Thursday, December 30, 2010

Make Money With Yahoo Answers!

Heard it before about Yahoo! Answers and milking it for money? However I am sure you have not really bothered to make a serious study on e-books and short reports on how to earn money from answering questions on Yahoo!

I tried Yahoo! Answers not to make money but to attract visitors to my web sites. It worked initially but the the trickle stopped only because, I did not utilize the potential fully.

Yahoo! Answers is to treated like a social network, not just a question and answer site. Many people are missing it out on Yahoo! Answers on this aspect. Yahoo! Answers is mainly driven by community participation; it is just like all other social media sites including Digg.

Oh, ok! Let me get to the point of making money through Yahoo! Answers. I have bought an e-book long back on earning money through Yahoo! Answers. I can sell it for just $3.

Do you want it?

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Assured protection from Autorun.inf

Here is an useful information about protecting your PC's hard drive and portable drives like USB stick and external hard discs from the most infected virus called autorun.inf

I am using an Indian Anti Virus called Net Protector. As soon as I have installed the completed PC security, I noticed a folder named Autorun.inf

I was immediately concerned. I called the support team of the Anti Virus vendor.

I was told that they only installed that folder which is actually empty and it is not the Autorun.inf virus itself. By installing this empty folder, they have protected my PC from Autorun.inf virus. I was not convinced.

Today, I read an answer by Leo ( a question asked by someone that convinced me about the Net Protector's support team reply.

I quote below the Leo conversation:
"Create a folder named autorun.inf on the root of the USB drive. Set its properties to hidden & system & read-only. This way any infected machine will not be able to create / replace any autorun.inf file on your USB stick thus offering good protection. This approach has always worked for me."

Makes sense-eh?

Thank you Leo.

Full read here:

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How to earn by social networking?

Twitter is a gold mine really for getting targeted visitors if used properly by which I mean, the wording of your tweets should be carefully chosen and the timing of your tweets.

I think the in-built re-tweet button in your Twitter page is rather under utilized. If done with genuine interest, you are most likely to get reciprocal tweets.

In addition, it is really no use to follow people if you don't read their tweets. Basically, you follow someone's twwets because it interested you-right?

Leave alone the casual browsers of the web. I am speaking to all the professional Internet marketers and webmasters and bloggers who are looking for just two things.
* Money

If you are, then, go to this website that is all bout social media traffic and cash.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Earn money with instant video sites.

This is a wonderful offer to make money online. In the past, I have come across hundreds of online income opportunities but this is the best and the easiest method of all.

You get 12 ready built niche video web sites with three income stream namely, Google AdSense, Amazon and Clickbank.

Each site comes with 100's of pages of auto-updating and highly relevant embedded video content in the following niches:

- Anti Aging
- Background Check
- Culinary Arts
- Diabetes
- Travel Europe
- Foreclosure Help
- Interior Design
- Job Search
- Lawyers
- Retirement
- Stock Trading
- Video Camera

The most effective method to deliver information online is through video clips. It is easy to earn money online with auto updating video sites that require no maintenance at all from you.

If you are looking for the best income opportunity online, this is it.
You can buy all of the 12 instant video web sites at

Monday, December 13, 2010

More job offers at webeserve.

Again this week, I noticed a flurry of micro jobs on web e serve. Most of the jobs are clerical tasks that involved blog commenting, Twitter related and social bookmarking tasks like Digging.

Earning small amounts of money online by doing odd micro jobs is order of the day. I know many people are making up to $10 per day by doing these simple clerical jobs online. Each task might take a maximum of one minute only depending on the various skills you possess.

I just earned $0.30 by completing a simple Digg job.

Today, I noted that web e serve has started offering big affiliate commissions too.

Find out by clicking on Web e serve button below.

Get Paid

Friday, December 10, 2010

Cash for your Tweets.

One would tend to believe that cash by tweeting is a lot hype. I too thought that way but my stand took an about turn when I first received an email notification that my tweet fetched me $17.

Cool! It was a casual tweet alright. I just kept persisting with the system without much belief. But, the God wanted me to believe by making me richer by $17.

Naturally motivated to generate more money, I studied the Twitter cash system with renewed vigor. I read a lot of forums and asked questions around.

I got encouraging signal that made me plunge into the Twitter cash program with a lot of enthusiasm. I learnt more en route. I experimented, changed words in the tweets, revised my tweeting time and all these experiments are yielding positive results.

You too can get instant cash payments just by tweeting!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gold for sale!

I saw this announcement in bold letters in the Sunday newspaper supplement. At first glance, I thought it is a sort of trap to buy gold coins that may not be of pure gold because; gold is not sold like that. We are all used to see ads that shout, ‘household items for sale’ or “bed for sale” only.

People buy gold coins from authentic outlets only like the U.S. Gold Bureau. I buy gold from a jeweler who has been serving our family for the past 30 years. We buy gold and precious stones from him once in a way.

Nevertheless, I contacted the advertiser and inquired what he was selling. He told me that he is leaving the country and wanted to dispose off a few gold ornaments that are ancestral properties plus the golden threads that he recovered from silk sarees.

