Friday, April 29, 2011

Passive income through mini niche sites.

I have bought a few niche sites in the past. I bought them purely to milk some money from them. I succeeded to some extent but forced to abandon the sites because I simply did not have enough time to promote to get more money.

Niche mini sites to earn money:
I would strongly recommend anyone who have the time to promote to look into this passive income opportunity of building niche mini sites. Trust me, there are some niches that have negligible competition but are in good demand.

How to build mini niche sites?
If you know FrontPage site builder, you can churn out a mini niche site in less than 3 hours. However, if you don't know how to use FrontPage, here is a set of wonderful video tutorials that teach you step-by-step, everything you need to know how to build an attarctive, content ruch, mini niche sites.

Click on the image below.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

MTurk account suspension started again.

Yesterday, I received two calls inquiring about my MTurk training services. After speaking to the callers for a few minutes, they told me that though they have earned a decent amount, they were shocked to find their account suspended. They both asked me if I know of any ways to get their account revived.

So, Amazon's cruel whip is up again and as usual, they are not transparent in their actions while making sure they are only interested in protecting the job requesters.

This account suspension is faced by Indian members only. There are talks in the forums that certain job requesters complain of inefficient work mainly to avoid paying the workers. Amazon pushes the suspension button without investigating the complaint.

I have advised both of my callers to stop working for MTurk. There are more sites similar to Amazon's Mturk.
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Learn affiliate marketing through video lessons.

In an effort to train aspiring affiliate marketing newbies, I have prepared a series of video tutorials. In all, there 26 video lessons that elaborate on all aspects of affiliate marketing and earning a real big income every month.

Even a total novice to Internet income opportunities can have a go at affiliate marketing with brimming confidence that even veteran affiliate marketers will envy.

Major topics covered:
* Clickbank
* Web 2.0 marketing
* Article marketing
* Free website creation
* Video Marketing
* Press release writing and distribution
* Blog marketing

I can vouch for the videos quality and content value. It has come out excellent.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Get paid for every click. Easiest income opportunity.

See how easy to make money on the Internet without a blog or a website!

This is the easiest way to earn online without spending a cent or paisa. All you need is your willingness to develop friendship online and a genuine interest in your friends' life and online activities.

Oh yes, I forgot. You must have varied interests in the world to develop equally varied friends online from all parts of the world.

Enough of suspense.

Do you have a Twitter account?
Do you have at least 400 friends who tweet about myriad topics?

That is all! Go to
Sign up free.
Setup email alerts to be sent from them.
These email alerts will contain a link.
Just read the email and click on the link if it is to your likings.
A pre-written Twitter meesage will be posted in your Twitter timeline on behalf of you.
You need not even log into your Twitter account to post the Tweet.
You will be paid for every click on your Tweet.
The amount per click varies depending on the advertiser's budget. You will see the amount you get in the email alert itself.

Here is an example of My Likes:

Can you tell the difference between Science Fiction and Reality?

"Can you tell which of these inventions are real and which ones are science fiction. Take this quiz and find out"

Easiest Income Opportunity

Now tell me, is not the easiest Income Opportunity online?

Wait! There is more to it.
You can post the same pre-written message in your Facebook wall, FriendFeed and even on your blog! And every click that is generated from any of these messages, you are paid per click.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

The largest Affiliate Marketing Forum.

Affiliate Marketing Forums is by far the largest forum for new as well as veteran affiliate marketers.

The forum has about 59,000 members who have contributed to 591,000 posts so far.
At any given time, there are nearly 1000 people are in the forum.

Quite impressive-eh?

Now, let me show you the various sub-forums in the parent forum. This is a lengthy one.

Affiliate Marketing Lounge
Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing
Affiliates4u v4 Bug Hunting

Global Affiliate Marketing.

Technology in Affiliate Marketing
Performance Marketing Offline
3rd Party Applications

LinkShare UK
LinkShare are a global leader in affiliate marketing. Discuss new programs, promotions and developments at LinkShare.
LinkShare Advertiser Promotions

Discuss features, and merchant performance.

Search Engine Optimization Strategies
Tips, techniques and strategies for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Google, Bing and major search engines.
Link Exchange Requests

Please note that I have shown only one third of it. Therefore, it is better you visit the forum and find out for yourself who big and useful it is.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Online typing jobs openings.

After a long lull, I came across an online typing job-the income opportunity that is most liked by Indians. I got access to the home typing job through an advertisement in Google.

I visited the site and noted quite few opportunities to work from home. Some of them are:
* Online Typist that pays $800 per month as a salary
* Partner project that pays $2.5 to $3.5 per page to type
* PDF to Ms Word conversion jobs that pay $3.5 per page

Under the "Daily new jobs" section, I noticed several openings for data entry workers, bloggers and content developers. Another interesting news for Indians is, forum posting jobs are also available.

I believe there may be some work proof readers too in future.

This is the website URL:

Please note that there is no information about the promoter of this web site and there is no contact address but for an email.
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Monday, April 4, 2011

MTrurk job requesters fleece freelancers.

Today morning something urged me to visit the MTurk web page. Amazon scolded me for not logging in. I complied.

Looked out for tasks that would pay me a minimum of $1. There were only two out of 129,000! The task was to rewrite a few sentences. Wow! That would be easy. I clicked the button to reveal the exact job.

First, there was a small sentence-rather a title to be rewritten. Next, there were three sentences to be rewritten. The task went on and showed me more several more such '3 sentences' to be rewritten.

Then, I figured it out. The job requester wanted a human article spinner for $1. He disguised his job title intelligently that propelled even me, a die-hard detector of spammy subject lines to click on the title.

MTurk promised with more positive changes through an email. Contrary to my expectation, it remains the same offering big, free platform for exploitation of freelancers. It is madness to work at such deplorable pay rates.

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