Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The launch of Planet’s First Democratic Mag.

On 31st midnight, with the birth of the New Year, one website will be launched that is soon going to change the way social media functions. It will have all the latest features of web 2.0 and active social media marketers, webmasters and bloggers are eagerly looking forward to this new web site RememME

Nirmal Kannan, Co-founder-Nomad Publications Pvt.Ltd expects to bring people from different walks of life and give them a platform to share their valuable thoughts, experiences and knowledge. Their digital contribution will be called "scoops".

The topics covered will be:
Business & Management,
Science & Technology,
World & Politics,
Sports & Entertainment,
Health & Lifestyle
My Life.

The scoops will be allowed to be commented upon by the readers and the top three scoops from each category will then be published in a monthly RememME Mag, rightfully be Planet’s First Democratic Mag."

I request all of you and especially Indian bloggers and Internet businessmen to spread the news.
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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Home data entry jobs.

I was once asked by an online friend: "You say online data entry jobs; does that mean there are offline data entry jobs available?"

I replied yes but I didn't know of any authentic resource that offers offline data entry jobs.

He then asked me if I know of a directory of online data entry jobs of which also I replied no.

But today, I came to know about a directory that says it has 2500 firms in its database that offer both part time and full time data entry jobs. All are pre-screened offers that include 800 computer jobs, 500 online opportunities besides 1000 online data entry jobs.

Have you ever purchased this directory of data entry jobs? If so, can you please give your feedback?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

How to earn $1000 per month in 6 months?

I am sure an article of such titles will attract instant readership. But do you find really useful and achievable steps for that? Have you ever found concrete suggestions to earn $1000 per month online either in 6 months or 6 six tears.

Your answer will be a big a NO as was mine several years ago.

Over the years I continue to get disappointed looking for that one constructive idea that will let me earn $1000 per month.

The disappointment has led me to resolve to give absolutely useful information only in this blog. If one person, just one person takes time to review this blog blog by going through every one of the categories under which I have so far posted hundreds of online income opportunities, I am sure he will realize the usefulness of this blog.

To prove my worth to the millions of people who desire to work from home and earn a full time income through the Internet, I have prepared a short report in which I have given an outline on how to earn $1000 per month in 12 months time.

In this report, I have detailed lots of ways to earn money by blogging and how much one blog can earn money to anyone provided if he promotes exactly as per my action plan.

The report will cost you just $10. Interested persons may please contact me through email or Twitter.

Monday, December 21, 2009

There are no 'online form filling jobs'.

I am baffled to see of the ads by Google that appeared in my gmail screen. There were a couple of Google Adwords which again showed those familiar Indian originated online jobs scams involving 'Form Filling' work and earning through Commission Junction as an affiliate.

How vulnerable the Indians are who enter the Internet with big homes making it rich in 5 days! And I am equally sad that they are fully exploited by their own compatriots who dump worthless products and false pictures.

I beg you guys not to fall for big claims of earning through form filling job. There are no such jobs in the internet.

While you can earn as an affiliate in the Internet, it takes a long time to learn the trade.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Start Making Money in 3 Easy Steps.

If Cafepress.com attracts thousands of corporate clients to buy corporate gifts, so to Printfection.com where you and I can build and sell our merchandise to buyers all over the world.

When I directed a reader of my blog to Printfection.com, she was elated with he opportunities to make money online using her artistic skill. She opened her own store that started making profit in less than 3 months. She even sent one of her products to me as a token of gratitude.

You too can set up your online store selling your very own products and be on your way to make money in just 3 simple steps.

* You get free hosting of your products images and descriptions
* Your designed products get produced free of cost
* Handles all the shipping and other related ecommerce activities

Hey, what more can you ask for?

Go to http://www.printfection.com/

Monday, December 14, 2009

Interested in working from home as a text operator?

Text operators also known as home typists and of late, there is an increase in demand for text operators. If the text operators have bilingual skill, they are immediately hired.

I did a research in the subject and found out that text operators are hired in an industry, not all will be willing to take up positions. Though the pay rate is increased over the years, Indians stay away from working as testers.

Text operators work in chat rooms and are required to make a sale of a product or service. But in some companies, text operators are paid according to the amount of texts they send.They should have high speed internet connection and possess a very good typing speed. Minimum work hours is 20 per week. Prior data entry experience will be useful.

Another thing that I noticed in my research that these text operator jobs are mostly available in the U.K.

Do a search in Google for chat/text operators and you may find some good offers.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Easily make money with others' work.

Not everyone is comfortable with making money using articles. One can make money using articles written either by self or by others. It is all the more rewarding when you make money from the work of others-right?

For example, if you buy those ready made niche websites and market them with sincere effort, they can fetch great revenue. I am telling this from my personal experience.

But before marketing the niche sites, you need to change he title of the articles in them an also modify the content to suit your style.

Here is a sample website of my own that I bought and changed the content.

This website has three income streams namely AdSense, Amazon and another affiliate product specifically chosen for the topic of the website.

You can also create a small site on your own if you are a techie or have one created for you.

I too build websites on various topics with three income streams. Email me for your requirements. I create high profit niche websites with unique content only and it is sold to only one person.

How do you like it?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

10 tips to earn money through sponsored Tweets.

I tried to motivate my friends by telling them how I earn from Twitter. I have blogged about "Make money using Twitter" several times. But so far, I know none of them even attempted to follow my guidelines.

Probably, they want John Chow to teach them on how one can earn money using their Twitter account. John Chow is one of the many blkoggers I respect and follow him closely. He inspires me a lot.

He has laid down clearly 10 tips to earn money from sponsored tweets. Some of his tips will wake you up. (It did that to me).

Here is a sample:
"ClickWatch is a program designed to provide a level of protection for advertisers who engage Tweeters in the Sponsored Tweets marketplace."

Go ahead and read his post and don't forget to thank him.

My previous post on Twitter Money:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Get paid to place links.

My London friend Lakhani has blogger about an online income opportunity which is the most popular form of monetizing your blogs and websites.

