Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thank you Lehman Brothers!

Thank you Lehman Brothers!

Every precious metals dealer all over the world would be paying his gratitude to U.S. investment bank Lehman Brothers collapse because since then, the sale of gold coins has touched a historical high.

Though the world empathized with the major financial collapse, it paved way for even middle class citizens to buy gold eagle coins as the paper currency based investment once again betrayed the trust of the common person.

I have been blogging about the value of investing in bullion since 2006. I have cited several precious metals investment newsletters, web releases of U.S. Gold Bureau and other news stories from the Governments of various nations that have been literally begging all of us to shift our focus to investing in gold and silver.

Every now then, the behavior of stock market clearly indicated that the paper currency is unstable. I know many persons have started diversifying their investment into bullion market but still majority of them are staying away from buying gold, silver and platinum.

Probably, they need another rude awakening!

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Work from home as proof readers.

Even if I am offered a pay of $100 per hour, I will not take up the work of a proof reader. But, I am not here to post about my personal whims; I am here to serve you.

I recently came to know about a few companies that are looking for aged moms to work from their home as proof readers. They are ready to pay $15 per hour. Unfortunately, I deleted the source.

But I remembered reading that the companies are looking for editors to proof read e-books, press release, sales letters and email ads.

I searched in Craigslist to locate the lost ad. Craigslist is a wonderful place to outsource data entry clerks and proof readers.

There are higher paid jobs where proofreaders edit magazine articles before they are submitted for print. The advantage in this type of job is that you do not need to do any research in the internet like a content developer.

Work at home moms enjoy working at these editing positions because of the freedom to move around and work even during vacations.

In a very active work at home moms' forum, I have read that moms utilize the time while waiting for the doctor appointment, or at school, waiting to pick up their children.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sell links on Hubpages and earn money.

If you have a high page rank Hubpage, read further. If you don’t have but willing to increase the page rank, then, read further.

Hubpage system itself says you must treat every Hubpage of yours as a website and promote it to increase your earnings from your Hubpage.

That is what many hubbers are doing it and seeing handsome money. They not only are able to see better AdSense and affiliate income but also earn by selling links on their Hubpage.

I read that a link on a Hubpage is sold up to $500 per month!

The Internet real estate is witnessing a boom at present. There is clearly an indication that backlinks from Hubpages are selling like gold. The trend is similar to building links through Squidoo and Ezine articles.

Where to find buyers for links?

Oh, that is simple. Blog about it and also announce in DP forums and similar sites. Alternatively, go to and other freelance marketplaces.

There is an article on HubPage itself about how to sell links from a Hubpage.

Monday, June 21, 2010

12 niche sites for only $7.95

Grab these ready-made business. Dead cheap! Be on you way to earn in the next two hours.

I know you love ready-to-go websites, and the Wacky Gals just released a new pack of them, so go check them out. Many believe that these ready made sites won't jell. I beg to differ. It jells

Niche sites are real virtual properties.

These easy-to-install websites are monetized with your ClickBank, Amazon and AdSense affiliate ID's.

There are some added products as a bonus.

* 12 matching WordPress themes
* 3 related ebooks with Master Resell Rights

Building your Virtual Real Estate empire can be easy with ready built sites. After all, don't people buy ready built apartments instead of buying just a plot and then build a house?

The sites install in about 5 minutes - just enter your affiliate ID's into ONE file and upload to your domain!

The price is too low to ignore.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The danger of posting affiliate links on your blog!

Read this news story with a pinch of salt please. I only present a picture before you based on FTC rules.

I read in a blog to which I have subscribed that bloggers who are into affiliate marketing are facing the danger of inviting the FTC officials. It seems bloggers without the stipulated disclosures on the blogs are the target of the FTC.

But if you are not earning through affiliate marketing but only trying to? There are no answers for that. What does this imply? Does it mean that all the major affiliate network like Clickbank and CJ will be affected?

Who is going to take up this issue? What about bloggers' rights? I am looking for more light on this sensitive issue.Any assistance?

I wonder what is John Chow's stand on this matter!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Don’t possess virtual gold.

When you buy gold eagle coins, bear in mind that you may get a chance to sell them at a much higher value after 20 years or so when they become rare.

By rare, I mean, it becomes the coins collectors’ dear even though, there may be a bountiful of gold eagle coins in circulation. A coin can demand higher price when they are sought after by coins collectors.

