Sunday, March 22, 2009

Read AdSense success stories.

Every AdSense publisher gets their first cheque from Google, several months after they first installed AdSense. But after that, they narrow the interval between each cheque. I got my first AdSense payment after 9 months only.

Every AdSense publisher keeps learning to increase their AdSense revenue. If someone is not learning new optimization techniques, then, their growth is static. AdSense publishers should derive inspiration and motivation by reading success stories of other AdSense publishers.

Here is an official resource from Google for AdSense publishers where there is a mountain of information and resources to learn and practice various tips to increase AdSense revenue.

Visit Google AdSense Success Stories.
Read tried and tested tips and case studies of current AdSense publishers who have volunteered to share their ideas and experience.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

How to choose the affiliate program to make money?

Probably the least favored but the most productive income opportunity in the internet is definitely affiliate marketing.

Advantages of earning through affiliate marketing:
No start up cost
No inventory
No face to face to meeting with the buyers
No after sales service

How to choose the best paying affiliate program:
Do a little research about what people are looking for.
What is the minimum payout?
When the commssion is paid?
What is the conversion ratio?
Are there two tier referral incentives?
Look for affiliate merchants that give lot of promotional tools like sales letters, text and banners ads etc.
What is the rate of commission?

I am sure you can decide easily when you look through the answers you get for all the above questions. It is all common sense.

If you say, "Look, I don't have time or skill for all these searching. Just give me your strongest recommendation and I will join", then here it is-my best choice-My Help Pub.

Why My Help Pub?
Their product range is huge.
The commission percentage is fat.
They take care of after sales service.
Commission is promptly paid after 50 days (till the money back guarantee expires)
Their products' return rate is nil.

Internet offers vast income opportunities for every person. It is always better to seek experts' advise before you embark on any internet business.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

How to earn with every link in your blog?

I too have succumbed to demands that were building up. I get several requests to write “How to” blog posts.

We are all posting so many links in our blog by way of recommendations, reference, obligations and professional pointers. How about getting paid by converting those links?

Note: This is not a paid to click type of income opportunity. It is based on PPA (paid per action). allows you to generate cash from the links that you post on your web site, blogs, forums etc, in-fact, any where you post a link you can use LinkPayer.

How it works?

Say you are writing a blog post with a link to another site.
* Using’s service, you generate a different link.
* When your visitors click on the newly generated link, it will still take them to your intended web page but first they will first be presented with an advertising page.
* On top of the advertiser’s page, your visitors will see a message,” Skip this page”.

When clicked on that message, they will be taken to your originally intended web page.

* LinkPayer will pay you when your visitor participates in one of the advertisers’ web sites.
* Currently the average payment to our members is approximately $2.00 for each participation.

* LinkPayer offers a 3 tier referral program.

* They pay $5 as sign up bonus.

I think this income opportunity may not be attractive to all the professional bloggers who want to earn by blogging.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Earn by joining Twittad.

Did you hear that even very big players in the Internet have entered the Twitter madness though they are also late as I am?

I am still fighting against time to learn the full impact of Twitter as a tool to blog promotion or website marketing. I have collected about a dozen e-books on using Twitter, Twitter tools, Twitter search engines. I am in the process of preparing an in depth tutorial for my friends.

There is also way to earn money with your twitter profile.

Twittad is a new way to make money through your (Twitter) tweets. If you tweet which I am sure you do, you can sign up for Twittad.

There are some interesting improvements in Twittad. Log in to your Twittad account.

Post your Twitter account for advertisers to purchase by clicking on “Place Profile”.

It immediately calculates how much you can earn based on some parameters.

My price is fixed at $7.60 per month. This they call it as PPF (Price per follower). For Twittad users, this means that Twittad will calculate your potential worth from, depending on your Twitter profile tenure.

If it is agreeable, you then confirm your sale of your Twitter Profile. You can also select your duration and wait for advertiser to purchase.

You are free to accept or reject the proposed ad within 48 hours of purchase. Once you accept the advertising proposal, then the ad will be uploaded by Twittad system on to your twitter profile.

