Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sites to sell your stock photos.

Let me admit it; I don't know the meaning of 'stock photo'. But that need not deter me to be of some use to you. Those who know what are stock photos and those who have them can be benefited by this blog post.

There are sites where you can sell your photos and I am sure yo are familiar with big names like Fotolia and Shutter Stock.

But there are more such sites dear, that you can use them as fine marketplaces to sell your photos. Sure, the rate will vary from site to site. There is no harm in tapping different markets-eh?

Here are those places to sell your stock photos:

Happy selling!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Get Paid to Tweet.

Yes, it involves some work from Tweeters who look forward to get paid to Tweet but it is not really sweat and slog job. After all, it is still a Tweeting work.

Earning money by Tweeting is totally based on these factors:
• The number of your followers
• Your frequency of Tweeting
• Your area of expertise

These three factors can be easily gauged by those who pay you to Tweet. All they need to do is enter your Twitter name in and get a nice and neat analysis.

I just analyzed my Twitter profile and found myself at the last rung in the world of online marketing.

Try to first analyze your Twitter account and you will know how to take your Twitter account along the top of the graph.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You can earn money by taking surveys online.

How do you think mew products are launched? The manufacturers engage the services of professional market survey agencies who in turn contact you and I and ask us to fill up a questionnaire.

This is then fed into a computer and a thorough analysis is generated. Based on the analytical report, product manufacturers decide on the packing, price, ingredients etc.

The market survey agencies pay you to answer the survey form. There are several top survey agencies online. You need to look for genuine companies and register yourself for free to receive surveys that are sent to you based on your profile.

Though the money is good, don't expect to make a living out of earning to participate in surveys. You can find these market survey companies on your own using the filters offered by Gmail or you can ask me to send you a list of good online survey agencies.

I have compiled a list of 'get paid to survey' sites and I will sell it to you for just $2. Though this information is available in the Internet free of cost, I am saving you time and for that I charge you a small amount.

Email me if you want a list of survey companies that pay to answer a few questions.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Want to earn about $2 per click?

I have a list of a special keyword. If you could create a blog on that list and write articles weaving those keywords, you can earn approximately $2 per click. Oh yes, I mean Google AdSense.

Sure, you can search for high-paying keywords on your own, spend hours together and leave your desktop frustrated because, you will see hundreds of high-paying and high-promising keywords list.

I can save you time. You don't have use any keyword finding tool. I have it ready. The subject is easy to write provided you know articles writing.

Earning money through keyword rich article writing is one the most effective ways to earn through Google AdSesne. Thousands of freelance writers are making big money everyday.

You too can.

Want that list? I will give it to you for just $5. It has approximately 1000 related keywords on a single topic.

Email me if you want it! It is available for only 25 people. Then, I will simply delete the list from my PC.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

The difference between beauty and charm.

The difference is not faint but distinct and it is expressed nicely by John Erskine: “A beautiful woman is one I notice. A charming woman is one who notices me.

I wonder whether a professional beautician trained by the Cosmetology school in Missouri will agree with John Erskine. After all, beauticians’ job is to transform even a charming woman beautiful.

Regency Beauty Institute operates 30 highly professional beauty schools in nine states in the U.S. The training involves mostly on practical experience on several aspects of beautification, customer relation and etiquettes.

The students of Regency Beauty Institute get placed in high profile jobs in sophisticated beauty parlors, cruise ships and star hotels.

Admissions in Regency Beauty Institute are in full swing now. For more information, visit

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Money through Google Knol.

Google Knol is from the house of Google. It is basically a platform-free of course- to publish your articles on a wide range of topics but Google Knol is not an article directory in the usual sense.

Google Knol's publishing policy is rather elaborate. Users should read the terms and conditions before suing the Knol.

If you are an expert in any field, you can write an interesting article, add images and monetize your knol page with Google Adsense.

Unlike the article directories like Hub Pages and Ezine Articles, the Google Knol is interactive with features like:
* Also wrote
* Comments
* Reviews
* Related Knols

Knols can be created in the following categories:

More Features:
Articles can be business oriented and can contain links to others sites.
You can include your sites' links in your author resource box.
You can leave your content open for editing by readers.

No Google AdSense?
I believe you can apply for AdSesne showing your Knol.
Your knol is an excellent showcase of your writing skill. You can sue it as your precious portfolio and show it to prospective freelance writers' recruiters.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Qualify to become an applied journalist.

“Mala, do you know anything about attending an interview for a course admission? I could use some guidance”-called one of my ex-students.

I replied that the guidance depends on the nature of course she was interested. She told me that she has applied for PG Diploma in Applied Journalism and Media Communication.

Ah, my subject and I can do offer wonderful tips while attending the interview. I asked my student which journalism school she was applying to and she said it is the 9.9 School Of convergence.

Yes, I know all about them. Their Applied Journalism course is exhaustive and they churn out real live wires every year.

9.9 School Of convergence boasts of infrastructure that is equivalent to international standards and they in fact bring in faculty from leading world media.

I told my student that she should specialize in TV news reporting as the demand for high quality journalists in this industry is ever increasing. The remuneration for TV journalists can change the mind of my son who is a software developer.

The curriculum of PG Diploma in Applied Journalism and Media Communication is thoughtfully designed and it includes web writing and photojournalism.

I advised my student to take the course content and it’s on field assignments very seriously. This career is very satisfactory to those who are passionate about and I know personally many journalists that have reached celebrity status in their own field.

I am glad that the 9.9 School Of convergence has thrown up the admissions early this year.

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Become a business idea spotter and earn money.

If you think you have spotted a fantastic and viable business idea from reading the various posts in this very blog, then, you can encash your ability to spot business ideas.

There are thousands of Spring Spotters all over the world. They are reporting whenever they think of a brilliant business idea and thereby helping entrepreneurs to convert the business ideas into reality.

Look at this business idea: Inflatable Car Booster Seat.

I have read some extremely great business ideas that speak about innovative products. Join this network of world spotters and earn money.
Go to
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

India faces stiff competition from China.

Google and Yahoo are not the sole reason for China to be in the news these days. The king gold is also another good reason for China to be featured in elite bullion Market investment circles.

Look, you need not take my words. I am sure you trust the U.S. Gold Bureau. Please take time to read their latest web release in which they made a mention about increase in gold consumption in China, which is speculated to be doubled in the next years. The U.S. Gold Bureau is screaming at us to buy gold coins.

In addition, we all can easily predict the price of gold if that happens because of the Chinese population. Well, Indians who are the largest consumers of gold at present will not take the competition lightly from their neighbor China and may fiercely compete to hold their number one status.

In the next 10 years, what will be the price of gold? I will leave the gold price speculation to you.

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