That put me away. Nobody sells that openly.

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Get paid to social bookmark.

Hairy Woodpecker / Pic cheveluImage by Eric B├ęgin via Flickr

This beautiful woodpecker has nothing to do with what follows here. I placed this image just because it is beautiful to look at.

A very unusual income opportunity is being presented here. I suppose, DP forum members must be aware of this income opportunity:
Earn by social bookmarking
Earn by posting links in social media sites
Get paid to social bookmark
How to earn from social media sites?

It works like this:
You are paid to use your social bookmarking skill. Ok, let me make it very quick.
You will be paid to submit certain links (nothing controversial of course) in a few (about 20) popular social media sites. That's all.

Yes, just submit links in social media sites and earn small amounts ranging from $0.40 to $0.60 per a bunch of submissions.

It is easy money folks. Very easy money really.

Please email me for the joining link with "Woodpecker" in the subject line of the email.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Don't dye with jaded fingers.

Sorry to deviate totally from income opportunities. This blog post will be still useful and can save you money.

Jade is a stone, an ornamental one that is used to make dazzling pendants, ear studs and bracelets.

It is wise to note that these are extracted from rocks and the color it gets is due to presence of chemicals in the stone.

So, it is natural not to expose it to other chemicals that might react with the substance in the jade to lose its color and appearance.

So, never dye your hair with jade rings on your fingers; also take of the jade necklace while applying dye. Even household detergents are said to be harmful for the jades.

Thank you Times of India
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India is laying golden roads.

China closely followed by Russia is emulating the Indian economical advancement by encouraging their citizens to buy gold through television commercials. I came to know about this information at the website of United States Gold Bureau.

The U.S. Gold Bureau didn’t fail to mention that India is leading the pack. If you happen to watch the Indian television channels for only 15 minutes, you are likely too at least a couple of advertisements related to investing in gold coins and gold ornaments.

Even though America says it holds the largest gold reserve in its federal banks, India is actually holding more gold by way of golden ornaments in the homes of its residents.

If the tombs of ancient Egyptians housed pots and pots of gold, the safety vaults and jewel boxes of Americans and Indians are brimming with gold in the form of ornaments and gold bars.

The gold rush is really on.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Watching movie trailer pays money.

I am not kidding. I read here at you get paid to watch movie trailers inline (yep, you need not even go to a movie hall). This GPT scheme falls under paid surveys. The rate is definitely not bad buddy.

You get anywhere from $12 to $25 just to answer a few yes/no questions after watching the movie clip. I would not mind such a nice chunk of U.S. currency notes!

Want to find similar sites to enhance your online money? May be you can search for a nice directory of paid survey companies. It might cost you around $20 or so but it might as be a worthy expenditure. After all, you could earn back your money in just one survey!

Want to know another good paying survey site? Why not try

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Earn 5 dollars daily.

"5 dollars in 5 minutes"-that is how this web site is named. It is a paid survey site that awards his members cash to answer surveys, to give feedback after trying various products and services.

I always wondered how these market research companies ship products for free to people who have expressed willingness to try out to give opinion!

Generally, online income seekers are wary of paid survey sites because they might be asked to pay a joining fee. However, there is no worry here. You can join free.

If you refer friends and when they earn money by taking opinion polls, you earn a part of their income as referral bonus. There is a 5 tier referral income offered.

The web site promises an opportunity that is worth $5 each day . The minimum payout is $25 which is paid through Paypal.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ways to earn online.

You don't sail alone when you feel you can't develop your own digital product to sell online. I too felt the same way a few years ago. Now, it is a different story. I am selling 11 digital products. I am proud to say that I have become a real internet entrepreneur and helping others too to earn online.

Oh, I should say, I am marketing 11 digital products that include e-books, reports, tutorials and resources. Thus far, I have sold only a few resources and a few tutorials.

In the beginning, I too imagined that digital products meant only e-books. Slowly, i learnt that digital products include e-books, short reports, tutorials, links and resources etc.

There are easily saleable as people from all walks of life search for these things and it is really time consuming.

Here are some of my own products:
* Instant Paypal commission products
* SEO tutorial
* Keyword Analysis-a full report
* Easy AdSense web pages

These are all real internet businesses and offer true income opportunities.
Did I inspire you?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Where untapped patents for new business are available?

You might have probably noticed an innovating and unique gadget, a home kitchen utility or a self improvement product in a shopping mall or on an internet magazine and you immediately thought it is a that product that will become instant hit among the consumers.

Are you with me so far?

Fine, if you are a business minder person or an adventurer, you would have felt a pang! You would have thought, " How I wish I could lay my hands on the patent of this product!".

Every entrepreneur who likes to try something unique would wish to know where untapped patents are available legally.

Have you heard about the Mobile Heights Business Center? It is in Sweden where business and pleasure co-exist. In this partnership center (partnership between local industry, academia and the public sector), approved participants access to a bank of unexplored patents, business ideas and solutions.

Don't brush aside this idea as it is not in your class. Once you get peep, you might move into a different class. Give yourself a chance to become a big shot.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

The collectors’ choice of gold coin.

