has earned so far $319,388.00 online. Incredible really!

And he says you and I too can earn like him if only we follow his instructions that will be given if buy his book of secrets.

In the FAQ section, he has repeatedly said that we have to follow the instructions but never indicated anything more to it or what exactly is required from us to earn big apart from buying his package.

The name of his website is Secret Books.
The website says his name is Franklin Jacobs but he has managed to erase his name from the proof of his earning while he shows the amount he has earned.

Filling up PPC forms is lucrative.

In this blog itself, I have written about filling p PPC forms online can be a lucrative online job. I think you can find them here under 'Data Entry'.

In fact one of my husband's friend joined in such a program only to ask for refund later and he got it. But he never told us why he opted for refund.

This kind of data entry or the so called 'data entry' initially involves applying for several companies that are said to pay per form filled online. It seems too good to be true. If so, the entire world will be devoid of unemployment problem.

I saw a Google adword by Google Cash Key.
It is advertised by an Indian and he has posted several testimonials along with copies of payment received from Paypal as proof of earnings. But all the cheques bore the name of a single company called PBK Swarup Enterprises and none by the testified persons.

Any feedback?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Gracias muchas.

I was stopped on a busy street one afternoon by a group of people who were looking exasperated. They were all profusely sweating in the hot weather.

They asked me a question in a language I could not comprehend but I was able to recognize it-it was Spanish. I know a few basic words in Spanish.

I was of no use to them in spite of my attempts to make them understand that they need to proceed to the Spanish consulate located a few miles away.

I thought they were looking for some budget hotels as I caught the word Hoteles from them. Exclusively for Spanish speaking travelers, has created a website

The site has been designed specifically to meet the needs and interests of Spanish-speaking individuals in the United States.

Paypal's bank transfer to India.

I am immensely relieved and so too all the Indians who are using paypal to receive funds for their online work or business.

Since they introduced the bank transfer facility to India, the money reaches the bank in a week. And the fee of Rs.50/- if the withdrawal amount is less than Rs.7000/- is very nominal. I don't think any Indian will complaint about this.

I have utilized this facility thrice so far and I am very happy with their service.

With the earlier cheque payment mode, the cheque will arrive three weeks after the withdrawal request creating anxieties.

About 7 years ago, we can receive funds in our paypal but could not withdraw at all.

Thank you paypal.

Get paid to use your mobile.

After the failure of Mginger, I thought the mobile phone advertising industry will not again see another entry. But I am wrong.

Fluc is the latest entrant in this sector that pays you to receive ads in your mobile. You will be paid 20 cents for every ad you receive in your mobile which I think is a good amount. Considering the Mginer pay rate, this is excellent.

Fluc allows you to earn money on your mobile from content relevant to you, your location and your friends. As expected, you are rewarded more if you introduce your friends.

Fluc has access to over 700 mobile networks worldwide, and India is included in their list. But Indians should check with their mobile service provider whether they charge you to receive SMS from any other places apart from your location.


Monday, December 3, 2007

New additions from gourmet gift baskets.

When I came to the balcony today morning to pick my news paper, I saw a man in the house opposite to mine, installing a Christmas tree. I was watching him decorating the tree for sometime. I wonder what Christmas gifts he will be expecting from his relatives and friends.

That reminded me it is time to browse around for gifts. Though, still 3 more weeks to go for Christmas, time will fly away quickly. I decided to check in whether they have anything unique this year.

Last year, all my selection of holiday Christmas gift baskets from them was appreciated by everybody; this year, I will have to shrink my budget as I had to spend a lot on shifting my house and getting it ready.

I have decided to buy red wicker sleigh gift baskets. has some new addition in this basket; mint chip maltballs, cranberry orange buds must be yummy.

Gift baskets by Gourmet Gift Baskets are special works of art.

Affiliate marketing guide.

I am very happy to note that many Indians are earning full time income online. Of late, I saw them use Google AdWords to market their tutorials on earning from Internet.

While most of these advertisers are from Bombay, I noticed one from Tamilnadu and one from Bangalore.

Here is one more advertiser from Bombay, selling his coaching CD on how to earn from Commission Junction (CJ). I am surprised and also happy to see a few testimonials saying that they are earning regularly.