There is a record in the history of rare coins that the 1916 D dimes sold for a much better price than the older 1798 dimes ” because of the demand for them among coins collectors and coins dealers.

Therefore, I would advise you to take delivery of your American Buffalo gold coins or American Eagle gold coins from the United States Gold Bureau, home to a large and dedicated staff of hard asset professionals committed to serving your precious metals investment needs.

Who knows when will you need them to trade for profits?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Earn money online with

Don't you think the 'buy and sell links' industry has dried up a bit? I am compelled to think like that I have not come across any new website that facilitates a marketplace for advertisers and publishers.

The last one that I know of was LinkShowOff . It is now gone and I am redirected to a different website now.

There is nothing new there. Link Adage promised a lot sometime ago. They boasted of 15,000 webmasters in their database who are willing to buy text links.

I think the fear of Google's penalty to sell links has put of majority of the bloggers. I too earned some money by selling ad space in this blog. The money was easy and that is why it is not available anymore.

Easy money never comes for long.

Want to monetize your Twitter account?

Are you looking for ways to monetize your Twitter account? You can search this blog using "Twitter money" as your keyword.

I am introducing to you one more way to earn money using your Twitter. Assetize is a Twitter Advertising Network that is fancied by many tweeters.

Like other similar applications, you need to authenticate your Twitter account and enter the keywords of your niche. To place sponsored tweets, you either manually approve the ready made tweets or allow Assetize to place tweets on your behalf.

I would wield caution before using automated tweets as they are now being banned by Twitter.

Asseitize works slightly differently from similar players.

Monetize your twitter.

I told you long before that I foresee more opportunities to earn money using your Twitter profile. Here is one more way to monetize your Twitter home.

Assetize is a new Twitter Advertising Network. As ever, your rate per tweet depends on the number of your followers and the frequency of your manual tweets. Yes, automatic tweets are a taboo now officially.

To monetize your Twitter account you need to authenticate your Twitter account and enter the keywords of your niche.Now ads can be shown in your timeline.

Assestize works slightly differently from other Twitter monetization methods. Read twice about it works and then you sign up for free. Be prepared to see more of advanced Twitter monetization strategies in future.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Earn $5 for any of your products or services.

Fiverr is a fantastic online marketplace for freelancers and job providers. For anything you do, you ask for $5 and the buyer pays exactly $5 (not a penny more, not a penny less) to

In Tamil it is: "எதை எடுத்தாலும் அஞ்சு ரூபா "

You, as a seller, complete the work you have offered, get the approval of the buyer and collect $4 after giving one dollar to Fiverr. Fair and neat deal-eh?

What are all on sale?
You will be amazed at the range of service or products offered by the seller. A few examples below:
* I will setup a wordpress based e-commerce site for $5
* I will write an article/blog promoting /giving exposure to your band, company, product, art, club, et... for $5
* I will find 20 domain names for your website idea or topic for $5
* I will sing happy birthday in Chinese to the person of your choice on your behalf for $5
* I will write you a personal song for $5

I am going to signup now. I have several skills to sell. Moreover, $5 is a decent amount for a quick job.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Where to find money making niches.

Once, I wrote about a strange subject in my blog thinking that it will shower me with hot dollars. I experimented with my new found knowledge on niche finding.

I narrowed down my anthropology niche (how dare?) to a few trivial facts about Lakota people. Yes, there was beatable competition. But my blog post drew a blank because, there were no advertisers anything related to Lakota people!

A lesson learnt.

Now, I am a consultant for people who want to find hot niches that rain money. I know where to find hot niches. I take you there in literally in a jiffy.(BTW, what is a jiffy?)

Want to test my knowledge?
Keyword- "missing oregon boy"

Go ahead and do a Google man.

If satisfied, email me for my secret resources to find hot niche.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Make money with your bookmarks.

You earn through a share in Google AdSense revenue in, basically a social bookmarking web site.

Users can save their favorite web pages in Info Pirate and organize their bookmarks under all popular categories that include Business, Health, Internet & Software, Entertainment, Politics, Games, Sports, etc

The revenue sharing is 80:20 in your favor.Info Pirate has integrated Twitter too. This means that your bookmarkings will also be simultaneously posted in your Twitter time line.

The user interface is easy for even newbies to social bookmarking. I found some interesting and useful links in the site.