It is simply by placing a small text ad, you are paid. Since AdBeans is a British company, you will be paid in British Pounds.

How much can you earn?
Go to AdBeans.com and place your URL in the box given there and their system will instantly tell you how much you will be paid to place an ad in your blog.

Blog monetization methods are increasing and text link advertising is one of the easiest form of earning from your blogs. I have been earning small amounts by placing ad in my blog and I am happy to add Adbeans in my list of "Get paid to advertise" programs.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Get paid by an international survey company.

Do you want to get paid by an international survey company? Remember, survey companies require you to give your honest answers and also, while submitting your profile, give correct details.

I know many people, in order to be qualified to receive more surveys to enhance income, give false and misleading information.

Ok, here you go to https://www.ithinkinc.com/home/default.aspx, a Texas based market research firm and read their website thoroughly before you apply. This accepts international members too.

I need your feedback about your experience so that I will tell you more such opportunities.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Get paid to upload your files and docs.

This is a simple online income opportunity where you don't have to buy or sell anything. You can earn money for sharing your documents with anyone in the internet.

If interested, please visit http://easy-share.com/e and browse through.
You will know how to upload your files from your PC and ftp software.
You will know the 4 different ways to earn money through http://easy-share.com/e.

It seems basically an online file sharing website for free.

But they offer premium membership with better storage and download facility and also offer longer duration of storage.Their FAQ page has laid down all the probable questions that one may ask and answered all.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Several get paid to programs.

A separate world in the Internet is silently teaching the online income seeks. The bloggers and affiliate marketers usually stay away from this fantastic income opportunity resource and that includes me too.

Though occasionally I tap into this resource for my blog promotional activities, I really didn't spend reasonable time to explore.

This non-secret source is Yahoo! Groups.
Here is a sample post in Cash4You-a Yahoo! group.
"Does anyone know if this website is a legitimate opportunity to find sports related business jobs?".

If you too want to know the answer or have some questions to ask, please visit the Yahoo! group

Sunday, November 15, 2009

After a very long time, probably after nearly 4 years, I am going to try again the HYIP field because of a solid proven program recommended by one of the industry leader whom I respect.

Arbitrage trading is said to be a lucrative field usually for the cash rich operators; small investors always end up as the losers.

Gold Nuggest Invest (GNI) is a program that has been paying 6% per week since one year.

You can deposit via Solid Trust Pay, Liberty Reserve, V-Money, Bank Wire Transfer, PerfectMoney or StrickPay.(My God, so many e-currencies since I last played in HYIP?)

Join GNI

Warning: Don't invest what you can't afford to lose.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Earn by writing reviews.

There is a big bunch of online money earners who make a full time income just by writing reviews. Talk to one of them, any one for that matter and you will hear happy life stories.

They enjoy fantastic life working from home and they seem to have the most free time in the world and still making about $1000 per month by writing reviews of products and services.

Here is a website called Dooyoo and it pays you every time your review gets a read and a rating by fellow members of the site.

The real secret to earn by this method is by reading and rating other members' reviews. This also indicates that you are an active and helpful member of the site.

It is based on simple life principle: Give and take.

I think Dooyoo is probably one of the few companies online that pay by bank transfer.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The #1 marketplace for buying and selling web sites.

I received a few emails thanking me for my blog post titled "Make money from your unwanted blogs and websites".

Some wanted to know if there is a similar website for selling unwanted blogs and websites.

I am glad to tell them that I have found out another market place for sites flipping and is known as Flippa.com. It is said to be the web's biggest, most active marketplace for buying and selling websites.

This site looks more popular than www.siteredeemr.com
I saw several websites for sale that demanded $2500

You can bookmark Flippa.com for making money by disposing of your unwanted websites and blogs.

Make money from your unwanted blogs amd websites.

Not all but most of the new bloggers have the habit of abandoning their newly created blogs for various reasons like lack of interest and lack of income.

I know several of my friends have thrown my effort into gutter.

Well, I am ready to help them even after this. I will help them make money by disposing of their blogs and websites.

It is a direct appeal to them:

Go to www.siteredeemr.com which is a web service that will buy your abandoned blogs.

• Fill out the price quote form by mentioning the URLs to your website or blog.

• With in 48 hours, your blog URL will get a purchase price quote.

* If the price is agreeable to you and if you accept to sell the websites, SiteRedeemr transfers the domains and associated website files to their own systems.
• The payment to your PayPal account will be completed within 48 hours.

How very convenient for all of us!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Micro jobs online. Join free and earn money.

MicroWorkers is a website through which you earn money working from home. As usual, you can enjoy all the benefits of working from home and earning money online. Bear it in mind please, it is an enviable state.

MicroWorkers is an online marketplace where micro jobs are posted by people from all walks of life. You can accept a job from a pool of jobs available on the website, perform the job and submit the job and get paid.

So simple-eh? No resume, no commuting, no dress code.

What Else?

Well, if you can do micro job, you can also get things done by posting your job requirements.

What kind of jobs?

Blogging about your product
Posting reviews to Websites & Blogs

Following Twitter profile

Social bookmarking

Sign up bonus and referral bonus:

You are given $1 as sign up bonus. Refer others and when they earn $25, you are given $1.

Join Micro Jobs for free now!

100% revenue sharing.

I am actively involved in several adsense revenue sharing websites. They have been my prime source of increased adsense earnings since 2006.

Here is the latest adsense revenue sharing site that I joined and I consider it as the best of the lot. It is called "She Told Me".

It is run by Mr.James who also successfully runs the most visited adsense revenue sharing sites "Senserely.com"

She Tole Me is very efficiently monetized and that increases the chances of asense ads getting attention. Here is the scoop. Though it adsense revenue sharing site, you actually get 100% of the ad revenue.

Read the benefits of referring.

Join SheToldMe.com with mala as your referrer!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Earning easy Paypal Money.