My eyes nearly popped out when a small headline obscured by other news attracted my attention. The headlines further lead me into the body of the news that said the coin collectors eagerly collect the Indian $2.5 gold coins.

The face value of this better-preserved gold coin is $2.5 but the market price is valued at $323 to $340.

Thus far I believed that the rarer the coins, the higher its price. This ancient preference is now changed. Coin collectors prefer uncirculated coins that glitter.

Of course, the coins date should be as old as it can be but they should hold all their shine and sheen.

The U.S. Gold bureau sells a large collection of rare and certified coins and the bureau is also the authorized dealer for the U.S. Mint. Naturally, you can buy authentic gold from them.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Car advertising India gets you free petrol.

A bunch of enterprising Indians are changing the colors of Indian national highways and roads by painting the cars with attractive advertisements.

Willing owners of cars can apply to get their cars painted with eye-catching advertisements and in return, they get free fuel or cash.

This is car advertising that is already catching on in Singapore.

Various parts of the car is chosen to carry the ad that include doors and wheels. Car owners mist sign for a minimum of 3 months ad campaign and the maximum duration is for 12 months.

Yeah yeah, I know you have several questions. Please visit to get them answered.
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Friday, October 29, 2010

Get paid for reporting news.

This is a revenue sharing program which may not pay much but there are some benefits apart from money. You get readers to your blog/website and you generally get noticed. Since the parent site will actively promote their program, you are assured of readership without any marketing effort from you.

Now go to Digital Journal.
As you see now, it is a social news sites where users like you and I submit news stories that interest us. Yes, it is like You can submit Video clips too. Journalists, freelance writers, bloggers contribute to Digital Journal.

You are also allowed to create your own niche group or join existing groups. You can vote for news items and others too do the same which also determines your score.

Most social websites where bloggers post but they are not paid. shares a portion of its advertising revenue with all its contributors through "moneypot." The more you contribute, the more you earn. Scores are determined based on how many articles you contribute and how high they rank.

So, this website is only for those who enjoy interacting with others and browsing through interesting news items.

I have joined Digital Journal mainly to read the news.

Friday, October 22, 2010

I don’t like silver.

Silver price enables anyone to buy silver coins and silverware not for safe storage but to gift it away. That is how I ended accumulating more than a fistful of silver coins. Silver coins don’t appeal to my aesthetic sense.

I am thinking of selling them to buy gold coins. Even if all of my silver coins fetch me just one beautiful American gold buffalo, I would cherish it as a treasure. In addition, the price of silver moves up very slowly. It does not give you the feeling of possessing wealth.

I had fallen in love with gold coins of different nations and American gold coins are the most beautiful to look at. Seeing the price of gold increasing every week, I regret I have already not sold my silver to buy gold.

What do you say? Is it not a wise thing to do in the current scenario?

Flurry of social bookmarking jobs.

Of late, I have seen a flurry of social bookmarking jobs in I am getting several email notifications daily from about new jobs posted on micro jobs section.

Digg, Mixx, Reddit, Twitter and Facebook related works are more not only in but also on all other crowd-sourcing platforms like microjobs and MTurk.

Ah, that reminds to write about the account suspension by MTurk. The latest victim is my friend who is a well-planned online worker. Amazon has mercilessly kicked her out stating she had violated the terms of Amazon.

She is clueless as to which term she has violated. It is obvious that Amazon is treating its workers as slaves. They are least bothered about the welfare of its trusted workers who are helping the giant Amazon to grow more.

I am investigating another website on micro jobs platform that is reportedly scamming people.

Can you answer my question? I will pay you.

Do you believe you can manage to answer questions that are related to your speciality or interest?

If you can answer questions, then please immediately register yourself at Just Answer.

You must undertake a qualification test to get approved as an expert.

If you need an answer for your question, there are experts waiting to answer you. But you have to pay.

How it works?
1. Ask a question.
Enter your question, and create a user account. You must activate the account by e-mail.

2. Name your price.
You can pay up front or wait until an expert answers. Prepaid questions are typically answered faster.

3. An expert answers, usually within hours.
Just Answer sends an e-mail notifying you when your question is answered or if an expert needs more information. Questions close after 24 hours of inactivity.

4. Accept the answer.
If you got great service, consider adding a bonus. Your acceptance pays the expert and tells us you’re happy.

The rate per question is decided by you as the person asking the question.

And if you want to be included in their panel of experts, you are paid between 25 to 75% of the set rate to answer questions.

Here is the link to become an expert: Expert's Corner.

The pay through Paypal once you reach $20. This is a genuine website approved by BBB.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Your first gold bar buying resource.

She kept landing on the web site of the Unites States Gold Bureau while searching for links to the best resources for buying a gold bar.

The ‘she’ is my sister who is about to invest in a gold bar for the first time. When I asked her what she was really looking for in a gold bar, she told me that she is looking for gold bars that have the American Eagles engraved on them.

She is under the impression that if gold coins have figures engraved on them, then the gold bars too will be similarly have pictures. While I laughed at her assumption, I thought ‘why not’?

