Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The launch of Planet’s First Democratic Mag.

On 31st midnight, with the birth of the New Year, one website will be launched that is soon going to change the way social media functions. It will have all the latest features of web 2.0 and active social media marketers, webmasters and bloggers are eagerly looking forward to this new web site RememME

Nirmal Kannan, Co-founder-Nomad Publications Pvt.Ltd expects to bring people from different walks of life and give them a platform to share their valuable thoughts, experiences and knowledge. Their digital contribution will be called "scoops".

The topics covered will be:
Business & Management,
Science & Technology,
World & Politics,
Sports & Entertainment,
Health & Lifestyle
My Life.

The scoops will be allowed to be commented upon by the readers and the top three scoops from each category will then be published in a monthly RememME Mag, rightfully be Planet’s First Democratic Mag."

I request all of you and especially Indian bloggers and Internet businessmen to spread the news.
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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Home data entry jobs.

I was once asked by an online friend: "You say online data entry jobs; does that mean there are offline data entry jobs available?"

I replied yes but I didn't know of any authentic resource that offers offline data entry jobs.

He then asked me if I know of a directory of online data entry jobs of which also I replied no.

But today, I came to know about a directory that says it has 2500 firms in its database that offer both part time and full time data entry jobs. All are pre-screened offers that include 800 computer jobs, 500 online opportunities besides 1000 online data entry jobs.

Have you ever purchased this directory of data entry jobs? If so, can you please give your feedback?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

How to earn $1000 per month in 6 months?

I am sure an article of such titles will attract instant readership. But do you find really useful and achievable steps for that? Have you ever found concrete suggestions to earn $1000 per month online either in 6 months or 6 six tears.

Your answer will be a big a NO as was mine several years ago.

Over the years I continue to get disappointed looking for that one constructive idea that will let me earn $1000 per month.

The disappointment has led me to resolve to give absolutely useful information only in this blog. If one person, just one person takes time to review this blog blog by going through every one of the categories under which I have so far posted hundreds of online income opportunities, I am sure he will realize the usefulness of this blog.

To prove my worth to the millions of people who desire to work from home and earn a full time income through the Internet, I have prepared a short report in which I have given an outline on how to earn $1000 per month in 12 months time.

In this report, I have detailed lots of ways to earn money by blogging and how much one blog can earn money to anyone provided if he promotes exactly as per my action plan.

The report will cost you just $10. Interested persons may please contact me through email or Twitter.

Monday, December 21, 2009

There are no 'online form filling jobs'.

I am baffled to see of the ads by Google that appeared in my gmail screen. There were a couple of Google Adwords which again showed those familiar Indian originated online jobs scams involving 'Form Filling' work and earning through Commission Junction as an affiliate.

How vulnerable the Indians are who enter the Internet with big homes making it rich in 5 days! And I am equally sad that they are fully exploited by their own compatriots who dump worthless products and false pictures.

I beg you guys not to fall for big claims of earning through form filling job. There are no such jobs in the internet.

While you can earn as an affiliate in the Internet, it takes a long time to learn the trade.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Start Making Money in 3 Easy Steps.

If Cafepress.com attracts thousands of corporate clients to buy corporate gifts, so to Printfection.com where you and I can build and sell our merchandise to buyers all over the world.

When I directed a reader of my blog to Printfection.com, she was elated with he opportunities to make money online using her artistic skill. She opened her own store that started making profit in less than 3 months. She even sent one of her products to me as a token of gratitude.

You too can set up your online store selling your very own products and be on your way to make money in just 3 simple steps.

* You get free hosting of your products images and descriptions
* Your designed products get produced free of cost
* Handles all the shipping and other related ecommerce activities

Hey, what more can you ask for?

Go to http://www.printfection.com/

Monday, December 14, 2009

Interested in working from home as a text operator?

Text operators also known as home typists and of late, there is an increase in demand for text operators. If the text operators have bilingual skill, they are immediately hired.

I did a research in the subject and found out that text operators are hired in an industry, not all will be willing to take up positions. Though the pay rate is increased over the years, Indians stay away from working as testers.

Text operators work in chat rooms and are required to make a sale of a product or service. But in some companies, text operators are paid according to the amount of texts they send.They should have high speed internet connection and possess a very good typing speed. Minimum work hours is 20 per week. Prior data entry experience will be useful.

Another thing that I noticed in my research that these text operator jobs are mostly available in the U.K.

Do a search in Google for chat/text operators and you may find some good offers.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Easily make money with others' work.

Not everyone is comfortable with making money using articles. One can make money using articles written either by self or by others. It is all the more rewarding when you make money from the work of others-right?

For example, if you buy those ready made niche websites and market them with sincere effort, they can fetch great revenue. I am telling this from my personal experience.

But before marketing the niche sites, you need to change he title of the articles in them an also modify the content to suit your style.

Here is a sample website of my own that I bought and changed the content.

This website has three income streams namely AdSense, Amazon and another affiliate product specifically chosen for the topic of the website.

You can also create a small site on your own if you are a techie or have one created for you.

I too build websites on various topics with three income streams. Email me for your requirements. I create high profit niche websites with unique content only and it is sold to only one person.

How do you like it?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

10 tips to earn money through sponsored Tweets.

I tried to motivate my friends by telling them how I earn from Twitter. I have blogged about "Make money using Twitter" several times. But so far, I know none of them even attempted to follow my guidelines.

Probably, they want John Chow to teach them on how one can earn money using their Twitter account. John Chow is one of the many blkoggers I respect and follow him closely. He inspires me a lot.

He has laid down clearly 10 tips to earn money from sponsored tweets. Some of his tips will wake you up. (It did that to me).

Here is a sample:
"ClickWatch is a program designed to provide a level of protection for advertisers who engage Tweeters in the Sponsored Tweets marketplace."

Go ahead and read his post and don't forget to thank him.

My previous post on Twitter Money:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Get paid to place links.

My London friend Lakhani has blogger about an online income opportunity which is the most popular form of monetizing your blogs and websites.

It is simply by placing a small text ad, you are paid. Since AdBeans is a British company, you will be paid in British Pounds.

How much can you earn?
Go to AdBeans.com and place your URL in the box given there and their system will instantly tell you how much you will be paid to place an ad in your blog.

Blog monetization methods are increasing and text link advertising is one of the easiest form of earning from your blogs. I have been earning small amounts by placing ad in my blog and I am happy to add Adbeans in my list of "Get paid to advertise" programs.