Internet is full of money; I can prove simply by helping you to earn. What you need is a willingness to earn and a decision to act in order to grab your own chunk of U.S Dollars. I will briefly tell you an easy way to earn through affiliate program.

There are two types of income from the Internet that are viewed as life long and passive.

  1. Contextual advertising (Google AdSense)
  2. Affiliate marketing

Though there are other ways to make passive income, these are the two that bring in real big money.

When you search for “Affiliate Income” in any search engine, you are likely to click on two of the giant affiliate network namely Clickbank (CB) and Commission Junction (CJ).

Both are good but they simply are not beginners of affiliate marketing due to a few reasons:

  • Big product range that make it difficult to choose the right product
  • Too much of competition
  • Not instant commission when you generate a sale

A newbie Internet income seeker will quickly call it quits if he or she attempts affiliate marketing through big affiliate network. A beginner will be motivated if he sees instant money for his efforts.

There are some affiliate programs that pay you instant commission in your Paypal account when a sale is generated from your marketing efforts. Almost all the products in this category are high demand products which mean high sales conversion.

There is nothing like getting paid instantly for your efforts. Affiliate marketing of instant Paypal commission payable products is probably the only avenue in the Internet that is highly satisfying and encouraging.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sell your content, ebooks, templates and logo.

I am sure you have published hundreds of articles and blog posts, mostly for free.
How about selling your published content, resale rights ebooks and templates for money?

Go to Content Mixi, an India company that allows you to upload your digital products and sell them online for a price you fix.

Invite others and earn a part of their sale proceedings too.

Content Mixi is a big online marketplace for freelance writers, authors and designers of templates and logos. You can upload your articles also.

This is a wonderful way to make money as a freelance writer and blogger.

How much?
You are paid 60% of your sales price.

You register for free, upload your digital documents and hope they get sold.

* Upload your content like ebooks as zip file.
* You must upload thumbnail and an image of your ebook cover (different sizes)

Be prepared for this as Content Mixi has not mentioned this at all. I faced difficulties while uploading and got the message of requirements only after I uploaded.

I feel they should mention this uploading requirements clearly either in the FAQ section or on the uploading page.

Their home page lacks information, so, better raed FAQ before uploading your digital products.

Join Content Mixi now for free.

ps: This is a brilliant business idea by Sundeep Tibrewal, co-founder of Content Mixi.
I have a feeling I am going to copy his idea and I can use my 10 years of Internet Marketing experience to good use.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Make money with Twitter,

Money is coming in though in cents. Of course I didn't expect an avalanche of cash but I don't have any complaints.

Twivert pays and that is a good news for now. Twivert pays per clicks on Tweets posted in your Twitter account automatically by them on behalf of sponsors.

For example, here is Tweet posted by them a few hours ago:
yembee Get FREE nestle fun-sized candy bars! Enter your email to get started http://bit.ly/5FPzs

You can either Twivert allow to post Tweets automatically or you can set to pre-approve the Tweets.

You can also configure the number of Tweets per day, the time slot of Tweets etc.

Join Twivert and get paid $5 as sign up bonus.

Friday, October 16, 2009

More value than gold.

Big returns on trading in certified coins are quite possible provided you follow the guidance of professional numismatics. I have personally reaped unbelievable monetary gains through some of the old coins that were thrown as worthless simply because they are not gold or silver.

It is a myth that only gold metal can get you riches. If you happen to dig around old coins, you can find out their worth through professional grading services like Monaco Rare Coin, a family concern of Monex companies, a trusted leader in precious metals investments for nearly 40 years.

Monaco Rare Coin offers a unique, vast and impressive array of resources for investors and collectors alike.
Buying and selling rare coins is a lucrative business opportunity but like any business, it takes years to learn the trade.

If you subscribe to Monaco’s newsletter “The Rare Coin Insider”, you will gain valuable insights into the rare coins market.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tweetbucks pays you to post Tweets.

Tweetbucks pays you to post Tweets but in a slightly different way.

How does Tweetbucks makes you money?
1. Shorten links and share them
2. Retweet Offers
3. Refer other to Tweetbucks

Looks simple-eh?

But, not all of your Tweets are eligible for payment. It seems they have a few catches that I fail to understand.

You are paid $5 just sign up.
Just do that and I think you will understand more as you start Tweeting more.
Tweetbucks says that they use affiliate codes of the advertisers to turn your links into money-making links.

How much can I make?
That will depend on how many followers you have, how many people click your links and how many people buy products.

Minimum payout.
Tweetbucks pays you monthly via Paypal when you account balance reaches $25.

PS: You should disclose to your followers that you are using Tweetbucks.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

TweetMyLink.com. Twitter cum social bookmarking site.

I have another Twitter tip for you today. Yesterday, I discovered a brand new and pretty useful tool called; TweetMyLink.com.

This is a very useful site for social bookmarking lovers and twitter fans.

TweetmyLink allows you to add your latest blog post to the site and it will sit in the upcoming links cue until somebody votes for it.This is so in all the social bookmarking sites that let users vote for the links they like.

Once your blog post URL receives at least 2 votes, your post is moved over to the “Tweeted Links” section and you will appear on the front page of the site.

Here comes he surprise! Once your link makes the front page they will send out a tweet of your link on their account. However, there is a catch that I dislike.

Their tweet URL directs people to your post via their site. There is an option to pay $5 and your URL will get bumped to the front and have your post tweeted.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

99 Ways to make money using Twitter.

Almost about 6 months ago, I wrote that Twitter monetization will be the hot money making idea and I advised all to increase their Twitter participation and boost their number of followers.

I, on my own, have compiled more than 25 ways to make money using Twitter.

I just came across a book in Amazon titled, "99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter" (Paperback).

I won't be surprised if more such books on several Twitter monetization strategies are authored.

Twitter money solely depends on your frequency of Tweets and the number of people that follows your Twitter profile.

In a review by a customer who bought this Twitter book says, :.. the book gives information on on how to do it, what to do to get started, and some tips to get you closer to success. At the end of each entry is a model to follow, which links to a Twitter account so you can see exactly what an actual person is doing."

