Friday, June 26, 2009

4 places where you can earn from your photos.

Earning by selling your photos, old or new cannot be very rewarding but some extra dollars in your wallet can’t harm you-right?

Here are 4 places that I know of where one can sell photos. Each web site offers different pay terms.

This is actually free image hosting service and each image of yours, if viewed 1000 times, you are paid 22 cents.

The price per image varies depending on the size of your photo and the quality set by Dreams Time.

Each time, your image gets downloaded, you are paid 25 cents. Refer friends and earn 0.03 per each of their image downloads.

One of the big players in this industry where one can choose to sell photos as royalty-free or with an exclusive buyout license.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Freelance marketplace and outsourcing hub.

I stumbled onto Lime Exchange that seems to be a big online marketplace for freelancers. Freelancers who can do a bit of web designing are more in demand than freelance writers and programmers.

There are projects in internet marketing, data entry and home typing but these are always on limited budget and they get grabbed asap.

Lime Exchange works on bidding type and providers of services have to bid on projects that suit their skill.

I noticed a couple of translation projects too. Most of the providers are from India and hence I expect a stiff competition and that means very low pay rate.

Lime Exchange sports pleasing colors and good layout but I felt the site loads a lot slowly..

Lime Exchange has the potential to become a huge outsourcing hub.
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Friday, June 19, 2009

3 legitimate get paid to survey companies.

Ever since I became an Internet entrepreneur in 1998, I have known about hundreds of "get paid to survey" companies.

What is "get paid to survey"?
In a nutshell, you are paid to answer some simple questions asked by online marketing companies representing consumer products manufacturers or service providers.

The questions asked are always simple and mostly it will take you up to 20 minutes maximum to complete a survey. The pay rate per survey varies from $1 to $25.
This is the easiest online income opportunity.

The qualification to participate varies according to the product or service for which the survey is conducted. Mostly people in the age group of 20 to 40 are given this opportunity.

Out of so many survey companies, I have short listed the 3 best companies here.
1. Pinecone Research
2. Greenfield
3. Zoom Panel

There are more companies out there that sometimes give you products that are about to be launched in the market and ask you to test the product and to give your feedback.

Warning: Never pay for participating in survey companies but you can always pay to get a list of "get paid to survey" companies. I know of a company in Madras, that sells a big list of paying survey companies.

Earning online is not very difficult-eh?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How Twitter can help you find jobs?

I read an article in on how Twitter can help job seekers find jobs because employers are also using Twitter to post job announcements. And we thought Twitter is just fun with out any constructive purpose?

How employers use Twitter?
* Invariably, they have a Twitter on their website's home page requesting visitors to follow them on Twitter.
* Some companies post their openings on Twitter.
* Twitter job search engines like Job shout automatically send Tweets of job postings in their search engine portal for employers and job seekers.
* Job seekers use which is a job search engine that searches Twitter for jobs that match the keywords that you enter.
* has a Twitter profile where they have written that it is their philosophy to help one find a job.
*And you know Twellow already, a very popular Twitter search engine and a big one.

From the the ways Twitter is being used, I wonder "What is next?"
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Moms earn handsome money as translators.

The choice for work at home moms as a freelance translator just got increased due to a spurt in demand and a decrease in supply.

Some of the tasks required for a translator include rewriting web pages from one language to another. This is mostly done from English to German and Japanese.

I came across quite a few English to Spanish translation jobs too but I failed to note down to be of service to you.

Translators do a better job when they speak both the languages fluently. Others, who can’t speak either one of the languages don’t do a great job; they tend to translate very literally. Word for word translation is not the correct way doing translation.

If the translator happens to know the culture of the people who speak the languages that are in question, it will be an added advantage.

The income opportunities for work at home moms as a freelance translator are abundant especially if they happen to reside in Mumbai.

I give below a few places to seek and announce your translation skills:

Post your profile:

Assamese Translators wanted:

Translator Agencies in India:

Classifieds for Translator jobs:

To summarize, translation jobs are ideal for work at home moms and yes, for work at home dads too.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Easy money for teens.

Why should the Internet serve only adults who are looking to ake a living off the Internet? Don't think that only unemployed youth, house wives, retired persons are trying to earn money online.

There are thousands of teens to are earning from the Internet through various ways. But as per statistics, U.S. and U.K. teenagers garner the majority of the market slice.

Here are some of the websites teens linger around to earn money.

* Helium
This is the most visited web site by online income opportunity seekers and I know of a few Indians too making a decent sum.

* Associated Content
This is only for such teenagers who have great writing skill or those teenagers whose parents possess creative writing talent. The payment is good too.

* Amazon MTurk.
A few friends of mine from India are earning more than $150 per month from Amazon. It offers plenty of work to freelancers.

* My Lot
Probably this site receives the highest traffic in spite of its low payment but still, making small amount a day with My Lot is rather easy.

This web site pays users to socialize with other users.

Please circulate this blog post among your friends who want to earn money online doing small clerical work.


Friday, June 5, 2009

Have software knowledge? Earn $200 monthly.

Internet is the best place to earn for a living from home. The number of income opportunities it generates increases every day. While most of the income opportunities online are actually passive, the inherent selling nature makes it more interesting.

Aren't we all enjoying spending time online and get paid for that?

Here is another interesting way to earn money online:

If you are blogger who maintains a blog writing reviews of various software

If you are not a blogger but can write a few paragraphs after looking at a software

Then, both of you can earn for your skill of writing about software.

Go to Software Judge, read the site thoroughly and sign up for free.

What you should do to earn?

  • Your review need not be positive but it should be honest;
  • You can choose any software from the site;
  • You can write a maximum of three reviews per day.

How you are paid?

You can ask for cash through Western Union or download software or games. You can earn up to $50 per software review.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How to earn money using YouTube videos?

Go to
It is an ad revenue sharing site. It is free to sign up.

How do you earn?

You can share your videos that you like in YouTube and in other video sites like

How do you share it?
Feedio has given clear instructions on how to share your video clips.

How much can you earn?
Not much to be frank. If you have a video of superb quality and if there are more views, then, you can increase the chances of earning but still not guaranteed.

But if you persist with hope, you can make a decent sum every month.

Hey, do you know that shares 100% of its ad revenue? These video sharing sites arrange Google advertisements alongside your video content and when the ads get clicked, the host earns revenue.

But remember, you must drive traffic to your video clips. Once uploaded, you continue to earn even after a year if you are active in sending visitors.