One or two persons even uploaded the xerox copy of their cheque they received from CJ.
There is no information about the webmaster of i3India, but a full address is given along with email id.

Make money at any age.

Age no bar. Nation no bar. Qualification no bar.

What else can restrict you to earn?

This is a get paid to write opportunity. Write anything and submit. It is sold by Retired.Be on behalf of you.

I know you are impatient to know the pay rate. Well, it is not much to me. I don't know about your expectation.

Below, I quote their pay rate.

Item sells for $1.00. We deduct $0.40 and split $0.60 with you. You get $0.30
Item sells for $7.00. We deduct $0.40 and split $6.60 with you. you get $3.30.
Item sells for $19.00. We deduct $0.40 and split $18.60 with you. You get $9.30.

What can you write?
Your memories, your encounters, your experiences, your knowledge and your skill-anything goes.

Application Procedure:
Just fill out the short form and submit. Instantly, you will receive a detailed email with full instructions.

I received this instructions and I commend their clarity.

I still feel the pay rate is not very encouraging but one can launch this as a starting platform.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Your loyalty is rewarded.

The supermarket was surprisingly crowded. But, still, I shopped for more than 20 minutes and stood in the long queue to pay my bill. I was relieved when the customer standing before me finally moved. I quickly paid off and started towards the door.

Again, I was stopped and asked to stand in another long queue. I was really impatient and getting annoyed. I learnt that this queue is for the benefit of me and other customers too. We were asked to fill out a form which assured us some membership rewards that can be redeemed to buy more goods.

I was immediately reminded of webloyalty program that operated in similar concept. Webloyalty generates new revenues for its clients by rewarding customers who make purchases. Through its range of innovative products, Webloyalty helps its clients increase their revenues while offering its clients’ customers a range of valuable benefits packages.

It seems, they will have an understanding with the manufacturers and wholesalers of various goods by which they will assure them repeated purchases from the same customers in exchange of either cash savings on their purchases or they throw in some freebies.

$450 per story.

Sounds too good to be true? Yes, it seems so to me.

Though I am skeptic about Freelance Home Writers, the reason I am writing about them here is mainly to get some feedback from this blog's readers. May be an alert or some sort or may be a good opinion about them will serve others.

They say that even bloggers are wanted and the pay rate is $12 to $50 per hour. Here is my main concern. Anybody who says that he will pay you by the hour you work online can invite doubts.

I am not saying that Freelance Home Writers is a scam but I have some doubts. And yes, I wanted to clear my doubts by contacting them but none of the link in their home page works except the registration button.

Data Entry Work offered.

Please proceed to join this company only if you are doubt free.

iNet data Entry gives those who pay them $50.00, a list of companies around the world who outsource data entry for them.

I would not call it as a typical data entry work but more of a form filling work online. You are aware of various forms that you fill up online while subscribing to receive news letters or something like that.

Online business requires active promotion in the Internet. PPC is the most effective form of online advertising. You job is to enter the information given by the company you join in online forms.

I am sorry, I don't know the full details. May be you can ask around before you decide to pay

But their promise that its members can earn $200 per day seems an exaggeration to me.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Don’t open the envelope!

This can be viewed as a unique marketing technique. That’s what came to my mind when I received a manila envelope that bore the letters, “Don’t open the envelope!” in bold.

The sender visualized the receiver’s next action. Yes, I turned back to see who the sender was. It somewhat baffled me when I read that it was from a blogger from India and beneath his address it was written, “Don’t open the envelope if you don’t want to read about investment advice on silver and other precious metals and return the envelope to the sender unopened”.

See, it instantly arouses one’s curiosity and I can see that everybody will surely open the envelope at least in appreciation of the sales pitch.

With some eagerness, I wanted to find out what it says about silver and other precious metals. So, I opened the envelope and I am glad I did it.

It contained a news clip about the value of silver whose price now is very attractive to buy a few ingots of it which will potentially increase one’s wealth and liquidity.

I learnt further that the world demand for silver now exceeds annual production and this will surely push its price up in the near future. Monex is the best place to buy precious metals since Monex companies have been America’s silver and precious metals investment leader for the past 30 years.