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Toll Free Numbers in India

Toll Free Numbers in India, Please forward it to all you know in India. Save a copy of this mail.

Indian Airlines - * 1800 180 1407
Jet Airways - * 1800 22 5522
Spice Jet - * 1800 180 3333
Air India -- * 1800 22 7722
Kingfisher - * 1800 180 0101

ABN AMRO - * 1800 11 2224
Canara Bank - * 1800 44 6000
Citibank - * 1800 44 2265
Corporation Bank - * 1800 443 555
Development Credit Bank - * 1800 22 5769
HDFC Bank - * 1800 227 227
ICICI Bank - * 1800 333 499
ICICI Bank NRI - * 1800 22 4848
IDBI Bank - * 1800 11 6999
Indian Bank - * 1800 425 1400
ING Vysya - * 1800 44 9900
Kotak Mahindra Bank - * 1800 22 6022
Lord Krishna Bank - * 1800 11 2300
Punjab National Bank - * 1800 122 222
State Bank of India - * 1800 44 1955
Syndicate Bank - * 1800 44 6655

Mahindra Scorpio - * 1800 22 6006
Maruti - * 1800 111 515
Tata Motors - * 1800 22 5552
Windshield Experts - * 1800 11 3636

Adrenalin - * 1800 444 445
AMD - * 1800 425 6664
Apple Computers - * 1800 444 683
Canon - * 1800 333 366
Cisco Systems - * 1800 221 777
Compaq - HP - * 1800 444 999
Data One Broadband - * 1800 424 1800
Dell - * 1800 444 026
Epson - * 1800 44 0011
eSys - * 3970 0011
Genesis Tally Academy - * 1800 444 888
HCL - * 1800 180 8080
IBM - * 1800 443 333
Lexmark - * 1800 22 4477
Marshal's Point - * 1800 33 4488
Microsoft - * 1800 111 100
Microsoft Virus Update - * 1901 333 334
Seagate - * 1800 180 1104
Symantec - * 1800 44 5533
TVS Electronics - * 1800 444 566
WeP Peripherals - * 1800 44 6446
Wipro - * 1800 333 312
Xerox - * 1800 180 1225
Zenith - * 1800 222 004

Indian Railway General Enquiry 131
Indian Railway Central Enquiry 131
Indian Railway Reservation 131
Indian Railway Railway Reservation Enquiry 1345,1335,1330
Indian Railway Centralised Railway Enquiry 1330/1/2/3/4/ 5/6/7/8/9

Couriers/Packers & Movers
ABT Courier - * 1800 44 8585
AFL Wizz - * 1800 22 9696
Agarwal Packers & Movers - * 1800 11 4321
Associated Packers P Ltd - * 1800 21 4560
DHL - * 1800 111 345
FedEx - * 1800 22 6161
Goel Packers & Movers - * 1800 11 3456
UPS - * 1800 22 7171

Home Appliances
Aiwa/Sony - * 1800 11 1188
Anchor Switches - * 1800 22 7979
Blue Star - * 1800 22 2200
Bose Audio - * 1800 11 2673
Bru Coffee Vending Machines - * 1800 44 7171
Daikin Air Conditioners - * 1800 444 222
DishTV - * 1800 12 3474
Faber Chimneys - * 1800 21 4595
Godrej - * 1800 22 5511
Grundfos Pumps - * 1800 33 4555
LG - * 1901 180 9999
Philips - * 1800 22 4422
Samsung - * 1800 113 444
Sanyo - * 1800 11 0101
Voltas - * 1800 33 4546
WorldSpace Satellite Radio - * 1800 44 5432

Investments/ Finance
CAMS - * 1800 44 2267
Chola Mutual Fund - * 1800 22 2300
Easy IPO's - * 3030 5757
Fidelity Investments - * 1800 180 8000
Franklin Templeton Fund - * 1800 425 4255
J M Morgan Stanley - * 1800 22 0004
Kotak Mutual Fund - * 1800 222 626
LIC Housing Finance - * 1800 44 0005
SBI Mutual Fund - * 1800 22 3040
Sharekhan - * 1800 22 7500
Tata Mutual Fund - * 1800 22 0101

Club Mahindra Holidays - * 1800 33 4539
Cox & Kings - * 1800 22 1235
God TV Tours - * 1800 442 777
Kerala Tourism - * 1800 444 747
Kumarakom Lake Resort - * 1800 44 5030
Raj Travels & Tours - * 1800 22 9900
Sita Tours - * 1800 111 911
SOTC Tours - * 1800 22 3344

Best on Health - * 1800 11 8899
Dr Batras - * 1800 11 6767
GlaxoSmithKline - * 1800 22 8797
Johnson & Johnson - * 1800 22 8111
Kaya Skin Clinic - * 1800 22 5292
LifeCell - * 1800 44 5323
Manmar Technologies - * 1800 33 4420
Pfizer - * 1800 442 442
Roche Accu-Chek - * 1800 11 45 46
Rudraksha - * 1800 21 4708
Varilux Lenses - * 1800 44 8383
VLCC - * 1800 33 1262

AMP Sanmar - * 1800 44 2200
Aviva - * 1800 33 2244
Bajaj Allianz - * 1800 22 5858
Chola MS General Insurance - * 1800 44 5544
HDFC Standard Life - * 1800 227 227
LIC - * 1800 33 4433
Max New York Life - * 1800 33 5577
Royal Sundaram - * 1800 33 8899
SBI Life Insurance - * 1800 22 9090

Hotel Reservations
GRT Grand - * 1800 44 5500
InterContinental Hotels Group - * 1800 111 000
Marriott - * 1800 22 0044
Sarovar Park Plaza - * 1800 111 222
Taj Holidays - * 1800 111 825

Asian Sky Shop - * 1800 22 1800
Jaipan Teleshoppe - * 1800 11 5225
Tele Brands - * 1800 11 8000
VMI Teleshopping - * 1800 447 777
WWS Teleshopping - * 1800 220 777

Domino's Pizza - * 1800 111 123

Cell Phones
BenQ - * 1800 22 08 08
Bird CellPhones - * 1800 11 7700
Motorola MotoAssist - * 1800 11 1211
Nokia - * 3030 3838
Sony Ericsson - * 3901 1111

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Get paid to view YouTube Videos.

