Sunday, May 30, 2010

Help me from losing money.

I got used to make money easily by investing in gold but I got stuck in my trading in gold commodities online. I keep losing money in gold futures.

I entered into gold futures on the tempting grounds that it requires only minimum money. Since, I already buy gold coins regularly and sell them during up trends, I assumed that I could make a killing in gold futures market too.

How wrong I was! As of now, I am terribly frustrated and desperately looking for expert guidelines.

Should I read bullion market analysts’ newsletters? How about the U.S. Gold Bureau, the authority in precious metals investing-do they offer online education in gold futures trading?

Where I have gone wrong? What is the difference between in buying gold coins and trading in virtual gold? If I am able to recover the losses I made thus far in online gold trading, I promised to myself that I would never betray my allegiance to my favorite gold seller.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Still looking for online form filling work?

"How blog commenting is called a data entry job"-asked one of my husband's trainees. My God, these Indaiuns are so much obsessed with home based data entry work. Ask them what their typing speed is and they will reply they don't know typing at all.

Somehow, they have this chronic illusion that they can work from their home entering data into online forms. How ill-informed they are all! In spite of telling them repeatedly that there no online form filling work where you are paid just to fill out an online web form, they don't want to believe me.

Some oldies are under the impression that I am not encouraging them to look for home typing work. Can someone tell the bare facts? There are no data entry work online!

Read this old blog post again:

Monday, May 24, 2010

New PPC for Indians.

How many times I was approached by eager Indians asking me if I can help them to get their AdSense application approved! What can I do? I could only advise them to apply after conforming to Google's terms and conditions.

They asked me if I can suugest an alternative to Google Adsense. I wish I could have directed them to at least one trustworthy PPC ad network.

At last, the dreams and hopes of thousands of Indians who want to get into the PPC industry to earn money online is now real.

I would like to inform you about the launch of a new cost per click advertising network Admaya supports both text and banner ads.

As an inaugural offer, Ad Maya is giving away 5$ advertising bonus, which you can use to promote your blog or any affiliate program of your choice.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

How I got 24 gold coins free.

This is my stock question that I put forward to all of my friends and relatives: “What did you see in him/her to get married?”

Surprisingly, 70% replied that they evaluated the bride or groom (as the case may be) based on the total asset value in terms of gold and diamonds.

I said ‘surprisingly’ because I thought the modern generation doesn’t value the gold any more; all they value is appearance.

When I met my man for the first time, he promised me that he would buy gold bullion and present it to me for every wedding anniversary. He thought by that, I would stay tied to him.

Though it is a low quality of man to propose like that, I forgave his naivety. He kept up his promise and I ended up with 24 gold coins thus far. On Monday this 24th May, we will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. On this special occasion, he promised to get me a set of rare platinum coins from the U.S. Gold Bureau, the most authentic source to buy certified precious metals in the world.

United States Gold Bureau is home to a large and dedicated staff of hard asset professionals committed to serving your precious metals investment needs and being America’s best dealer with a convenient market and competitive precious metals prices.
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Allow me to be your host.

Probably, I can be your perfect host. Now, do not get me wrong please; I am speaking about web hosting . I suppose you are wondering what I am implying when I said I can be your perfect host.

Since, my first web site launch seven years ago, I have tried nine different web hosting providers based on the reviews published in web hosting review sites.

Though, most of the reviews were honest, they did not cover all the features of a web host. For example, if a review spoke about the uptime of a host (seven years ago, the uptime was the prime issue faced by webmasters) and covered all the technical features, it did not compare the cost.

Another web hosting review for which I fell for, elaborated on the superb web traffic analysis provided by a popular web hosting service provider. But it failed me on the web mail front. At times, I felt that I could personally deliver a message than trying to send it through the web.

Well, I hopped from one web hosting company to another because of inadequacies. None could deliver what the reviews covered.

I have learnt quite a lot in choosing a web host and am now in a position to guide you on what are all the features to look for in a hosting package. Trust me; you will be amazed how you have never thought about those things when you bought your web hosting package.

That is why I feel I can be your perfect host.

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Earn by posting in forums.

Are you a forum buff? Do you spend a lot of time in various forums to learn and to offer your expertise?

I am sure you must be doing it for free. Would you like to get paid for your time spent in forums.

Yes, I am talking about forum posting jobs. The money won't definitely make you rich but you can cover your monthly internet expenses by doing forum posting tasks.

If you are interested, please go here:

This site hires forum posters. First, you must make 7 free posts to get approved.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Earn Up To $325/day working from home!

Now, I know, I have perked up your interest and I am not here to deceive you.

You may ask how I arrived at the exact figure of $325 per day.

I confess it is not an exact figure and I believe it may be more but it cannot be less than that for passionate and skilled tutorials writer.

There is a big demand for writing Photoshop tutorials and the pay rate varies from $150 to $400 per tutorial. If you have skill writing other technical tutorials, you have scope to earn more than $325 per day.

Where are these jobs available?
I have compiled a list of 80 sites that pay people to write articles and tutorials. I am selling it for $19.95 You can earn back this money in 24 hours.

Please email me if you want to buy this list.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You are paid to take part in discussions.

I am surprised that a site like My Lot has survived till date.It is basically an online social network where participants are encouraged to contribute more by giving small incentives.

You are paid to take part in discussions and to review products etc. You will earn to respond to discussions and comment on replies.

You can increase your earnings to refer your friends.I wonder how do they generate income to pay to their members. However, I am happy that My Lot is a respected web site and many members are making pocket money.

I believe experienced forum posters make more than others.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Are you looking to earn money online?

I believe I need to talk to you personally. Can you please answer these questions and send your answers to my email so that your privacy can be assured?

* What exactly are you looking for in this blog?
* Are you looking to earn money online by doing nothing?
* Do you have any skill like writing, researching, directory submission, blog commenting or forum posting?
* Can you send emails? The content only needs to be copied and pasted.

Please don't spare any details. And also, don't feel embarrassed to say yes or no to any question. No one in this world can do everything in the beginning.

Come on, shoot your emails. I may have something for everyone of you. If I don't have, I will save your details and let you know when something cooks up in your field.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Forum posting job available.

I blogged about a way to work from home by typing forum posts long back. It was about a web site called, an Ukraine based company. That put me off.

One of the readers of my blog post, has joined this 'get paid to type' program and is doing well. In fact, she called me a couple of hours back and to happily inform me that all her typing work was approved by the company.

The site is very clear about how they work. I read their instructions for forum posters. They have really taken pain to create a wonderful tutorial.

They pay $0.10 per post of three in a forum plus you have to create a profile and insert a signature code given by them.

I noticed the site frequently disappears or the Airtel Broadband connection fails to open several sites since last 3 weeks or so.