Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sell Handmade Crafts Online on Etsy.com

In the year 2001, I came across an opportunity where you can sell your home made toys, mats, wall hangers in the Internet. I didn’t believe it then.

I forgot all about it for several years until I came to know Café Press where you can sell gifts for corporate with their company logo.

Then, the eBay came and the internet has thrown open its doors to every nook and corner of the world. Anyone with a special craft and art skill can sell their wares in eBay.

Similar to eBay is Etsy but with one exception. It is a place to sell and buy only handmade goods. This is only to encourage individuals with skill to make money working from home.

Some of the items you can buy and sell in Etsy.



Pillow covers

Pet needs

The fee:

To list your items for sale, you pay Etsy, 30 cents.

The sales commission is 3.5%.

This is an excellent way to work from home.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Make money with Twitter.

Look, here is a sweet income opportunity deal. This is unique and harnesses the power of Twitter and the number of your Twitter followers. Twitter monetization is gaining momentum buddy.

Have you have heard about Be a Magpie? They have come out the most innovative internet marketing concept.

If you have a Twitter profile, you allow 'Be a Magpie' to embed tweets on behalf of their customers in between your tweets. You do this by giving your Twitter login details to them. 'Be a Magpie’ directly advertises through tweets. Of course it matches your Twitter topic.

So, the more wide topics your Twitter covers, it is advantageous for you.

How often they publish the ad tweets?

The default is one magpie-tweet every 10 tweets. But you can customize your Tweet frequency with Be a Magpie! You can choose to have one magpie-tweet per 20 tweets or one magpie-tweet per tweet.

How much you can earn?

It depends on the number of your Twitter followers. After all, they (the advertisers) need broad exposure-right?

Find out how much can you earn!

Be a Magpie has a tool where you just type your Twitter username and the system calculates how much can you earn per month.

Minimum payout:

Launch viral advertising campaigns on Twitter with Magpie!

You can ask for your earnings when you have accumulated $50

Earn and advertise.

You can use your earnings to advertise your own business.

But I wonder how Twitter has reacted to this.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New guide to make money online.

John Chow informed me about a new guide in town. If he recommends, then it must be good. This online money making guide is said to contain step by step instructions on how to make money through affiliate marketing by building niche websites.

I am yet to try niche sites though I know how to build niche sites. This online money making guide is The Number 1 Way To Make Money Online

This guide is presently sold at just $24.95. I heard that this rate is applicable foe only one day.

This online money earning guide is authored by the creators of "Build A Niche Store" (which many of you will probably know as BANS). They have 4 and half years of rock solid experience.

Get it while it's cheap. I hear the reviews have been very positive.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

How to make money with domain names?

Oh, how time fades out fast. It was nearly three years ago that I made an unexpected profit by selling a domain that owned and woven some content around them. The site even got a Google PR3.

Somehow, I don't seem to find time enough to seriously launch myself into the domain name business. My husband keeps telling me that I have a peculiar knack in flipping websites and selling domain names.

I have already written a couple of blog posts in this very blog about domain name selling business.

Today, I came across a few more information about domain name business.

* 'Make Money With Domain Names : 10 Steps to Success'

* Making Money from Expired Domain Names'

* How to profit from domain names'

My special thanks to my friend Amera Khanam who inspired me to write this blog post.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Do stuff for money.

The news was all over the Internet a few days ago that Paypal launched a new service for those looking to do bits and pieces of work and earn for doing so. I was exited and assumed it to be similar to Mechanical Turk of Amazon.

But when I visited DoStuffForMoney, I was immediately disappointed. I could not find anything to understand how it works. I only learnt this much.

* You can offer money to your friend to do some errand for you as simple as clean your room and you can announce how much you are willing to pay. Or you can offer money to your friend to drive you to the airport.

* You can send your offer via email or Facebook.

* You can then send money to your friend's paypal by typing his email address.

Make of use of this free service. Visit DoStuffForMoney

Monday, July 13, 2009

How to increase earnings for your articles?

How many of you already into article writing and are you comfortable with the earnings your articles get you?

Apart from earning revenue from the affiliate links in your articles, you may be earning by sharing the advertisement revenue from article directories.

I recently came upon a new but popular article directory that pays you in 8 different ways. This new article directory is already moving up on the list of best article directories in terms of traffic generation.

Would you take time to read this blog post titled, "Get paid for your articles in 8 ways"?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to earn money without a blog or website?

Digital Point forum is the best online marketplace to offer your services and earn quick money. In the past, I have used the DP forum several times and earned good money. Since I am busy otherwise, I am not participating much in DP forum at present.

Can you pl visit this link?
It is a call for people who can post in forums and get paid per post.
You will find several such requirements there. Scroll down to the end of the page for older posts on the same subject.

You can find myriad offers in DP forum. You can offer your services on almost anything and find job offers that include forum posting, directory submission, script installation, blog commenting, social bookmarking, data entry, data transfer, logo design, blog creation, blog posting and so many more.

Like I have been telling for a long time, you don't need a blog or website to earn money online. There are other ways to earn money in the internet.

My blog Income Opportunities contains more than hundred ways to work from home and earn money online. Subscribe to my blog feed to stay updated.

Please also visit my two other blogs to learn more about passive income, freelance writing and earning by blogging.
Blog Avenues
Get paid to write.
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rare resources for rare coins dealers.

Zoomcoin.com is probably the only authentic resources center for rare coins dealers. After all, they belong to the family of Monex, a trusted leader in precious metals investments for nearly 40 years.

Zoomcoin.com has in its payroll, highly dedicated and fully knowledgeable rare coins experts that are more than willing to offer their expertise to the clients of Monex companies.

To be frank, I showed indifference to the high profit rare coins industry for a long time. The lack of knowledge put me off till I made a sincere effort to learn the nuances of rare coins trading with the help of Monex trained professionals.

It is valuable to note that Monaco staffs are also members of several numismatic bodies including Professional Coin Grading Service.

I am yet to make some profit as I am holding on to my treasure of rare old coins. It is difficult to let them go.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Earn from YouTaz. Work from home.

Look, are you desperate to earn money online? Will you be happy even if you earn in pennies for a start so that you feel encouraged and build up your earnings slowly?

Ok? Fine! Go to Youtaz and sign up now! It is free.

What can you do there?
* Add blog
*Upload picture or video
*Gather Taz points.
*Refer and accumulate your Taz points.
*Redeem your Taz points for real U.S. dollars.

I visited the blog section. I read blog posts on dog food and how to become a poet. This is an indication for us on what to blog about. (Smile)

Youtaz.com pays by sharing its ad revenue at 50:50 ratio. Seems to me an easy way to earn money online. Essentially, it is a 'get paid to write' income opportunity.