Love watching YouTube videos? Why not get paid to pursue your pleasures?

At Paid2YouTube.com, you get paid to view YouTube Videos.
You increase your earnings if you help a few people to earn by watching videos. Yes, you refer friends and earn more though referring is absolutely not mandatory.
How much you can earn?
Not much by any normal standards; so, it works only for those who spend time online watching videos of YouTube.

$0.01 for each video you view.
$0.10 for each comment you leave
$0.35 for each subscription you make.
$0.005 for each video your referrals view,
$0.01 for each comment your referrals leave
$0.10 for each subscription your referrals make.

Paid 2 YouTube pays daily through Paypal but the minimum payout is $10.00.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Earn as an affiliate with Payloadz.com

I bought a digital product today morning from Payloads.com. It was cheaper when compared to other sources.

Just when I exited payloadz.com, I saw their affiliate earning opportunity. I was impressed. If I buy a product there which is cheaper than other sources, then, more people are likely to buy from payloadz.com.

I immediately signed up as an affiliate for payloadz.com

PayLoadz Reseller Program pays you for any referred users you send to their service. They pay on each click, each account signup, and a recurring fee for any upgraded accounts.

You essentially sell downloads that are very affordable digital products.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

70+ eProducts to resell in under a minute.

Though you need not be a rocket scientist to see the money earning potential as a store owner of master resell rights products (MRR), you should have been in the Internet looking for different ways to earn money online.

In my 10 years of Internet experience selling digital products online is the easiest work and that too info products created by others is more easier to sell than to create our own digital information.

Now read carefully below. This is not just hype but a 10% potential opportunity do part time business working from home.

Get Your Own Membership Site & Store Front Pre-Loaded With Over
70+ Turnkey Sites...For Totally Hands Off & Hassle-Free Sales! This is a 100% commission business.

In just minutes from now, you can be downloading products that are
sizzling that have proven to have the conversion statistics to prove it!

Visit Hot List now.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Earn with your Twiiter.

I am happy to introduce to you one more money earning opportunity with your Twitter account.

I told you sometime back that Twitter monetization is going to see a surge of income opportunities. Those who listened to me seriously would have already built up their number of followers.

Yes, in order to earn using your Twitter, it is essential to have a large number of followers; the more the followers, the more you earn money.

I have several aces up my sleeve; I mean, I will keep blogging about more ways to monetize your Twitter profile.

Stay tuned.

Now, click Twivert below to join for free and start earning from your Twitter. Refer friends and increase your earnings and quicken your payout.

Friday, September 18, 2009

3 ways for kids to make money online.

I hope you didn't expect a post like this from me-eh?

Even I never thought I will write about ways for kids to make money online. I foresee a rush of traffic to this blog post from kids especially from the U.S. and U.K.

For kids who show extraordinary skills in playing video games online, creating virtual goods like cloth and toys, this is a big opportunity and that means big money too-as big as a big man like you earns today.

My son too is a live example though not exactly. His ability to and understand and play multi-user online games gave him good skill in comprehending various online software and utilities and that fetched him job in a multinational software company.

Oh, getting back to the topic of kids earning online, please read this article in Makeuseof.com tiled "Top 3 ways for kids to make money online".

Monday, September 14, 2009

Don't miss ghost blogging opportunities.

I maintain a blog on blogging and I write about a lot of freelance blogging opportunities that are announced every now and then. You can also find hundreds of ways to promote your blog, various blogging tools that make you a good blogger and many more blogging tips.

Find below some of the recent posts. The vacancies that are announced in these posts will be grabbed up fast. So, I would urge you to subscribe to my blog's RSS feed so as not to miss any posts due to your busy schedule.

Blogger wanted for a Robotics Blog.

Bloggers wanted for Blogger talks and Performancing.

Writing for companies as a ghost blogger is more profitable than monetizing your blog with advertisements.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Linkbee shares its ad revenue.

Linkbee is a URL shortening service that can be used with blogs, forums, websites and Twitter.

Linkbee provides the following features.
Short URL Creation
Real Time Analytics (what is that?)
Photo sharing in Twitter
Referral Program

In short, this is what I could understand:
You are paid to social bookmark using their service to shorten the links you want to bookmark.

For my standard, their revenue sharing rate is abysmally low. Another factor is their pay out rate for most of the countries including India which is almost insulting.

I don't know the reason behind this partiality.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Your new wardrobe after breast augmentation.

An ex-student of mine managed to get into glitter world even before she could complete her school final. So, you can imagine her looks but she herself didn’t believe she has the right personality to make it big.

I had a confidential talk with her and she confided in me about her almost invisible bust and she is in fact very shy to announce that she is now in the entertainment world.

I asked her if she knows about Breast Augmentation and she replied in affirmation but her family would not allow her to undergo plastic surgery at such a tender age.

Yes, they have a point but still, I explained to the girl’s parents about breast augmentation which is technically known as augmentation mammoplasty, wherein a surgeon proceeds to increase a woman's bust line. It may be increased by a bra cup size or little more.

I thought a plastic surgeon’s opinion should be sought. I looked around the web and found out Lookingyourbest.com, a sort of directory of plastic surgeons whom you can search for based on the city you live in.

Finally, she was able to pacify her parents and did undergo the surgery. When I looked at her on the screen recently, I made a mental note to talk to her about the urgent need to change her entire wardrobe.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Earn 0.25$ per post at Wiredflame

I happen to read somewhere in the Internet (I am sorry, I forgot the source) that

WiredFlame.com could be another great place for freelance writers.

So, I visited the site and saw that they did hire (note the tense) freelance writers to write articles for them and they also hired forum posters.

