Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Justice to victims of Topamax..

Think twice before you buy Topamax as a cure to your migraine. Even if it is prescribed by a doctor, you better not buy it. There have been numerous cases of harmful side effects after taking Topamax leading to Topamax lawsuit.

You need not take my word. Do your own research and I am sure you will come across cases of such seriously harmful side effects of Topamax as birth defects. I deter myself from writing more details of birth defects. I am shocked.

Legal cases such as personal injury requires expert handling and the names of none other than O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath come to my memory. They have been handling all sorts of personal injury victims on account of side effects caused my medicines.

Do you want to contact them? Here is their address:
O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Have you bought your 3G mobile phone?

Until the year 2007, LG gadgets were my favorites. Whatever be bought were made by LG. One day, when my husband bought his first Samsung cell phone from samsung mobile india, he was treated with contempt by all of us in the house as if he betrayed India.

He silent endured all the criticism and remained steadfast in his support for Samsung when he replaced our TV with a Samsung. Over the months, we too started appreciating the performance of Samsung TV and then only turned our attention on his Samsung mobile which was a sleek flip top gadget with big fonts.

When one of his reviews of Samsung 3g mobiles submitted in a contest won him a mini digital camera, the world around him started looking with respect.

Now, the time has arrived to buy a 3G mobile phone. When the whole nation is going for 3G ready mobile phones, we certainly don’t want to lag behind. My son would call us ‘technologically backward’. Added to that, he already lives in Norway and bought a Nokia 3G phone.

My husband’s most trusted shopping site is from where he gathers knowledgeable data about latest mobile phone technology and features.

As I am writing this blog post, he is browsing all the 3G mobile phones available at, doing comparison shopping.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My every tweet is worth $1.98

This is the badge that says the worth of my tweets in USD.

Ha, ha, I surely know it is not worth a cent but it certainly gives a tingle. The badge is given to you when you just input your Twitter id to

I think this website and Twittad are connected. Twittad is the site where Twitters' profiles are exposed to advertisers and they in turn choose tweeters to tweet pre-composed message and pay you for that.

An year ago, the Internet witnessed several websites launched with the purpose of paying tweeters to tweet. There has been a big silence in the "money for tweets" sector.

I think Twitter has grown too big to filter the targets easily and that is the reason for slump in "get paid to tweet" slogans in the Internet.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Free do follow backlink.

I accidentally found an useful website that calculates the worth of your website in USD. It considers various parameters like page views and revenue and gives you the worth.

Your website is also stored in alphabetical order in its database and the link is a 'do follow' link.

Here is the result of this blog. Scroll down to the bottom of this blog post to see the website. Very useful web tool-eh?

WoW Score for : 4 out of 5


Daily Visits: 1,600
Daily Pageviews: 4,800
Daily Revenue: $ 7.2

Monthly Visits: 48,000
Monthly Pageviews: 144,000
Monthly Revenue: $ 216

Yearly Visits: 576,000
Yearly Pageviews: 1,728,000
Yearly Revenue: $ 2,592

Estimated website worth: $ 5,184

Website URL:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What can do for unemployed?

Here is a man with insatiable passion for social service. His name is K.Buhari-a man of multi-faceted drive, busy as a bee. You can find his name especially wherever there is a campaign for anti-smoking.

He involves himself in various fields that include:

· Training nurses and assisting them to place abroad

· Offering SAP consultancy

· Acting as a man power consultant and getting jobs for the deprived

· Motivational speaker to college students

· Offering free vocational skill training to women

· Conducting spoken English course to aspirants

· Speaks passionately on social awareness

His “One stop solution center” is a place with plenty of activities offering self employment training in myriad areas, free of cost.

Mr.Buhari also publishes a local newspaper called “Sidco Nagar Times” dedicated to the events and happenings in his residential locality. I have a few of the articles on women’s health issues that are quite useful to all.

Visit his website to learn more about his businesses, goals and achievements.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The best damn book on Google AdSense.

Books on AdSense earning tips, things not to do, bettering your adsense earnings are found in the Internet by hundreds if not thousands.

Like you, I too assumed based on my limited knowledge that there are only a handful of guide books on AdSense. Obviously, there are more treasures that get buried in the depths of Internet.

I have bought nearly 30 ebooks on AdSense. This particular book (see image) called "The Best Damn Google AdSense Book" is the first paperback edition that I came across a few minutes ago.

I read the readers' reviews but could not form an opinion based on that. I am looking for more personal feedback.

Any help?

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Beware of emails with high promises.

Like me and millions of others, you too would have received hundreds (if not thousands) of emails with the following subject lines:
* Notification of payment received
* Customer Service
* Admin
* You made a sale
* $...... (fill up a five figure) in one month

All newbies would open such emails first only to read a pathetically composed sales pitch. The last mentioned subject line above ($ 3,12,654 in 90 days) is being used by some of the highly spoken about bloggers in the blogosphere. I feel so outrageously betrayed by such people.

When you can make $ 3,12,654 in 90 days and claim that you made that exact sum, surely you can afford to divulge the method free of cost and have the world queueing up in front of your home office!

Why use such deceptive headlines?
Why can't they find honest ways to draw attention?
Don't they realize such sales emails are hardly read and quickly deleted?

The Internet is super saturated with bromides. People are intelligent enough to avoid opening them.

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Big prizes announced for reviews on gadgets

On some technical corners, I read about exchange of opinions regarding Tablet India. Yes, they were talking about Tablet PCs and how iPad is going to compete against them. Even I too foresee tough competition because Apple ill not sit quietly after seeing the growing popularity of Tablet Pc. Apple will come out with more advanced features in their iPad.

After successfully launching consumer reviews of mp3 players india, and closely followed it up including Tablet pcs, consumer mate is inviting honest consumer reviews on both these products. Consumer reviews on gadgets act as excellent source of information for those who are contemplating to buy them. Buyers as well as casual onlookers of information look upon reviews on consumer mate respectfully.

To attract more reviews from actual users of tablet pcs and mp3 players, an online contest is thrown open by consumer mate. Best rated reviews are awarded great prizes ranging from digital comers to mp3 players. If you happen to own and use any of the following gadgets and are good at writing reviews, you can get the details of the contest by visiting the link above.

Reviews invited on:

MP3 Players

Plasma TV

Digital Camera

Mobile phones

Laptop computer

I too am waiting to read reviews on Tablet PCs. The TV ads are tempting to buy one of them. At present, the price is high but I believe it will come down in about 6 months or so.

What do you say?

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Google AdSense application approval assistance.

Google AdSense application approval is a big concern for new bloggers in India who enter the blogosphere with great expectation to earn income through AdSense.

AdSense is a waiting game. It is not easy to earn money through AdSense as too many parameters are involved that decide the income. One of the first questions people ask me is how much they can earn through AdSense. I never answered affirmatively.

Oh yes, getting back to AdSense application approval, there are several people in India that get your application approved by Google and they charge a small fee for this service.

I have seen them using Google AdWords to advertise their AdSense approval service.
Here are two such services you can make use of.

1. for adsense Rs.399


There may be more.
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