Sunday, November 28, 2010

Watching movie trailer pays money.

I am not kidding. I read here at you get paid to watch movie trailers inline (yep, you need not even go to a movie hall). This GPT scheme falls under paid surveys. The rate is definitely not bad buddy.

You get anywhere from $12 to $25 just to answer a few yes/no questions after watching the movie clip. I would not mind such a nice chunk of U.S. currency notes!

Want to find similar sites to enhance your online money? May be you can search for a nice directory of paid survey companies. It might cost you around $20 or so but it might as be a worthy expenditure. After all, you could earn back your money in just one survey!

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Earn 5 dollars daily.

"5 dollars in 5 minutes"-that is how this web site is named. It is a paid survey site that awards his members cash to answer surveys, to give feedback after trying various products and services.

I always wondered how these market research companies ship products for free to people who have expressed willingness to try out to give opinion!

Generally, online income seekers are wary of paid survey sites because they might be asked to pay a joining fee. However, there is no worry here. You can join free.

If you refer friends and when they earn money by taking opinion polls, you earn a part of their income as referral bonus. There is a 5 tier referral income offered.

The web site promises an opportunity that is worth $5 each day . The minimum payout is $25 which is paid through Paypal.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ways to earn online.

You don't sail alone when you feel you can't develop your own digital product to sell online. I too felt the same way a few years ago. Now, it is a different story. I am selling 11 digital products. I am proud to say that I have become a real internet entrepreneur and helping others too to earn online.

Oh, I should say, I am marketing 11 digital products that include e-books, reports, tutorials and resources. Thus far, I have sold only a few resources and a few tutorials.

In the beginning, I too imagined that digital products meant only e-books. Slowly, i learnt that digital products include e-books, short reports, tutorials, links and resources etc.

There are easily saleable as people from all walks of life search for these things and it is really time consuming.

Here are some of my own products:
* Instant Paypal commission products
* SEO tutorial
* Keyword Analysis-a full report
* Easy AdSense web pages

These are all real internet businesses and offer true income opportunities.
Did I inspire you?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Where untapped patents for new business are available?

You might have probably noticed an innovating and unique gadget, a home kitchen utility or a self improvement product in a shopping mall or on an internet magazine and you immediately thought it is a that product that will become instant hit among the consumers.

Are you with me so far?

Fine, if you are a business minder person or an adventurer, you would have felt a pang! You would have thought, " How I wish I could lay my hands on the patent of this product!".

Every entrepreneur who likes to try something unique would wish to know where untapped patents are available legally.

Have you heard about the Mobile Heights Business Center? It is in Sweden where business and pleasure co-exist. In this partnership center (partnership between local industry, academia and the public sector), approved participants access to a bank of unexplored patents, business ideas and solutions.

Don't brush aside this idea as it is not in your class. Once you get peep, you might move into a different class. Give yourself a chance to become a big shot.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

The collectors’ choice of gold coin.

My eyes nearly popped out when a small headline obscured by other news attracted my attention. The headlines further lead me into the body of the news that said the coin collectors eagerly collect the Indian $2.5 gold coins.

The face value of this better-preserved gold coin is $2.5 but the market price is valued at $323 to $340.

Thus far I believed that the rarer the coins, the higher its price. This ancient preference is now changed. Coin collectors prefer uncirculated coins that glitter.

Of course, the coins date should be as old as it can be but they should hold all their shine and sheen.

The U.S. Gold bureau sells a large collection of rare and certified coins and the bureau is also the authorized dealer for the U.S. Mint. Naturally, you can buy authentic gold from them.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Car advertising India gets you free petrol.

A bunch of enterprising Indians are changing the colors of Indian national highways and roads by painting the cars with attractive advertisements.

Willing owners of cars can apply to get their cars painted with eye-catching advertisements and in return, they get free fuel or cash.

This is car advertising that is already catching on in Singapore.

Various parts of the car is chosen to carry the ad that include doors and wheels. Car owners mist sign for a minimum of 3 months ad campaign and the maximum duration is for 12 months.

Yeah yeah, I know you have several questions. Please visit to get them answered.
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