Well, that is for the U.S. mint to think about.

I then briefed my sister about why she kept landing on the U.S. Gold Bureau’s website. It is the world’s largest seller of precious metals assisted by some of the finest brains of hard asset investment professionals.

I then encouraged my sister to place her trust on the gold bureau and buy her first gold bar.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

You might have heard from several IM veterans that developing your own products and selling them in the Internet is the ultimate and long standing online income opportunity for every Internet business person.

They are not wrong and they are no exaggerating. I have tasted success by grabbing free PLR products and milking them for money through AdSense revenue and affiliate income.

Look below for a fantastic and never before internet business opportunity which is totally free!

* Exclusive, Unique Software!

* 74 eBooks (PLR for you)

* 11,000 Articles free for you to put your name on them

* Mini sites

* WP themes

Plus, you get free audio articles and video courses.

All for free of cost! Yes, you read it right! Not a single cent you need to pay.

What is the catch?
Nothing boss. Absolutely noting!

Where do you get it all for free?

It is a life time access for you. Enjoy the free download and make money.
If I can do, you too can!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Grab some video cash.

Mark my words! Within the next three years, the cash through video system that is to be grabbed will have no boundaries.

Already, video marketing is increasing being used by all the Internet marketing gurus and they are actively encouraging newbies like me to join the video cash band wagon.

Video clips obviously attract higher traffic than text based blogs and ancient static websites.

I hear you loud and clear! "I don't know how to created videos". No sweat boss!
It is not hard at all-at least not after you read the web page-Video Cash System

It says if you can type and if you can download a couple of free software, then, you have landed into the world making video clips.

The set video tutorials will show you how to make a video out of any free PLR product. You will easily create video clips that are ready to upload into Youtube or any other video sharing website.

Hey, this is almost fail-proof boss!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

How to really make money on the Internet as an affiliate of

Like many Internet entrepreneurs, I too thought making money through Amazon's affiliate program is just pure hype. Sure, I am earning a few bucks a month as an affiliate marketer and Amazon fetches more than other affiliate programs, but I won't call it as substantial income opportunity-until, I read a lovely article in titled, "How to Really Make Money on the Internet With an Affiliate Site".

A total beginner to the world of online business would turn his attention away from the article but even slightly experienced person would appreciate the way the article is written and would most probably start taking action.

If you are serious about making money online by working from using using your computer and Internet connection, I would urge to visit the following web address and then you will know how it can be easy to earn money online as an affiliate of Amazon.

Visit this web address.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Utvee offers moteziation through contextual ecommerce.

Ever wished you could sell all those stylish and innovative products that are sold through television ads?

*A new stylish and fuel efficient car
* A super quick weight loss product
* New and permanent hair color
* Cheap HDTV
* Nike shoes
* Ultra hi-tech iPhone

You too can sell any of them through affiliate marketing.

How it works?
Have you heard of Utvee? If not, you are hearing it now.
Utvee enables publishers and advertisers to sell products seen on TV shows and films.

I see a tremendous potentiality in this sort of affiliate marketing because even ordinary citizens will have access to products and services that they see on television and movies.

What does this all mean?
We are all witnessing the budding of new flower called "Contextual e_Commerce."


Friday, October 1, 2010

Practical solution for victims of Accutane.

“If you say that you do not want to entangle yourself in an Accutane lawsuit like your sister, them live with your miseries; only don’t go on complaining that you are a victim of Accutane”, I firmly told my colleague.

I wonder why some people refuse to reason out to practical solutions! I agree liability claims are not pleasant to go through but you have to endure them if you feel that you need justice-right?

Two days after I had conversation with my colleague, he came back to me asking for more guidance to seek legal assistance. I was ready with my answer. I told him briefly about O’Hanlon, McCollum & Demerath- a team of personal injury attorneys who are specialists in handling Accutane lawsuit.

I also advised him to be fully prepared with his case details before meeting them.

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Job board for Indians.

In the recent past, I have not stumbled on to a blog that is so complete in all the aspects like content and design. is an exception. The blogger Nitin has dome painstaking research to compile information of various recruitment across India under myriad categories.

I have read abut banking jobs, police jobs, industrial jobs and educational job postings.

The blogger publishes results of various entrance examinations and competitive exams and university exams.

Nitin has a keen interest in his blog and he regularly maintains his blog by updating content, promoting through links to other blogs and directories. boasts of an excellent Alexa rank too.

I wish India job seekers bookmark his site.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dedicated manual directory submission service.

Answering my question, I received an email from a stranger. Though the email did not inform me about where can I get power point templates, it directed me to, a professional directory submission service provider that also offers power point submission. Does this mean it also builds a power point presentation apart from submitting it to PPT distribution sites?

Thus far, I had not known about sites that distributes power point presentations. It is something I must research to get the details.

Directory submission is my strength as I too operate two web directories. When I look at the directory submissions to my web directory, I know clearly that 90% of the SEO professionals and individual directory submitters have absolutely no idea about how to submit a website to a web directory.

