Thursday, July 29, 2010

Looking for paid to click programs?

I know people who are passionate about earning online only through PTC that includes get paid to view ads (those timer based) and to read emails.

But this person Renna M Queen, a New York based woman is is simply amazing. Her blog (link below) is full of banners and links of PTC sites.

I am many Indians who read this blog regularly are going to surprise Reanna by joining under her in various GPT programs.

She writes plenty of blog posts on hundreds of income opportunity programs like get paid to survey, get paid to click and affiliate marketing.

She is a good communicator which is evident from her answers to all the comments. She always shows her earnings frankly.

Reanna's Blog:
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Twitter related turnkey cash pulling site.

How about launching your own Twitter related, cash pulling simple website that requires no maintenance on your part once you set up?

Yes, it is a 'set-it-forget-it' type of turnkey website that is keep you glued to your daily AdSense earnings and affiliate earnings.

If you are good at Internet Marketing and enjoys the challenge, then it is for you. Else, please read other posts on this blog.

TwitSellersDream is an integrated marketing system that has the following features:

* lead capture,

* split-testing,

* payment processing,

* affiliate payment,

* secure downloads,

* one-time offers,

It installs easily and you can put it on as many sites as you want!

Check it out now:

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Google likes WetPaint.

So you think you are good at social media marketing by using Squidoo, Twitter, and Hub Pages. Well, I don't dispute your claim. You may be even using Yahoo! Answers to get a rush of traffic and also get placed higher in Search Engine rankings.

But, are you using WetPaint? Do you know that Google rates WetPaint along with Squidoo and HubPages?

I know that not many marketers have discovered "WetPaint" yet! In fact, I too just discovered its importance in Internet Marketing and link popularity.

So, what is WetPaint?
WetPaint is a social site. You can build a keyword-rich web page, place all your text links to your websites and blogs similar to Blogspot blogs and Squidoo lenses.

Here is a sample WetPaint site: as a Page Rank 7 and its Alex rank is 2185.

With stats like that, imagine how powerful WetPaint can be for your marketing!

Here is the one and only ebook on getting more traffic with WetPaint: Click on the image below.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

What is your forecast on silver?

Probably, gold coins are the only item that you can buy without seeing them. That in addition, if you buy gold coins from an acclaimed seller U.S. Gold Bureau, you are rest assured that you have bought the purest gold.

It is my passionate desire to buy at least one gold bar in my lifetime but thus far, it is not to be. All I could buy was just two American eagle gold coins. However, their value has increased considerably since I bought them three years ago.

A month ago, acting on the tips given by the U.S. Gold Bureau, I purchased six silver coins from them. Unlike gold, the silver price had not increased much. Nevertheless, there is no point selling them now. I know that silver too will see its heydays.

When the U.S. Government is buying silver, why I cannot place my faith on it? By the way, do you know that stockpiles of silver are shrinking and that is why the U.S. Government is accumulating its silver inventory?

Niche marketing is a better option.

Just a few hours before, I was greeted by a stranger through telephone. He inquired if I can teach him affiliate marketing. I said I would but told him that affiliate marketing won't fetch money immediately.

He did not agree with me. He said he know a person who promised him that affiliate income is easy and he can start earning within a day. Wow! That would be wonderful and I told him that if that is the case, even I too would like to know the secret of earning within 24 hours through Internet.

Suddenly he backed off giving lame excuses. He quickly added that he will check up with that person again and revert back to me.

I know he won't come back to me again.

I went through my own affiliate marketing e-course again to make sure that my content did not mention any promise. Niche marketing might prove to be a better option than vague affiliate marketing.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

How to make money using Craiglist?

I wanted to get into Craiglist ad posting job. It seems lucrative if I can post 10 ads a day. Yes, I am aware that it is a cumbersome job.

I read that Craiglist will impose ban on me if I post more than one classified ad in a day. Then, how people are making money if they can post just one ad in a day? has several projects on Craiglist ad posting. Every project provider wants you to post a minimum of 10 ads in a day and in fact, they will be happy if a Craiglist ad poster makes 50 ads in one day.

How do they expect it to be done if there are rules by Craiglist to prevent people to post one ad per day?

Are there guides to use Craiglist? I don't mind buying if one is available? Are there people who give training on using Craiglist?

I am seriously looking for all information and tips on how to make money using Craiglist.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Start Earning In 5 Minutes.

I am sure you must have heard of turnkey websites in your quest for making money online.
Turnkey websites are easy-to-install and once up and running, you can see money flow almost instantly provided, you go all out promoting it.

In a Hurry? Click here to know the details:

Most of the turnkey websites would be monetized with 2 income streams - ClickBank and AdSense. And these sites come with full set up instructions that makes the work of installing, a breeze. Just by editing a single file with your affiliate ID's, you can see the whole site with your affiliate links.

Turnkey sites are the answer for all who want to get their Virtual Real Estate up and running fast, this quick and easy.

Grab your ready to earn websites cheaply.

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Which type of blog comments get approved?

There is this person named as Stela James who is proving to be a real pest in my blogging life. She uses the blog commenting facility as a message board, writing pointless and irrelevant things only to include a link to a website. This person visits three of my blogs a day and write something nonsense.

It is quite obvious that this is a paid blogging comment. See, I don' have any objection about freelancers that earn money by making comments on 'do follow' blogs. As long as the feedback indicates that the commenter has read my blog content.

This is the most common comment by a paid commenter:
"Nice post! Keep up.. " followed by a link within the body of the comment.

Why don't they understand that bloggers won't approve of comments that have a link to another website in the body of the comment?

Moreover, how do they expect to be paid for unapproved comments? Who teaches them blog commenting?

Oh hell, who is John Galt?

Hey Stela James, want a list of auto approved blogs?