Sign up with Twittad now.

Monday, March 9, 2009

What do you want your web site for?

This question was not asked by the web designer whom I approached a few years ago when I wanted to have a website on Indian Food Recipes.

The web designer simply started talking about how many pages I would need and asked me whether I want a static or dynamic website. I just stared at him.

Without bothering to get the reply from me, he went about explaining the cost involved for designing and webhosting. Then he asked me whether I want Windows hosting or UNIX hosting. I gave him a hard look.

I thought the essential question he failed to ask me was why I want a website; what is the purpose. I had to dismiss him and promised to get back to him when I have proper replies to 'not-so-important' questions.

Newbies who want to create their first web site can approach web hosting geeks for an in depth knowledge about various web hosting packages offered by different web hosting service providers.

Before buying your first web hosting service, you can educate yourself by reading useful articles in web hosting geeks on dedicated servers, selecting the right type of web hosting package and more.

I spotted an article on “How to make money with web hosting”. I read it fully and I want you to read it if you are serious about starting your real internet business.Now, even I can guide you how to earn money with reseller hosting programs.

Thanks to, today I can dictate terms to any web designer or a web hosting package reseller. I even know where ASP is used (for interactive websites) and where PHP is used (to receive and process data stored on web page forms).

Times have changed-eh?Grin 5

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Great exposure to your blogs.

I just came out of the Forum at Entrecard and I enjoyed my stay there for the last 20 minutes or so. I thought I will just introduce myself and exit thus gaining a signature entry and a blog URL but the forum's various threads took me in deeply.

It was difficult to extricate from the addiction of communication with forum members. I am a forum buff ever since I entered the web in 1998. I learnt so many things in various forums and of course the Digital Point forum is the best.

Well, Entrecard forum is alive with buzzing activity. So many posts are there to exchange comments, links, Twitter following etc.

The forums has around 3200 members; low when considering the age of the forum but a nice place to hang around.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Please use me! I will pay you.

Earning money online was never difficult for me. God has been kind to me since 1998 (before that also in other ways) when I became an Internet entrepreneur. I have been surviving off the Internet for the past 11 years.

It is long a journey and I learnt so many skills and techniques in the Internet. I am also an avid Internet researcher. I took up a few project from third parties several years ago. The job involved extensive searching in the Internet on hundreds of topics.

During those years, there were not so many search engines and social media sites as we have now that would have made the job easier to me.

But the experience is paying off even now. My income is slowly increasing with a paid to search company. As a blogger, I do a lot of search and I use my own affiliate search engine for my searching that pays me to use it.

Very interesting isn't it?

Wanna join? Please email me which is in my profile in this blog. I receive a lot of emails buddy, so make your subject line catchy.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Scrapping on the other side of 50!

My scrapbook work areaImage of Scrapbook work area via Flickr

The teenagers and adolescents’ illusion is being exposed everyday in the world of scrapping. Scrapbooking is not the domain of youth only anymore.

Aruna Misra from Jamshedpur spends at least half an hour a day for the past four years scrap booking on a popular social networking site and she is 58.

She is not alone dear. Indian elders find a great solace in scrapping through decent social networks, keeping up with their children settles in remote continents, accepting random friendship requests, building a sense of purpose, displaying their Scrapbooks and so on.

My husband is coaching several ladies that have special crafty skills that want exposure of their talents to the world. He is helping them with acquiring Scrapbooking supplies that include stickers, glues, chart papers, coloring tools. Some people needed assistance with clipart software and various kinds of paper.

My husband’s unique online source for Scrapbooking supplies is Crafters Toy Box (, a simple website but with a suggestive theme. I mean, their template is very apt for Scrapbooking topic.

Previously, he used to linger around a few other Scrapbooking supplies website but now he is sticking onto because of the range of products (especially in the paper categories) and the hefty discount of up to 75% on some of the products.

Also, Crafters Toy Box offers a huge catalog of their full range of products that acts as an excellent source of information about various Scrapbooking supplies.

I wonder whether they offer affiliate program; my husband can earn few bucks and they also stand to gain-right?

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