Submission to irrelevant categories is the order of the day. The description is stuffed with mere keywords and they have no idea what is reciprocal linking. seems to be a complete SEO service provider that provides service covering every aspect of search engine optimization that includes:

Manual directory submission

Article Submission

Press Release writing and submission

Signature Marketing

RSS Feed Syndication

And more…

Coming back to the PPT distribution service, I must find out more about it from

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Highest paying adsense keywords.


You will thank me and also the blogger because, you will very high paying keywords that attract as much as $105 per click. "Mesothelioma claims" is bid for $104.83 per click.

The kewords are neatly arranged as per topics accompanied by cost per click for every keyword. Finance, insurance and legal related topics demand good cost per click among advertisers.

You can write blog post focusing on the keyword of your choice keeping the maximum keyword density around 5%.

Remember, you must promote the permalink of your blog post in all the major social bookmarking sites and social networking sites highlighting the exact keywords.

After a gap of a week, do the promotion again in forums and through blog comments.
You may bag rewarding cash.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Web design templates for power point presentation.

For a change, instead of promoting others' products and services, I decided to create my own products and market them in the Internet. First, I want to present my various products through power point presentation.

I emailed a friend of mine who is a web design template professional and asked him if he can design me an eye-catching power point template. He said he had no idea what I am taking about! I was dumbfounded.

I could not believe a professional of web design templates who boasts of enviable client line has no idea about a PP template.

That left me to scour the web. First, I thought of searching a freelancer’s marketplace. I remembered, marketplace for web page designers, banners and logo designers and various other digital products that include e-books and software.

Of course, the Internet is flooded with free power point templates but they are not my class. I am looking for something extraordinary.

At a casual search, I could not find anything in though there are more than 4500 templates in their database catering to just about every industry like business, fashion, recipes, books and pets.

Strangely, the website did not display any results when I clicked on ‘next’ page. There are 286 pages of products and each page displays 16 templates.

Do you know anyone who can design me a power point template?

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Form filling work available.

I am bowing to demands of requests. Several emails numbering more than 110 requested me to find out the availability of form filling jobs in India.

In spite of earlier blog posts on form filling work (they are still visited), people in India are fervently searching for this online form filling jobs.

Here are my earlier posts on online form filling work:
Filling up PPC forms is lucrative. Friday, December 14, 2007

Mevin Life offers online form filling job. Monday, December 01, 2008

PPC form filling work-facts revealed. Saturday, May 30, 2009

There are no 'online form filling jobs'. Monday, December 21, 2009

Still looking for online form filling work? Saturday, May 29, 2010

Remember, I am not in favor of it and I would never recommend to anyone. There may be genuine work; therefore, do your own due diligence when you visit I came across this website in

Visitors will find several online job offers that include form filling work, CAPTCHA entry jobs and data entry jobs.

The site asks for a joining fee!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Readymade Internet business..

Do you know this website

As the domain extension (.in) suggests, it is an Indian website that promises you to get your Google AdSense approved in 48 hours for a fee.

If you can afford Rs.1999 (why not add just one more rupee to make it Rs.2000?), you get a free website with a free domain with built in Google ads. There are samples of free websites in

Unfortunately, when I clicked on the image of "hosting Review' model site, I saw warning message and I quickly got out. I wonder if the webmaster of is aware of this bug.

I am not affiliate of this site, nor I am promoting it. I am reviewing it; that is all. Use your own due diligence before you order your website for your internet business.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Another Fiverr clone provides internet business platform.

Since hit the Internet a few months ago, I predicted more such online marketplaces for freelancers. My prediction turned out to be 100%. Now, there are as many as 6 fiverr clones.

The latest to join the bandwagon is "Just a Five". Here, you can announce what you can do for $5, 10 and 20. A free advertising platform is always a popular hangout for freelancers and job providers.

Just a five offers you to pay 5% of any transaction that your referrals do. They can be sellers or buyers. Isn't it a neat income opportunity to earn a few extra bucks?

Please don't underestimate the potentiality of these freelance marketplaces. If Fiverr's success is any indication, there will be scramble to join just a five. Some freelancers are making more than a college principal in online marketplaces.

Click the image below to join Just a five for free, generate your referral link and start promoting.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

College degrees for army men.

Being an educationist, I first identified a potential self-employment opportunity to part time teachers and retired corporate executives.

Those who have entered the army quite early would not have completed a formal degree, be it a basic bachelors degree or any other vocational diploma. Such persons, immediately after being decommissioned from the national duty would have to enroll in a college to quip themselves with a degree.

They generally find it hard to cope up with the curriculum and hence need a private tuition. I suggested this idea to my sister who then was exploring various research degrees that she wanted to pursue. She already possessed two master degrees, one in education and one in psychology.

Without second thought, she set up a private tuition center, enrolled a couple of faculties and soon was on her way to a full time educationist.

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New work from home website.

A lot of promotion is going on for the Internet's best ever work at home website. If you are not aware of it yet, no problem, it is never too late.

Basically, it is a membership site where you are required to pay some amount every month. In return, you receive training to certain tasks online and get money for doing simple online jobs.