I don’t know about the rate of payment for articles but it seems they paid up to $0.25 per forum post which I feel is a good rate. I worked for $0.10 per post three years back. (inflation?)

At present Wiredflame is not hiring but I believe they may resume soon.

So, you better bookmark them and watch out.

At present, some of the approved writers have posted their displeasure in not getting any jobs for a long time.

Let me do some more research on similar opportunities and post them here.

Hey, I should be useful to you in someway-right?

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Get paid for posting videos.

If I have the time to count, …. Oh, no, I have no time to count but can you count how many blog posts I have made about ‘get paid to post videos’?

I might have repeated about a few online money making ideas but there are so many news readers to this blog and I am sure I am helping them. After all, how can I expect a new reader of this blog to realize this blog’s potential to help one find income opportunities in the Internet?

No, to cut the long story short, go to Share-A-Flick for posting videos . I believe they pay you in 3 ways.

Can I post video clips of others?

Sure dear, you are given full freedom to post the video clips you have enjoyed at places such as YouTube, and Metacafe. Share-A-Flick pays you each unique page view your video clip generates.

How about adding my Google AdSense?

Go ahead buddy. Enjoy a few extra greenbacks.

Minimum payout limit is only $20. through paypal.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Earn from your Twitter profie.

Twitter profile-a sort of enigma for new entrants to IM arena. They have no clue as to, having a large number of followers to one's profile can increase the person's brand name in the web.

Come on, why strain so much to learn the intricacies of everything. Can't we just enjoy this virtual popularity and in fact make a few bucks here and there using our Twitter followers.

How to make money using Twitter profile?

Go to Betweeted – an advertising platform for sponsors whereby Twitter users can sign up and start a CPC/CPA ad campaign. Simply said, you insert advertisers' URL in your Tweets.

Might seem unethical to purists but not to a pure Internet Marketer like me who welcomes innovation of the existing and available medium.

It is free service promoted by Moore International LLC of which there is not much information in Betweeted.

I think this service is not offered to non-U.S. people. The sign up form is actually not visible and in fact I would say it is hidden (why ?) and the form asks some numbers that won't make any sense to non-U.S. people.(How biased)


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How to earn money using BANS?

I am sorry for the delay in blogging about the most important income opportunity in the Internet.

BANS when expanded "Build a Niche Store" is one of the most talked about affiliate marketing money earning opportunities.

It is all about buying a ready made and user friendly script to build your own eBay niche store. The internet is full of positive reviews about the BANS and it said to fetch the niche site owner a decent sum every month provided the owner of the store puts his heart and soul to market the store.

Here is an useful review about the BANS script.
This software once bought, can be used to build as many eBay niche stores as you like. You build a eBay niche store and sell it for a profit.

BTW, if you happen to buy the BANS, please click here to buy the BANS.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Romance more with the best food.

I have a close friend of mine who was planning a honeymoon trip to Mexico. The guy is basically a fund junkie. He wanted me to search for resorts online that provided the best gourmet food in Mexico. He wanted to devote his time equally to his food and his newly married wife. So I went about using my surfing skills – on the web of course – and searched for the most exotic, Gourmet-Inclusive resort chain along the Mexican Riviera Maya.

One name kept coming up in my search results – ‘Karisma Hotels’. I could see that this chain of resorts offers a unique blend - a romantic cancun vacation for our amorous friend as well as the best gourmet food to cater to his love for gastronomic delights. I read excellent reviews about how the hotels offer an elite level of luxurious and pampering service for its guests. The exclusive hospitality and features of the hotels would make even the most hard-to-please guests most excited.

My friend returned from his honeymoon last week. He is here physically, but all his thoughts are still in Karisma. He said that what I found on the Internet was just a tiny bit of the great features offered by the hotel. He urged me to visit the place and see for me how much more there is to enjoy.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Easy income opportunity online for Indians.

"Very odd but unique"-this comes to my mind when I happen to visit India Study Channel.

The money earning opportunities offered by India Study Channel is diverse that includes AdSense revenue sharing, asking and answering questions, posting educational materials such as past question papers and news about various college courses and admissions.

India Study Channel is a very popular education portal that was launched just 4 months ago but already attracting thousands of visitors every day.

This is intended for students mainly to earn some pocket money and also serves as an valuable educational portal for teachers and parents.

Though the navigation of the site seems a bit congested, the information is rich and useful.

Learn how you can earn money through India Study Channel.

My eleven years of Internet experience says India Study Channel depends on advertisements to survive and pay its members. This is not a healthy sign.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Earn up to $75 per survey.

Answering surveys by filling up a short form and getting paid for that is one of the most sought after work from home business.

A friend of mine requested me to direct him to a list of 'paid to answer survey' companies and I gladly complied. Actually, I too have compiled a list of companies that you for your opinion.

I helped my friend only after I received a few testimonials that were positive. When I talked to my friend two days ago, he informed me that he hardly ever gets an opportunity.

Surveys will be sent purely on your profile and your geographical location. India is not a preferred country by market research companies.

Here is a survey company that pays up to $75 per survey. But they ask us to pay an up front fee with a money back guarantee.

Read their website (a good site) thoroughly before you decide to join. Invest only what you can afford to lose.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Why no one can promise you AdSesne riches.

If you are also one among the several millions that look for the dream cheque from Google every month towards your AdSense earnings, then you surely must have read 1000s of one page web sites that promises unimaginable riches through Google AdSense-right?

Some of the tiles that must have attracted you are:
* The # 1 Way To Earn Massive Checks From Google AdSense
* AdSense Earnings Secrets Revealed
* Find out how .... gets monthly check of $68,742 from Google

Mostly, those high pitch sales pages will show some images that are said to be proof of earnings.

I have also seen several new entrants to the Internet claiming to live off like a Baron because he/she has discovered new secrets to AdSense riches and they will pass on their skill to us for a measly $47 or even $37. (How did this figure 47 became famous?)

