Saturday, November 28, 2009

Get paid by an international survey company.

Do you want to get paid by an international survey company? Remember, survey companies require you to give your honest answers and also, while submitting your profile, give correct details.

I know many people, in order to be qualified to receive more surveys to enhance income, give false and misleading information.

Ok, here you go to, a Texas based market research firm and read their website thoroughly before you apply. This accepts international members too.

I need your feedback about your experience so that I will tell you more such opportunities.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Get paid to upload your files and docs.

This is a simple online income opportunity where you don't have to buy or sell anything. You can earn money for sharing your documents with anyone in the internet.

If interested, please visit and browse through.
You will know how to upload your files from your PC and ftp software.
You will know the 4 different ways to earn money through

It seems basically an online file sharing website for free.

But they offer premium membership with better storage and download facility and also offer longer duration of storage.Their FAQ page has laid down all the probable questions that one may ask and answered all.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Several get paid to programs.

A separate world in the Internet is silently teaching the online income seeks. The bloggers and affiliate marketers usually stay away from this fantastic income opportunity resource and that includes me too.

Though occasionally I tap into this resource for my blog promotional activities, I really didn't spend reasonable time to explore.

This non-secret source is Yahoo! Groups.
Here is a sample post in Cash4You-a Yahoo! group.
"Does anyone know if this website is a legitimate opportunity to find sports related business jobs?".

If you too want to know the answer or have some questions to ask, please visit the Yahoo! group

Sunday, November 15, 2009

After a very long time, probably after nearly 4 years, I am going to try again the HYIP field because of a solid proven program recommended by one of the industry leader whom I respect.

Arbitrage trading is said to be a lucrative field usually for the cash rich operators; small investors always end up as the losers.

Gold Nuggest Invest (GNI) is a program that has been paying 6% per week since one year.

You can deposit via Solid Trust Pay, Liberty Reserve, V-Money, Bank Wire Transfer, PerfectMoney or StrickPay.(My God, so many e-currencies since I last played in HYIP?)

Join GNI

Warning: Don't invest what you can't afford to lose.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Earn by writing reviews.

There is a big bunch of online money earners who make a full time income just by writing reviews. Talk to one of them, any one for that matter and you will hear happy life stories.

They enjoy fantastic life working from home and they seem to have the most free time in the world and still making about $1000 per month by writing reviews of products and services.

Here is a website called Dooyoo and it pays you every time your review gets a read and a rating by fellow members of the site.

The real secret to earn by this method is by reading and rating other members' reviews. This also indicates that you are an active and helpful member of the site.

It is based on simple life principle: Give and take.

I think Dooyoo is probably one of the few companies online that pay by bank transfer.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The #1 marketplace for buying and selling web sites.

I received a few emails thanking me for my blog post titled "Make money from your unwanted blogs and websites".

Some wanted to know if there is a similar website for selling unwanted blogs and websites.

I am glad to tell them that I have found out another market place for sites flipping and is known as It is said to be the web's biggest, most active marketplace for buying and selling websites.

This site looks more popular than
I saw several websites for sale that demanded $2500

You can bookmark for making money by disposing of your unwanted websites and blogs.

Make money from your unwanted blogs amd websites.

Not all but most of the new bloggers have the habit of abandoning their newly created blogs for various reasons like lack of interest and lack of income.

I know several of my friends have thrown my effort into gutter.

Well, I am ready to help them even after this. I will help them make money by disposing of their blogs and websites.

It is a direct appeal to them:

Go to which is a web service that will buy your abandoned blogs.

• Fill out the price quote form by mentioning the URLs to your website or blog.

• With in 48 hours, your blog URL will get a purchase price quote.

* If the price is agreeable to you and if you accept to sell the websites, SiteRedeemr transfers the domains and associated website files to their own systems.
• The payment to your PayPal account will be completed within 48 hours.

How very convenient for all of us!