I am an affiliate of this work from home site and I earn a part of every sale I make. This means, you too can do the same if you have list of online income opportunity seekers.

It can be a decent income every month because you earn 50% of the membership fee paid by your referrals each and every month!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

India speaks is a survey company.

How many times people asked me whether survey companies really pay or do I know of any Indian online survey company?

I always maintained my stand:
* Indians won't earn much doing paid surveys
* It is a sheer waste of time to search for income opportunity through answering survey questions.

But the quest continues.

Here is one India survey company called India Speaks. It rewards you in the following ways:
*Weekly sweepstakes that provide you a chance to win an iPod
* Rewards for referrals
* Gift vouchers to redeem your reward points.

How do you earn reward points?
* By joining for free
* By referring your friends
* By answering surveys

Each reward point is equal to Rs.1.00
Surveys are worth up to 2000 reward points.

Interested dear?
Go to

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hold your gold until November.

An American Gold Eagle.Bullion investing is now internationally infectious says a bullion-watching columnist. I don’t think there will be any disagreement on his observation. The feverish spurt in the price of gold in the last 5 days truly indicates people’s preference for gold investment over uncertain stock and currency market.

My own relentless campaign for gold has converted some of my die-hard share market traders into commodity traders. Some of them have promised to bestow an American eagle gold coin upon me as a token of gratitude.

I am happy to direct most of my friends to U.S. Gold Bureau from whom they have purchased their gold coins and requested the gold bureau to store their gold instead of taking possession.

I have strongly advised them not to sell their bullion until it peaks in November. If my instincts and predictions prove to be correct, they can book substantial profits.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Video cash system.

Get More Free Traffic And Sales...

Take my words seriously folks. “If you haven't yet forayed into video marketing, you will lag behind other internet marketers by a few years.

Video marketing gets you loads of free and targeted traffic thus creating an opportunity for better sales conversion.

Oh yes, I hear you loud and clear: "I don't know how to create videos." Even I did not know and believed it is beyond my skills until I stumbled upon Video Cash System.

So, if I can learn, certainly you too can!

What is Video Cash System?

It will show you how to take your own product or others’ (private label rights )articles and turn them into a "ready to upload" video.

And when you upload any video on YouTube, you will get more traffic and, of course, that equals more income.

You can learn how to set up a free, cash-sucking video in just minutes, and how you can turn that one video into a flood of targeted website visitors with a potential long-term income.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Good offline income opportunity.

In my opinion, this can be one of the lucrative offline income opportunities.

Self cleaning toilets:
All most every household, hotels and hospitals are dirty or they turn dirty within 24 hours after cleaning due to bad water.

Bioclean should be placed inside the water closet and every time, you flush the toilet, it cleans it nicely.It releases a cleaning chemical automatically when the closet knob is turned.

It also breaks down the toilet paper leaving no room for clogging the drain.

The Bioclean works for more than 31,000 flushes. WoW! That is cost effective really!

No more stained and bad smelling toilets.

Selling Bioclean can be easy because of its self selling power. The website has posted demo pictures that explain how to place the Bioclean.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Beckoning bullion.

I am frank! I admire most of the modern Chinese coins. Being in the bullion business for long, I make it a point to keep myself updated with beautiful precious metals coins and that include copper coins-my all time favorite metal.

Irrespective of the countries of origin, a serious coin collector should be unbiased in his admiration of gold and silver coins.

I have gathered very rare and useful data about modern U.S. and Canadian coins and pre-1900 gold and silver coins issued by the U.S. Government through subscribing to the U.S. Gold Bureau’s free newsletter.

BTW, the U.S. Gold Bureau is comprising of the best of bullion market veterans and sells most authentic and pure gold and silver coins apart from rare certified coins.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The best internet business ideas.

Not a single day will pass without someone calling me to inquire what is the best Internet business in my opinion.

It is amusing to note that my own answers led to me broaden my vista of online money making opportunities. When I answer the calls, some rejections of my suggestions will make me involuntarily suggest a business idea that I am yet to tap.

Whatever may be my suggestions, I always end up saying that Internet offers big money to those who want big money. This is an irrefutable fact.

Here are my favorite online jobs:
* Affiliate marketing of self development products
* Article writing on women's health
* PPC marketing of teenagers beauty products
* Contextual advertising
* Ghost writing
* Internet marketing
* Search engine optimization service

There are more ways to earn online without doubt but these are my cups of coffee ( I don't like tea).

Now, I am onto training people on earning money online by doing simple clerical jobs that include social bookmarking, directory submission and RSS feed submissions.

Any more online business ideas?

A revival of email marketing?

Did you notice a sudden spurt in advertising list building businesses of late? I have been receiving several emails a day from blogs and websites I have subscribed to, advertising about list building sites, squeeze pages and even wordpress plug ins.

In addition, a few of my old email list brokers were able to trace me after several years offering discounted income opportunity seekers double opt in lists.

These brought back memories of my email marketing experience in 2001 and 2002. I had joined various safelists, bought cheap email lists and used a bulk mailing software to its optimum.