Recently one of the emails from one of the self claimed AdSense success man read, "If you decide that you want to be an Adsense ....... I can tell you that what you will read will help you make a killing with Adsense."

And yes, it contained a link to another sales page selling another product.

See, if I am earning $1000 per month from Google AdSense and if I know I can pass on that skill to you with money back guarantee, I would charge $3000 and that is real business.

What do you say?

Tell me honestly, have you ever found anything that is remotely new in all those AdSense success stories articles found in many article directories including the respected Ezine Articles?

Why no one can promise you AdSense riches:
* None can predict how a profitable niche today will behave tomorrow.
* None can predict the exact price a keyword is bid for.
* None can predict the traffic volume per day
* Above all, you can't make a visitor to click on the any ad; you can only put in sincere effort to bring visitors. If that is the case, we would have thousands of success stories from Ad word campaigners.

I welcome feedback.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New cash back site for U.S. and Canadian citizens.

Attention U.S. and Canadian residents! Earn free money online simply by doing odd tasks like viewing advertisements, registering at various web sites for free and even shopping online.

Before you visit the website mentioned below, ensure that you have completed 18 years of age.

Go to Clicksvista.com and to know what is in store for you to earn free money online.
I heard there are several offers with which you can earn at least $1 daily.

When you join ClicksVista for free, you are given $0.25 as a welcome gift. You earn more to refer but it is not a must.

Minimum payout is $5 paid via Paypal or Amazon Gift Certificate.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Earn from your Tweets.

I will not join this program because the payment is too low. However, I will not stop myself from writing about RevTwt, basically an advertising company that pays its Twitter account holders to post their ads as Tweets in their Twitter profile.

I recently wrote about a similar opportunity called Be a Magpie but that pays much better than RevTwt. Oh yes, please note that RevTwt also gives pay per click (PPC) type of ads along with CPA type ads.

I know a few of my friends who draw a big blank when I ask them how they are getting along with Twitter. They say they have nothing post in their Twitter profile. Here is a perfect solution for them.

REVTwt gives them Tweets to post and also pays to post their Tweets!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sell Handmade Crafts Online on Etsy.com

In the year 2001, I came across an opportunity where you can sell your home made toys, mats, wall hangers in the Internet. I didn’t believe it then.

I forgot all about it for several years until I came to know Café Press where you can sell gifts for corporate with their company logo.

Then, the eBay came and the internet has thrown open its doors to every nook and corner of the world. Anyone with a special craft and art skill can sell their wares in eBay.

Similar to eBay is Etsy but with one exception. It is a place to sell and buy only handmade goods. This is only to encourage individuals with skill to make money working from home.

Some of the items you can buy and sell in Etsy.



Pillow covers

Pet needs

The fee:

To list your items for sale, you pay Etsy, 30 cents.

The sales commission is 3.5%.

This is an excellent way to work from home.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Make money with Twitter.

Look, here is a sweet income opportunity deal. This is unique and harnesses the power of Twitter and the number of your Twitter followers. Twitter monetization is gaining momentum buddy.

Have you have heard about Be a Magpie? They have come out the most innovative internet marketing concept.

If you have a Twitter profile, you allow 'Be a Magpie' to embed tweets on behalf of their customers in between your tweets. You do this by giving your Twitter login details to them. 'Be a Magpie’ directly advertises through tweets. Of course it matches your Twitter topic.

So, the more wide topics your Twitter covers, it is advantageous for you.

How often they publish the ad tweets?

The default is one magpie-tweet every 10 tweets. But you can customize your Tweet frequency with Be a Magpie! You can choose to have one magpie-tweet per 20 tweets or one magpie-tweet per tweet.

How much you can earn?

It depends on the number of your Twitter followers. After all, they (the advertisers) need broad exposure-right?

Find out how much can you earn!

Be a Magpie has a tool where you just type your Twitter username and the system calculates how much can you earn per month.

Minimum payout:

Launch viral advertising campaigns on Twitter with Magpie!

You can ask for your earnings when you have accumulated $50

Earn and advertise.

You can use your earnings to advertise your own business.

But I wonder how Twitter has reacted to this.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New guide to make money online.

John Chow informed me about a new guide in town. If he recommends, then it must be good. This online money making guide is said to contain step by step instructions on how to make money through affiliate marketing by building niche websites.

I am yet to try niche sites though I know how to build niche sites. This online money making guide is The Number 1 Way To Make Money Online

This guide is presently sold at just $24.95. I heard that this rate is applicable foe only one day.

This online money earning guide is authored by the creators of "Build A Niche Store" (which many of you will probably know as BANS). They have 4 and half years of rock solid experience.

Get it while it's cheap. I hear the reviews have been very positive.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

How to make money with domain names?

Oh, how time fades out fast. It was nearly three years ago that I made an unexpected profit by selling a domain that owned and woven some content around them. The site even got a Google PR3.

Somehow, I don't seem to find time enough to seriously launch myself into the domain name business. My husband keeps telling me that I have a peculiar knack in flipping websites and selling domain names.

I have already written a couple of blog posts in this very blog about domain name selling business.

Today, I came across a few more information about domain name business.

* 'Make Money With Domain Names : 10 Steps to Success'

* Making Money from Expired Domain Names'

* How to profit from domain names'

My special thanks to my friend Amera Khanam who inspired me to write this blog post.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Do stuff for money.

The news was all over the Internet a few days ago that Paypal launched a new service for those looking to do bits and pieces of work and earn for doing so. I was exited and assumed it to be similar to Mechanical Turk of Amazon.

But when I visited DoStuffForMoney, I was immediately disappointed. I could not find anything to understand how it works. I only learnt this much.

* You can offer money to your friend to do some errand for you as simple as clean your room and you can announce how much you are willing to pay. Or you can offer money to your friend to drive you to the airport.

* You can send your offer via email or Facebook.

* You can then send money to your friend's paypal by typing his email address.

Make of use of this free service. Visit DoStuffForMoney

Monday, July 13, 2009

How to increase earnings for your articles?

