Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Earn $2 to find an error.

I don’t pay when my friends call me to point out the mistakes (spelling and grammar) in my blog posts. I have not appointed them as proof readers!

What an income opportunity!

But, hires proof readers but they don’t pay just to proof read. You earn $2 only when you spotted a mistake. What a way to earn online! No selling or recruiting. You get paid to spot mistakes!

No need to have a website or blog. No need to do any internet marketing. Above all, no investment on your part.

What happens when you have found out one more error?

Simple! You get one more $2.

I would say it is an innovative to get your sites proof read and as a proof reader, you also have a chance to pocket some extra jingling dollars.

On another view point, this is an excellent way to increase page views. In addition, a visitor who reads through your website has to stay longer to carefully go through each and every word in order to find mistakes.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Copy and paste work pays Rs.15000 monthly.

If you can do a simple copy and paste work online and are comfortable with MS Excel, then, you can earn Rs.15,000 per month for the next four months. If i you are interested, then, please send me an email which you can find it in my profile.

I am not giving my email directly here for various reasons and among them, one is to test whether you can find my email from this blog.

Pardon me to be so blunt. I know people can't do this simple task but still want to earn money online.

I am talking about an easy work given by a third party. Be ware! The third party is asking for some upfront money. So, if you are willing to part with Rs.2000 to the third party, then, you can email me and I send you the link.

The reason for not giving the direct link to third party site is, I am testing how many people are reading this blog post.

Very smart way of gauging the number of Indian visitors-eh?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Are there really data entry jobs online?

Online Data Entry Jobs
Are there such jobs online?

Yes, I would say there are some but not advertised where you are actually looking for. Wherever you come across ads that say, " Online Data entry jobs " or something similar to that, they usually ask you to pay some money initially.


Copy and paste work
On the other hand, you can get genuine data entry work in several freelancers' marketplace where some mediocre data entry work is outsourced. The pay is low of course but the job will be very easy. It might most probably involve in copy and paste work.

Freelancers Marketplaces:
I have written about such online freelance marketplaces in one of my blogs.
Here is the link: Marketplaces for freelancers

These sites are free to join. No one will ask you any money to get data entry work or blog commenting work.

Here is an example of advertising that says data entry workers wanted. Copy and paste work:

If you need any further information, please send an email to me.