I have written several articles on why a serious internet marketer should try email marketing and how important it is to build one's own opt in email lists.

Lead capturing business is a real internet business that can pay handsome rewards provided one compiles a list with genuine opportunity seekers.

Since turning as a pro-blogger, in 2005, I have exited from email marketing completely.

I foresee another bout of email marketing mania in the Internet. Oh yes, history repeats boss.

Image courtesy: Google Knol

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Do you want this silver coin free?

It is difficult!

I mean it is difficult to say no.

Seasoned gold bullion investors are prone to get free silvers coins often as a bonus for loyalty.

It is all right if you have never bought bullion from the U.S. Gold Bureau, the only place where most of the Americans have place their trust for their precious metal purchases for long.

Now, they are offering this silver coin free and you only have to pay for shipping and handling. Don’t underestimate the value of it; it is worth $23.95 as of today.

Why it is given free?

Check it out now as this offer might be pulled off soon. Even visiting can give you useful insights on investing in precious metals as it is home to a large and dedicated staff of hard asset professionals.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Get paid to link.

I am happy to tell you how to make money from your websites and blogs irrespective of their page rank awarded by Google.

It does not matter if you have set up your blogs with 'no follow' attribute. You can still sell links from a 'no follow' blog and make handsome money every month.

Long back, I have blogged about in this blog. Never mind looking back; just read further.

Link Showoff is essentially a marketplace for advertisers who are looking to place text links and bloggers who are looking to earn extra money by selling link ad place in their blogs. Mind you, money earned this way is easy and quick without doing any work.

Many blogger are afraid of losing their Google PR if they sell links through their blogs. With LinkShowOff, you will not lose page rank from Google because all of the links sold via this network will be 'no follow.'

Since most of the blogging platforms are allowed to apply, even blogs on free platforms can fetch decent money.

They also have a referral program. You ca earn $3 for every publisher that joins using your referral link.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Earn money sitting chickens.

This is the first offline business opportunity that I writing about. I think it is a good idea for those living in countryside to offer their chicken sitting services.

After where do people leave their chickens when they go on a holiday? Don't you think this novel service will be sought after by chicken farmers?

Chicken sitters need not house the chickens in their home. They only need to visit the chickens twice a day to feed and allow them out for an hour or so before herding them back in their enclosures.

Additionally, you can offer wing clipping and other related tending.

This concept fetches $15 per visit to Just Us Hens-a professional chicken sitting service started in Portland.

This chicken sitting service is spotted by CNN Money.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Find profitable niche here.

You can't blame me nor can you blame anyone if Yahoo! has already given way to Google as the most used default search engine. I am not here to analyze the causes for the dominance of Google but to tell about Yahoo! buzz which offers a wonderful platform to find profitable niches.

Yahoo! buzz is similar to Google Hot Trends. Sometimes, I find some information that is is not found in Google Hot Trends.

Yahoo! Buzz is a place where you can read the best stories that are currently being viewed by millions of people from all parts of the world.

Naturally, you find more stories on Obama and Taliban which are definitely not my cup of tea. I find more political news in Yahoo! buzz that will be creamy meat for people who know how to milk money from such stories.

However, I am sticking to Google Hot Trends and I won't swap my loyalty.
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Selling gold should be made easy.

How do you identify a trusted bullion dealer? A golden question really.

Buying gold is rather easy than selling gold. There are trusted dealers of precious metals like the United States Gold Bureau., America’s largest seller of gold, silver and platinum coins. From whom, you can buy gold with confidence.

However, where do you find trusted buyers of gold that you want to sell? How do you find them?

Can you approach the Professional Numismatics Guild (PMG) and seek their assistance in locating buyers of gold coins and ornaments?

I wonder buy why banks don’t come forward to buy gold jewels and coins from common man! This would be a great help for all and banks too can charge a small fee for assessing the purity and weight of gold and converting it to paper currency.

Alternatively, the PMG can issue certificates to dealers of precious metals and publish their certified dealers in their website.

I hope someone appreciates me for my constructive suggestions.

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Overnight cash. Find out how!

Every one has struggled to make money online at one stage or other. The first year is always painful as this is the time we experiment with so many online money-earning opportunities only to lose money and precious time.

But at the end of 12 months, we would have gained valuable knowledge.

The next years starts with the routines like finding a profitable niche and figuring out all the low competition etc. Then, we would have bought some high paying keywords, launched a blog, slapped a few keyword rich articles, and waited for the money to pour in.

But, did it?


What if there was a way for you to earn money within 24 hours?

Here is a no hype program to earn money online without getting too technical.

The Overnight Cash Pump program shows you exactly how you can generate cash rapidly - overnight!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Who pays and who scams?

Ever since I quit the HYIP field, I never had another temptation to enter it. But, I have not unsubscribed from any of the newsletters that carry with them much information about the HYIP players.

Gold Poll’s newsletter is the most respected one by the players of HYIP and monitors of HYIP sites.

Gold Poll’s latest newsletter was a store house of important information as usual. It carried news about which HYIP sites have been paying regularly, what is their offer, how they generate profits to pay to their investors and so on.