How many of you already into article writing and are you comfortable with the earnings your articles get you?

Apart from earning revenue from the affiliate links in your articles, you may be earning by sharing the advertisement revenue from article directories.

I recently came upon a new but popular article directory that pays you in 8 different ways. This new article directory is already moving up on the list of best article directories in terms of traffic generation.

Would you take time to read this blog post titled, "Get paid for your articles in 8 ways"?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to earn money without a blog or website?

Digital Point forum is the best online marketplace to offer your services and earn quick money. In the past, I have used the DP forum several times and earned good money. Since I am busy otherwise, I am not participating much in DP forum at present.

Can you pl visit this link?
It is a call for people who can post in forums and get paid per post.
You will find several such requirements there. Scroll down to the end of the page for older posts on the same subject.

You can find myriad offers in DP forum. You can offer your services on almost anything and find job offers that include forum posting, directory submission, script installation, blog commenting, social bookmarking, data entry, data transfer, logo design, blog creation, blog posting and so many more.

Like I have been telling for a long time, you don't need a blog or website to earn money online. There are other ways to earn money in the internet.

My blog Income Opportunities contains more than hundred ways to work from home and earn money online. Subscribe to my blog feed to stay updated.

Please also visit my two other blogs to learn more about passive income, freelance writing and earning by blogging.
Blog Avenues
Get paid to write.
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rare resources for rare coins dealers.

Zoomcoin.com is probably the only authentic resources center for rare coins dealers. After all, they belong to the family of Monex, a trusted leader in precious metals investments for nearly 40 years.

Zoomcoin.com has in its payroll, highly dedicated and fully knowledgeable rare coins experts that are more than willing to offer their expertise to the clients of Monex companies.

To be frank, I showed indifference to the high profit rare coins industry for a long time. The lack of knowledge put me off till I made a sincere effort to learn the nuances of rare coins trading with the help of Monex trained professionals.

It is valuable to note that Monaco staffs are also members of several numismatic bodies including Professional Coin Grading Service.

I am yet to make some profit as I am holding on to my treasure of rare old coins. It is difficult to let them go.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Earn from YouTaz. Work from home.

Look, are you desperate to earn money online? Will you be happy even if you earn in pennies for a start so that you feel encouraged and build up your earnings slowly?

Ok? Fine! Go to Youtaz and sign up now! It is free.

What can you do there?
* Add blog
*Upload picture or video
*Gather Taz points.
*Refer and accumulate your Taz points.
*Redeem your Taz points for real U.S. dollars.

I visited the blog section. I read blog posts on dog food and how to become a poet. This is an indication for us on what to blog about. (Smile)

Youtaz.com pays by sharing its ad revenue at 50:50 ratio. Seems to me an easy way to earn money online. Essentially, it is a 'get paid to write' income opportunity.

Friday, June 26, 2009

4 places where you can earn from your photos.

Earning by selling your photos, old or new cannot be very rewarding but some extra dollars in your wallet can’t harm you-right?

Here are 4 places that I know of where one can sell photos. Each web site offers different pay terms.


This is actually free image hosting service and each image of yours, if viewed 1000 times, you are paid 22 cents.


The price per image varies depending on the size of your photo and the quality set by Dreams Time.


Each time, your image gets downloaded, you are paid 25 cents. Refer friends and earn 0.03 per each of their image downloads.


One of the big players in this industry where one can choose to sell photos as royalty-free or with an exclusive buyout license.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Freelance marketplace and outsourcing hub.

I stumbled onto Lime Exchange that seems to be a big online marketplace for freelancers. Freelancers who can do a bit of web designing are more in demand than freelance writers and programmers.

There are projects in internet marketing, data entry and home typing but these are always on limited budget and they get grabbed asap.

Lime Exchange works on bidding type and providers of services have to bid on projects that suit their skill.

I noticed a couple of translation projects too. Most of the providers are from India and hence I expect a stiff competition and that means very low pay rate.

Lime Exchange sports pleasing colors and good layout but I felt the site loads a lot slowly..

Lime Exchange has the potential to become a huge outsourcing hub.
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Friday, June 19, 2009

3 legitimate get paid to survey companies.

Ever since I became an Internet entrepreneur in 1998, I have known about hundreds of "get paid to survey" companies.

What is "get paid to survey"?
In a nutshell, you are paid to answer some simple questions asked by online marketing companies representing consumer products manufacturers or service providers.

The questions asked are always simple and mostly it will take you up to 20 minutes maximum to complete a survey. The pay rate per survey varies from $1 to $25.
This is the easiest online income opportunity.

The qualification to participate varies according to the product or service for which the survey is conducted. Mostly people in the age group of 20 to 40 are given this opportunity.

Out of so many survey companies, I have short listed the 3 best companies here.
1. Pinecone Research
2. Greenfield
3. Zoom Panel

There are more companies out there that sometimes give you products that are about to be launched in the market and ask you to test the product and to give your feedback.

Warning: Never pay for participating in survey companies but you can always pay to get a list of "get paid to survey" companies. I know of a company in Madras, that sells a big list of paying survey companies.

Earning online is not very difficult-eh?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How Twitter can help you find jobs?

I read an article in about.com on how Twitter can help job seekers find jobs because employers are also using Twitter to post job announcements. And we thought Twitter is just fun with out any constructive purpose?

How employers use Twitter?
* Invariably, they have a Twitter on their website's home page requesting visitors to follow them on Twitter.
* Some companies post their openings on Twitter.
* Twitter job search engines like Job shout automatically send Tweets of job postings in their search engine portal for employers and job seekers.
* Job seekers use TwitterJobSearch.com which is a job search engine that searches Twitter for jobs that match the keywords that you enter.
* http://www.jobangels.org/ has a Twitter profile where they have written that it is their philosophy to help one find a job.
*And you know Twellow already, a very popular Twitter search engine and a big one.

From the the ways Twitter is being used, I wonder "What is next?"
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