The newsletter also exposes the websites that have stopped paying. Viso Trade is one such site that is found to be a defaulter recently. From the observations published in Gold Poll newsletter, it is clear that Viso Trade has other intentions.

I feel sad that scammers continue to roam around the Internet.

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Don’t buy small gold bars.

When you want to buy gold bars, always buy in larger denominations. There is no point in buying one gram gold bar (yes, it is available) as you would be paying more considering the cost of certification and packing.

Once, very long time ago, only 400-ounce gold bars were minted thinking that only wealthy people can afford to buy gold. It was true in those days.

Now, even a common man is aware of the value of gold as an asset and mints across the gold have started producing gold bars in very small denominations like 5 and 10 grams to enable everyone to invest in bullion.

Before you buy gold, first learn when to buy gold from leading online authorities on precious metals. I would suggest you bookmark the, home to a large and dedicated staff of hard asset professionals and America’s best dealer.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

$100 a day. Video tutorial.

Your Action Plan To $100 A Day!

It is up to you to think and judge whether it is a scam or real. New comes to the Internet Business will simply walk away rejecting it. They generally don't read anything carefully. I too was like that when I started in 1998.

People want to earn $100 per day. Who doesn't? However, the moment they a title that says $100 a day, they close it.

If you want a proven system to earn $100 a day, then you need this:

This is a 9 part video tutorial mate. It is easy to follow by anyone.

The video quality is good and the price is dirt cheap at less than $7.This is a dime sale and the price will keep increasing slowly, in small amounts.

Monday, August 2, 2010

A place to earn money online.

Sell your digital products online without advertising! Isn’t that a wonderful idea?

Normally, to sell anything online, we have to do extensive advertising-free or paid.

This online marketplace takes care of the advertising part on behalf of you and for that, they take 40% of your selling price. Yes, that is a big chunk we have to part with if we can’t advertise our product.

You can sell your ebooks, software, articles and banners. Bloggers and webmasters too stand to gain from as they get ready to use digital products.

You can sell your product to several customers and also to only one customer giving him full rights to the product.

There is also an affiliate program where as an affiliate, you are paid 20% of the sale proceeds.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Looking for paid to click programs?

I know people who are passionate about earning online only through PTC that includes get paid to view ads (those timer based) and to read emails.

But this person Renna M Queen, a New York based woman is is simply amazing. Her blog (link below) is full of banners and links of PTC sites.

I am many Indians who read this blog regularly are going to surprise Reanna by joining under her in various GPT programs.

She writes plenty of blog posts on hundreds of income opportunity programs like get paid to survey, get paid to click and affiliate marketing.

She is a good communicator which is evident from her answers to all the comments. She always shows her earnings frankly.

Reanna's Blog:
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Twitter related turnkey cash pulling site.

How about launching your own Twitter related, cash pulling simple website that requires no maintenance on your part once you set up?

Yes, it is a 'set-it-forget-it' type of turnkey website that is keep you glued to your daily AdSense earnings and affiliate earnings.

If you are good at Internet Marketing and enjoys the challenge, then it is for you. Else, please read other posts on this blog.

TwitSellersDream is an integrated marketing system that has the following features:

* lead capture,

* split-testing,

* payment processing,

* affiliate payment,

* secure downloads,

* one-time offers,

It installs easily and you can put it on as many sites as you want!

Check it out now:

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Google likes WetPaint.

So you think you are good at social media marketing by using Squidoo, Twitter, and Hub Pages. Well, I don't dispute your claim. You may be even using Yahoo! Answers to get a rush of traffic and also get placed higher in Search Engine rankings.

But, are you using WetPaint? Do you know that Google rates WetPaint along with Squidoo and HubPages?

I know that not many marketers have discovered "WetPaint" yet! In fact, I too just discovered its importance in Internet Marketing and link popularity.

So, what is WetPaint?
WetPaint is a social site. You can build a keyword-rich web page, place all your text links to your websites and blogs similar to Blogspot blogs and Squidoo lenses.

Here is a sample WetPaint site: as a Page Rank 7 and its Alex rank is 2185.

With stats like that, imagine how powerful WetPaint can be for your marketing!

Here is the one and only ebook on getting more traffic with WetPaint: Click on the image below.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

What is your forecast on silver?

Probably, gold coins are the only item that you can buy without seeing them. That in addition, if you buy gold coins from an acclaimed seller U.S. Gold Bureau, you are rest assured that you have bought the purest gold.

It is my passionate desire to buy at least one gold bar in my lifetime but thus far, it is not to be. All I could buy was just two American eagle gold coins. However, their value has increased considerably since I bought them three years ago.

A month ago, acting on the tips given by the U.S. Gold Bureau, I purchased six silver coins from them. Unlike gold, the silver price had not increased much. Nevertheless, there is no point selling them now. I know that silver too will see its heydays.

When the U.S. Government is buying silver, why I cannot place my faith on it? By the way, do you know that stockpiles of silver are shrinking and that is why the U.S. Government is accumulating its silver inventory?